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  1. Pardon me for adding another addon, but recently ive been using FsCaptain. I have used FsPassenger but with all the instability ive experienced before in fsx and being not available for P3D recently had made me look somewhere else and found FsCaptain. I can say that I am more happier with FSC than with FSp. For me its more easy to use and stable.
  2. I went this year last May 17. Although not as big as Hangar 1 in Cosford, but if you are an enthusiasts then you will sure enjoy the day. I even saw germans and allies in uniform having their picture taken at the back of the hangar and some showcase their massive rc tanks. One booth selling their old stuff so i bought all their charts of England for a £1 each! Its a great experience and im sure will be coming back for next year's event.
  3. DC9man

    DCS - Anybody

    Ive been flying the SU25 for quite some time now and I love every piece of it apart from the once in while russian language (im not racist, I dont understand so I find it annoying). Its not only fly and shoot like War thunder or etc.. Its a proper simulator. What I love most of it is the fact that you can damage every p8ece of it. I cant remember how many times I blew up my nose wheel for a hard landing. There was once I took off and notice that my flught dynamics is odd, when I changed the view outside, the tiny tip of my wing got caught in the antenna of one of the building along the runway.
  4. Hi Sam, is this FSX or p3d? Very nice video.
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