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  1. Another one into Darrington, this time a nightime approach with cloud laying low around the mountain.
  2. I think this is a first for me, entering this contest, but now that I'm not using stock scenery I thought I'd share. All from recent air hauler flights. Misty mountain dawn on finals into Darrington Municipal., 1S2. [edit to correct spelling because I'm a pedant]
  3. I'm doing OK with the 185 now that I've ironed out the niggles I had with it. Wish the young didn't obscure the VSI though. I have the Quest Kodiak installed all ready to go as my next step up even though I said I didn't like glass cockpits.
  4. Ahhh that would explain my problem then!
  5. Arghh this is annoying! I can't trim the 185! Rudder and elevator trim both seem to work fine, but aileron trim just will not work. The aircraft always has a continuous roll to the left. no matter how much trim I add in. Getting frustrated with it now. I've tried it with other aircraft and the buttons are working fine, so I can't see what the issue with the 185 is. Checked the CoG and loading is fine, even with an off centre CoG I should still be able to trim it out anyway. Any ideas guys? Cheers, Mark
  6. My ex girlfriend used to work for the jockey club, and it's a little known fact that no thoroughbred horse is allowed to have the same name as another. The jockey club has an office where all new names are checked against the records. An Irish breeder actually tried to name a horse this, but unfortunately someone spotted it and the name was rejected. Would have made the racing commentary bloody funny if it had gotten through!
  7. Cheers, I'll take a look at that when I get home at the weekend. Might possibly be that my trim button has come inbound too.
  8. Thanks for the tips guys, really liking the pnw scenery, and the 185 amphib is lovely to fly. Or it will be when I can make the trim work so that it doesn't keep trying to slowly roll to the left!
  9. True that! Definitely something to think about moving into. I'm liking the idea of starting with an amphib though, not really played with them before.
  10. I'm sold on the orbx pnw region, at 15 quid that's good value. The C185 looks interesting too, so I guess that's my startup. I've heard good things about Darrington muni as a starting Base too so I'll get in fsx and have a look at that when I get home next. John, I've heard good things about the pc12, but maybe I'm a philistine, cos I think it looks ugly! Csim c130 is a good call for heavy work, further down the line, I really love flying that thing!
  11. Yeah, it's going to be awesome! Surprised the media hasn't been hyping it up though, I remember them going on about the last one for months beforehand.
  12. Right, time to ask you all for more advice. I want to get back into regularly flying again. I have been flying around Europe in larger aircraft, but now it's time to start on career mode and with some challenges, so I'm looking for recommendations. I want to start with Bush flying, somewhere wild with interesting scenery. However money isn't limitless so I don't want to be buying oodles and oodles of stuff. Could you guys please recommend for me. A good wild area of the world possibly with interesting weather patterns. A good terrain mesh for an interesting scenery area. A couple
  13. I have only ever been a member of one VA, and that was a long time ago, but I *think* it was FlyUK Jim. I originally joined to learn more about flying the different aircraft in FS9, but ended up joining the helicopter division and becoming an IP. I had more fun with the spinners as instead of flying routes we often flew the choppers as a group. I've thought about DC3 airways, but with my work schedule I don't think I can commit to a VA anymore.
  14. As John suggested I've done a couple of test flights using default aircraft and airfields, and I've found that I fired up the outrage bus too soon! ProATCX works perfectly with those so I will have to rescind my earlier comments. I think personally though I'll be sticking to RC4 for a while. EDIT I've done a few more tests, and I think I've done a huge disservice to Pro ATC X. All I needed to do was change a simple setting in windows and it seems to be working perfectly with any combination of stock/addon aircraft and airfields. Like RC4 it DOES require you to hav
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