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  1. Love the sound of that radial!!! Thanks for the history of the building of this famous plane, chances are good this fighter saved my dad's live in the Pacific. Was sorry to hear my home state wasn't up to the task though. Thanks for the views Frank.
  2. ...to the people, Populism in a democratic republic
  3. Thanks Doering, you are an artist with your videos. I liked seeing the landmarks but it was the weather settings, angles, and info that brought it to the next "Level". Did you get the sun to shine through the Heel Stone of Stonehenge for the summer solstice, if so kudos, if not then nice representation. Nice flying too.
  4. Thanks for the views Frank, I'm enjoying the show.
  5. Good stuff Frank, liked the real-world footage and some crazy tight landings. Thanks for the views Frank.
  6. I remember those lessons from FSX, don't fly into a valley that you can't get out of and don't fly low into clouds because there can be a mountain there. Why didn't they map out the place first so they knew what altitude they could safely fly and still get out of it, and that is besides the other glaring mistakes made. Thanks for the look at this sad day, we continue to learn from the mistakes of others but that is a hard way to become better. Thanks Frank.
  7. I'm probably the only one in the world who thinks the pointy look of twins like this are ugly, that said this looks absolutely beautiful cockpit, right down to the A2A style engine monitor on the tablet. Thanks for the heads up Joe, I'll be taking a long look at this.
  8. National Parks, something we have in abundance here in the US.
  9. It was over to soon. Nice flight and scenery with a great instrumental by Booker T in the background.... Perfect. Thanks for the views and sounds Doering.
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