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  1. Great news for P3Dv3 users, download from your FSS account. More here http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/105483-wales-scotland-new-installers-p3dv3/
  2. Hello! I have recently installed Prepar3d and Orbx England and Wales. And I must say, unfortunately, I am very disappointed. Lets start with an issue I think of as the least important. Anyone who lives here in Wales knows that the scenery is very vibrant and green. However Orbx's Wales scenery (and England) appears very dull, grey and generally a bad representation of Wales. If this is an issue and the beautiful screenshots on the Orbx website are not works of Photoshop please let me know how to fix it! Secondly, and by far the most important issue is the fact that the water is BRIGHT GREEN!
  3. Just to advise you that the new installer for FTX NA Pacific Northwest is ready from FSS. Source: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/104345-ftx-na-pnw-pacific-northwest-new-installer-p3dv3/
  4. Lewis has posted the following on Facebook.. The A2A Store has now been updated so P3D users can download v3 compatible installers for free once you log into your account; https://www.a2asimulations.com/store/ The new installers have also been sent out to third party vendors of our simulations and these will become available from the stores as they update. We have also updated the Accu-sim updater so it will correctly read and update a P3D V3 installation here; http://www.a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php… And as always any issues please do report them on our support forums here so we
  5. This Wednesday, September 30th, Prepar3D v3 will be available for purchase and digital download via the Prepar3D Store. Prepar3D v3 allows developers and users to build and experience advanced simulated training environments using a new slate of features that simplify development and augment the training experience. Prepar3D v3 further simplifies training scenario creation with major updates to SimDirector, the industry leading simulation courseware creation tool. Prepar3D v3 also welcomes enriched training capabilities by incorporating Autodesk® Scaleform® support, which improves the user i
  6. Flight One Software announced today that they have released their popular and highly rated King Air B200 add-on aircraft for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D. Taking full advantage of the P3D’s updated graphic engine and features, the Flight1 King Air B200 looks absolutely stunning and performs beautifully on this new platform. The Flight1 B200 features a Blackhawk XP52 engine upgrade package. Two factory-new P&W PT6A-52 engines (the same engines used in factory-new 200GTs) provide an increased climb rate, a higher single-engine service ceiling, and a max cruise speed in excess of 310 knots. I
  7. VRS is pleased to announce TacPack and F/A-18E Superbug for Prepar3D® Academic! These are discrete product lines from the FSX versions, with no cross-compatibility. For a limited time, VRS is offering substantial customer loyalty discounts of up to $29.95 for existing FSX customers! Please see below for additional details. For the last two years, the TacPack has been enjoying the increasing support of third-party developers in their aircraft projects. The most recent addition to the "TacPack-Powered" arsenal of supported aircraft includes the new Aerosoft F-14 Tomcat X, as well as anno
  8. Flight One Software and the iFly Development Team are proud to announce the release of The iFly Jets: 747-400 V2 for Prepar3d v2.x. This 747-400 is one of the most advanced simulations ever brought to the Lockheed Martin Prepar3d platform. iFly Jets has captured the “Queen of The Skies” like never before by providing users a high accuracy simulation of cockpit and flight systems that is chock full of features. The iFly 747-400 puts sim pilots directly in the cockpit that features a fully functional Flight Management System (FMS), a Realistic Autopilot Flight Director System (AFDS) with Au
  9. If you were getting an error message concerning the aircraft when loading the flight situation files in P3D this was due to the the FSX files being saved with the default Cessna which is not in P3D. I have re-saved and uploaded the flight situation files with the Mooney Bravo as this aircraft is default in both sims. Happy flying. Joe
  10. Hello All, Below is a hotfix to bring 2.5.12942.0 & 2.5.12943.0 to 2.5.12944.0. Academic/Professional: http://www.prepar3d.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=164 Professional Plus: http://www.prepar3d.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=165 The hotfix addresses the following issues only: Incorrectly shadowed 3D waves with Bathymetry enabled Sun glare with HDR enabled SimDirector GamePad missing entry crash Dull night lights in virtual cockpit and panels Extract the appropriate zip file and copy the contained files on top of your default
  11. TURBINE DUKE V2 FOR P3D2 NOW AVAILABLE We are happy to announce that our first release for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 2 is now available for download. The P3D2 version of the Turbine Duke V2 has been optimised for P3D2 with changes to the 3D models to improve cockpit lighting and shadowing, subtle flight model tweaks, custom P3D2 installer, a P3D2 specific Config Panel and complete support for Flight1's GTN 750 and GTN 650 gauges. We spent plenty of time testing and fine tuning to make sure all of the Turbine Duke's features work exactly as desired in Prepar3D 2. We have also include
  12. Lockheed Martin announces the fifth upgrade to Prepar3d V2 The upgrade is free to existing users of Prepar3d V2. More here http://www.prepar3d.com/news/2015/02/98935/
  13. Version FSUIPC4 4.939 From the usual place http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html
  14. SIM720 announced today the release of their latest product Augutsa Airport (KAGS) This interesting airport in Georgia has a long history dating back to WWII where it was a flight training school, now it’s a regional hub for commercial flights. Used by US Airways and Delta. It also sees a surge in traffic for the Masters Golf tournament. Features High-res ground polygon. Photo-real layout and textures (30cm resolution). Hand placed hi-res buildings within airport boundaries. Animated People. Extensive library of airport clutter. Accurate taxiway lanes. Custom made static aircraft. Cust
  15. Tom over at AVSIM has posted news on PMDG's position re Prepar3D. Read on
  16. FSAddon Publishing has launched a new aircraft package comprised of three important models of Lockheed; the Lockheed Super Electra, Lockheed Lodestar, and, most important, the Lockheed Hudson. All in all three variants with many different liveries AND different interiors,11 aircraft in total ! Add to that a load of special animations and effects, the great modeling quality of Simon Smeiman and the enthusiasm and excellent service of FSAddon and you cannot go wrong on buying this Word War 2 veteran! The Hudson was not only used for bombing and anti-submarine missions (special effects includ
  17. Prepar3D V1.4 has now been released and available for download. If you are a previous owner then there is a no charge to upgrade, it is available on your purchased downloads page here http://www.prepar3d.com/purchased_downloads For new users, log in to the store here http://www.prepar3d.com/prepar3d-store Those changes in full.. Prepar3D® Version 1.4 Release Notes / Change Log After receiving great feedback from our SW Forum users, we have implemented new application enhancements and made fixes to improve stability and usability of Prepar3D®. New Simulator Enhancements • AMD EyeFinity G
  18. On July 11th, Alabeo announced compatibility with the Lockheed Martin PREPAR3D (P3D) platform for current and future products. All the original installers were replaced with new ones which allow to select among FSX or P3D when people install a product. This means, customers who buy a product will get only one package for installing the aircraft in FSX and /or P3D. Customers who already purchased an FSX aircraft could download new installers using their username and password (under “My Account” section at our webpage). New packages will be available at resellers soon. Our complete fleet is
  19. On June 1st 2012, Carenado announced that a new platform will be supported for its products: the Lockheed Martin PREPAR3D (P3D). Carenado created a new category called FSX/P3D which holds products suitable for both platforms. This means, customers who buy a product under that category will get only one package for installing the aircraft in FSX and /or P3D. Carenado will be providing new installers for our latest releases aircraft fleet. Our first group of new installers will be: C90B King Air, PA46 Malibu JetProp, A36 Bonanza and C337 Skymaster (all of them are already available at our web
  20. Just found this video of P3D released a couple of days ago by Lochheed Martin, I Posted it here as I thought some of the guys and gals at Mutleys might like to have a peek . Prepar3D® simulation software presents a virtual world that spans from the depths of the ocean to suborbital space. See how Prepar3D can be used for immersive, experiential learning in this trailer. Since launching the software in 2010 as an evolution of Microsoft ESP technology for professional training and academic learning, Lockheed Martin has expanded ground and maritime settings, added camera sensors and enhanced i
  21. Ed Correia from Orbx writes: The ORBX Migrator Tool is now ready to download. This tool is the "Linker" and will link up your ORBX installed addons in FSX to P3D. Also included in this release is the latest ORBXLIBS (Version 120328). As new airports are released, this tool will be updated to to include them. Please note: We have come across a small issue at PAKT and it's parking positions. There is no problem with the runway starts, but the 2 parking positions are incorrectly placing you underground. We are looking into this issue and hope to have it resolved ASAP. Installation is easy, un
  22. As you can see from the title, Orbx have created an official P3D FAQ topic. This is from the horses mouth so don't believe rumours, check here first. Link http://www.orbxsyste...uestions-arise/ Cheers, Joe
  23. Flight1 and the iFly Development Team are pleased to announce the release of the iFly 737NG Series for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. For those that are interested in purchasing this product, the ecommerce wrapper can be found at http://files.100mega...y-737NG-P3D.exe A full product page will be published within the next 24hrs. The full Prepar3D version is available for $54.95, or if you already have the FSX download edition, you can download an upgrade coupon here for $19.95. A coupon for FSX DVD owners will follow shortly. The software is based on the current FSX Version 1.02 which will in
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