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Leg 48 WIHL - WMKD

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Well it's time for me to make another baton run. I have been kicking around, visiting different places while I worked my way towards Indonesia.


I sent Micke a phony postcard with me on a wanted poster so he would think I was in jail again. I had it made for a joke but I think it added more stress to him, poor fella has been sick and didn't look to well when I picked up the baton from him at Tunggul-Wulung Airport. He came flying in on some monster of a plane and looked like he has been near some poison or bad food, guess it wasn't me stressing him out.  :whis:  I waved to him as he left, looked like a ghost flying the plane he was so white, I crossed myself, I mumbled a wish him well to myself and went looking for a ride of my own.


Nothing to be had at the airport but I was directed to a guy that lived around a few hundred yards off the airport grounds. I found the old house, 



and knocked on the door. An real old guy came out and was all excited, babbling in a language that had me clueless but I found myself just as excited due to his enthusiasm. Finally slowing down the olds man spoke in a stilted English with a French accent. He had heard about the Around The World Challenge, even followed Mutley's Hangar on an beat up Compaq PC and wanted me to fly his classic airplane to Singapore once I delivered the Baton. He was selling it to some rich guy there because he could no longer fly. 


It was all fueled up and ready to go, he said, dragging me down toward an rickety old barn and wouldn't tell me what it was. You will have to stop once for refueling probably, he said quickly. As I rounded the corner of the barn I got my first peak and new right away what it was, oh baby, it's my lucky day.



As I gave it a walk-around I could tell it was kept in like new condition,



and ready for flight. Even the batteries were fully charged. The old guy, that I can't pronounce his name, gave me a slip of paper with instructions for it's delivery, shook my hand while his eyes were tearing up and said go, quickly, I will miss my baby and can't bare to see it any longer. Off he went down the road. 


So I started the Lysander up and taxied over to the airport to make a VOR type flight plan. Bugger all, no NAV gear in this bird but I do have a map and plenty of coastland to follow. 



Without anymore ado, I set the elevator to T/O setting,



and adding full power the plane immediately jumped off the runway like a Super Cub with a 20kt headwind.



Heading somewhat north, I scanned the panel, set up in level cruise and looked around. Man oh man, what a view through this cockpit canopy, it's huge. 



Nearing WP2, I had decided to skip the first waypoint, I can see the coast,  the city of Jakarta to my left, and the DKI VOR is on the point to my right. 



Turning up the coast I can see the whole city of Jakarta up close along with the harbor called Tanjung Priok.



Due to cross the Sunda Strait toward Lampung in South Sumatra to head along the coast to the north. You can see the hump off Rajabasa Mountain in the background.



As I fly due north, the clouds start moving in. Not good for VFR flying at all.



THIS IS NOT GOOD! As I watch the clouds moving in, I also notice I am loosing fuel at an alarming rate. I recheck my math and get very nervous. There is no way I should be this low, as I tap the gauge, hoping for something better. There is nothing around here and it is decision time, stay on course toward the next airport which is around 115nm away or turn back down to the south. Crap, that airport is also over a hundred miles away. Scanning the map I spot Palembang, around 90 or so miles away but it was inland, with dense cloud cover. Without a confirmed thought, my hand pulled the stick over to the northwest, going for the closest airport.



After a bit I decide to dive under the clouds hoping for a decent ceiling overhead. No choice really, otherwise I might miss some visual aids needed to find the airport. The winds have been blowing me about and I don't trust my compass bearing. Spotting a hole I make the dive.



Good decision, I am under the cloud base and start scanning the map with one eye and a worried eye on the fuel gauge.



The gauge is not looking good and sweat is pouring out as I spot the river I am looking for. The city of Palembang is also a welcome site because the airport is just past it, around 20nm to go.



5 miles from the airport and I run out of fuel, the engine stops and I have no choice but to make a road landing.



Nearby neighbours come to my aid and within the hour find me a little fuel. With grateful hand gestures and many thanks I take off, heading for WIPP.



In a flash I am lined up to land.



Safely down.



No luck on a mechanic to look the Lysander over until Monday and no telling how long for repairs, I search out for another aircraft and luck in with a sight for sore eyes. It doesn't come cheap, plopping down the credit card I go out and feast my happy eyes on this,



After a quick check on things I am taxing to the hold point.



And I am off, airborn again.



I turn to the north using the outbound PLB VOR and the NE NDB to my next waypoint. I go off the radial slightly to get a view of the river basin directly north of WIPP. Don't know the name but from the map it looks huge and worth a look.



All this marshland and people will still build a community there.



I can see the water color change and know I am close to the bay called Tuluk Limau. I rejoin the radial at this time as lighting starts to rain down.



I find a hole in the clouds hoping to gain enough altitude to rise above the storm. It's too big to skirt.



As I pass the storm I drop down again and near my next waypoint, the NE NDB.



As I head to my next waypoint, there is a moment to catch my breath and enjoy the scenery.



I pass the BTM VOR and glance down at WIDD.



After setting up for the next waypoint, I look over at the far off majestic city of Singapore and their international airport below.



After about another 160nm my final destination comes into view, the same time as my NAV2 comes alive with the ILS.



Lined up and a touch low. I remember to power this aircraft to the deck or risk falling rapidly to the runway. 



I'm down with a slight squeal of the tyres.



Parked up at WMKD, called a Sultan, something, something, something airport. I admire the Royal Malaysian Air Force plane as It dawns on me that maybe I parked in the wrong area.



As I look around I spot a bunch of angry looking solders running my way and can only hope that I will be available to pass the baton onto John G.............  :(


Thanks for watching. :)   

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The Lysander is a great old plane, decent speed and amazing STOL capabilities. A magnet for trouble, I know, right!


I'm just sad I never made it to Bangkok, :( there's always the return trip though. :)


Thanks for the comments guys.  :D

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If you want STOL capability it's hard to beat the AN-2 though.. given enough headwind that baby can darn near hover  ;)


Great leg and some nice shots to go along with it... I'm a bit confused though... did you pass WIPP twice??

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Well done Brett, another another notch on your yoke buddy.

Entertaining as usual.

Tut tut for running out of fuel.

Obviously didn't do any pre flight checks eh?

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Hi Brett, I didn't realise you were out of prison, I better take that picture off the dartboard.  :D

A very entertaining PIREP and a cracking choice with the Lysander, well done.

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@Micke- I'm so dyslexic, it was WIDD (not WIPP) that I was passing using the BATAM(BTM) VOR. Many of those ICAO codes in that area are alike and I remember double checking that paragraph to make sure I got it right, or rather wrong in this case. :th_blush: My post has been corrected, thanks for spotting it. :)


@Dai- I miss-read the nm on this leg when I bid on it, thought it was 368, not 768nm. :D  Not sure why the back hurts so bad, feels like someone has been throwing darts in it (Joe ^_^ )


@Brian- How dare you :P , of course I did pre-checks. I have been contacted by the mechanic and was told that corrosion was the cause of the fuel leak and it started once I went to full power during takeoff. ;) That's my story and I'm sticking with it. :)


@Joe- Well, usually in and out of prison on a continuing basis, not really a criminal but have been deemed a small community type menace at times. :D Kindly please stop throwing darts at me, my back is having some kind of voodoo pains sent my way. Sorry about all the bail money, I'll pay you back. :)



Thanks for the kind comments you have sent my way gents. :hat:

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