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  1. I love the look of the BA A318 - I'm sure flying on that would be quite an experience! I heard their executive flights (London-Shannon-New York and New York-London) will be getting Concorde's old callsigns of BA001 and BA002. Nice to see those flight numbers back in use
  2. Love the shots! Wish Wilco had included an E195 in the Ejets package though Know what you mean about getting used to the Ejets, there's a steep learning curve! Not like a Boeing or Airbus where the FMS is almost in control by default, you need to make sure its very clear to the Embraer where its nav and vertical data is coming from Took me a while too. Good luck!! Dave
  3. dgor

    GCSE Results

    Thanks all :smile: Phil, I just started the AS course doing Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Double Maths (Maths + Further Maths) and I'm nervous about them already. Good grief I went to see a mark breakdown of that token B today and it seems the exam board failed to mark one of the papers I did! School is sorting it out and it looks likely it'll go up to an A* Dave
  4. dgor

    GCSE Results

    Thanks all, much appreciated :great: Feels great to have them all over and done with!! CAA330, good luck with the exams! Dave
  5. dgor

    GCSE Results

    Exams over for another year!! :biggrin: Over the moon with my results, 8 A*s, 2 As and a B. Delighted!! Congratulations to anyone else who just got the results Now if you'll excuse me there's some serious celebrating to be done :dance: Cheers, Dave
  6. Amazing sky colours Rob, there's nothing quite like a flight like that is there? It definitely made for some very enjoyable shots, well done! :smile:
  7. dgor

    Coastal watch

    Beautiful shots Mut, love the Seahawk and that is some fantastic scenery! Dave
  8. Hi Kieran, Sounds like you are releasing the PB whilst still using ground power. Make sure you have engine #2 in Hotel Mode (ATR's version of an APU!) and have the generators running and the external power disconnected before disengaging the parking brake. I had a problem like this when I started in the ATR too - it's a complex little aircraft to set up so do some reading of the manual Dave
  9. An oldie but a goldie Love number 9! Dave
  10. dgor


    Beautiful pics Phil, Iceland looks like such an interesting place to visit! It's a real illustration of the amazing power of nature. I'm sure that Cyprus Airways A330 sees some temperature difference on that route!
  11. Great shots, flew this very flight (#470) yesterday, ONT-SFO is one of my favourite routes - especially with FlyTampa's scenery! Well done :biggrin: Dave
  12. One of the best aircraft and some of the best scenery the FS world has to offer. Brilliant shots Mut! :smile:
  13. Good one John! Yellow was on ration, hence the lack of a jersey :shrug_no:
  14. Aaargh! John's outdone me with his powers of reasoning :shrug_no: I just realised the blade in the bottom left corner - far too short to be an Osprey :smile:
  15. I would say Shot 7. It could just be a heavily edited FS image but something about the proportions and contrast make it look a bit more like it's been drawn. All excellent shots though! Dave :shrug_no:
  16. Lovely shots Marcus - I love the A330 in MYT colours! :biggrin:
  17. Hi all, Oh yes I'm back with a vengence :biggrin: Thought I'd share these shots from tonight's flight between Ontario and Vancouver. It just became one of my favourite MET routes - a combination of the scenery, setting sun, and beautiful A321. Sorry about the RC4 display and other pollution in the shots, I'm trying to get rid of them :smile: Enjoy!! MET413 : KONT-CYVR : A321 Dep 1800 (0100z), Arr 2050 (0350z) POM7 EHF J65 CZQ LIN J189 SEA PAE PAINE1 - FL330 Boarding at gate 212/G5 with plenty of company traffic around. I didn't like having this terminal completely deserted so I messed wi
  18. Hi all, Thought I'd share these with you. They are the shots I took of my arrival into LA-Ontario as MetroAir flight 427 from Seattle. Coming from the north the ZIGGY4 arrival is used a lot at Ontario - and it's one of my favourite approaches as it gives some fantastic views of the high mountains which surround KONT and make it such an interesting place to operate from. It's worth noting that my FS PC is absolutely ancient and these shots are nowhere near the quality I'm seeing elsewhere on these forums, but I'll give it a go anyway Just starting our descent from 37,000ft, enroute to the
  19. Hi all!! Have to say that I'm really quite touched Couldn't have expected this, this really is the best place on the web!! Recent absence can be attributed to working like mad for those GCSEs among other things. Waiting nervously on the results now! Recently got back into FS for the first time in months and have to say I'm loving it as much as ever. I even joined a new VA (Metroair Virtual) which is really indulging my passion for realism and helping me to expand my horizons Still a tubeliner fan I'm afraid John!! With A-levels just around the corner as well as other projects on the
  20. Great shot and a beautiful paintjob. I like the name too. Great job :-) Dave
  21. Love them all Joe! My favourite would have to be the original METjet closely followed by the War of the Worlds special paint, that one looks brilliant!
  22. dgor

    Metro Flt 409

    Really great shots Steve! That's my favourite livery out of any VA :-) Dave
  23. dgor

    Airport mania!

    Brilliant game! Best online game I've ever seen Played it all the way through with a final score of $722,000 :biggrin:
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