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  1. A heads up.....F-22 Raptors from Langley AFB have relocated to Grissom AFB, Indiana, to shelter from hurricane Joaquin. Some T-38's are there too. Although I live about 15 miles from Grissom, I have not seen them yet.
  2. Lol....actually, I was only saying somewhat tongue in cheek as opposed to really serious. Anyway, I am off to get my suspenders ...and in case you think I am being kinky, suspenders over here are bracers...not women's underwear. It is amazing that we have two countries with a common language, but the same word can mean totally different things!!
  3. Whatever you do, if you come to the USA, don't go to a shop and ask for a packet of fags, or you might get thumped.....or at least a very funny look. Over here, a fag is a nickname for a gay person!! (I am from the UK originally and know exactly what the English term means...)
  4. Okay...if we are going for corny jokes....!!! Did you hear about the cross eyed teacher....? She had trouble controlling her pupils!! (That was a favorite of my wife's stepfather...I blame him!!)
  5. In 1985 we had President Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Now we have President Obama, no cash and no hope!!!
  6. LOL!! Isn't that the truth. Having moved from the UK, there is a vast difference in culture here. Who would believe that in Pharmacy's they put cigarettes and booze at the front of the store, and put medications and prescriptions at the back of the store. Some 'dangerous' items can't be bought as they may be a danger and present a hazard, but you can buys guns!!! A military person shoots a terrorist, then may be up on trial for killing someone (the terrorist!!).
  7. I guess this may fall under the category of 'Urban Legend', but it is nevertheless funny..... In the Sea of Japan, a Japanese fishing vessel was sunk by a cow of all things!! The fishermen survivors on the vessel described seeing a cow falling from the sky which hit the ship, causing it to sink! An investigation was mounted. It was found that a Russian transport aircraft had been waiting by the runway waiting for clearance to take off. Whilst waiting, the crew saw a stray cow by the side of the taxi way and rather liked the idea of some fresh steak for him and his chums. He coaxed the
  8. I have the original version and am happy with it. I looked at the HD version which has different schemes and is missing one of my favorites, the Laker scheme. Also, there is no KC-10 either!! I for one do NOT intend to buy unless they rectify these issues. As another thought, why don't they sort out their issues with the Panavia Tornado which has very low FPS before issuing this. I got a refund on the Tornado as I lost patience with waiting. Don't get me wrong, I am not a hater of Just Flight as I have lots of their stuff, the majority of which is very good, I just think that they need t
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