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  1. A trim wheel would be nice (and trackir) but for now, yoke button clicks will have to do.
  2. Its amazing the amount of addons with coarse elevator trim. I think 50 - 60 % of my AC addons have had their elevator trim fixed like described above. Compare with A2A aircraft. They have very fine adjustment of elevator trim. Sometimes even to fine. Lovely screenies. I think I will get the bird soon and hope they will make a patch before to long.
  3. It is kind of cute and its the kind of AC that would love to have in real life. So what do you haul in this one¿
  4. In a weeks time it will be 20% more expensive. Reports are that there are a good deal of bugs (see justflight forum). Thats not something special. Most AC addons come with a few (or many) bugs. Mostly because of a to early and fast release. We the costumers are paying beta testers. Some of the bugs are not important to me, but prop and mix levers going wrong way is annoying, and the worst reported is navigation instruments no working the way it should. Thats for me a serious bug, because navigating in old-style AC is really fun IMHO. I´m not sure, maybe I´ll get it while its cheap.
  5. Well I can see that the Electra is now ready for sale on the JF website. For 12 UK pounds. I´m peronally observing the first couple of days. I dont really need an addon, but this is a very interesting AC so I´m looking forward to hear what customers say.
  6. I read yesterday that the Dove is very close to be released. Just a matter of waiting (as usual) Those wanting it will buy it. I saw a real life one hanging from the ceiling in the museum in Lelystad in Holland a few weeks ago and it is a very sweet looking AC. (from below) It was first announced in February this year. John, you´re right that its better to get a good program late than a bad one early. I was just wishing out loud, which I hope is ok.. I also know that its a sole develloper and that besides facing what you write, a person in his wifes (I think) family died of a very mean
  7. I feel sorry for you Andrew. You must be going through tough times. Nothing else would explain why you choose to attack me with all arms right from your first post. You are not interested in what I write, but only in throwing dirt against me. I did, of course, report your posts to admin. Everyone should be treated equal, no? And finally what I or others write on other forums have nothing to do with what is going on here. And that you have to use souch cheap ways, only show me how bad you must be out.
  8. Hi Brett. yeah, i agree, The Electra 10 is a very iconic airplane from a very interesting period. I like what I see on the screenshots so far.
  9. What are you trying to say Andrew. Something interesting to do with the topic?
  10. I just found this one and thought that maybe someone here would be interested. I will get it soon, while its still (very) cheap. Its made by Aeroplane Heaven who has made a lot of JF aircraft. The last one, the Fokker F27, which I personally like. http://justflight.com/product/electra-model-10a Now I just wish Aeroplane Heaven would finish the Dove. They say its very close and I also wish that Justflight would release Airhauler 2 within to long. Its been a long wait.
  11. Ohhhh, not to good. Unfortunately I cant help you but wish you good luck with your quest. And welcome back But i will allow myself to ask, now that you are back if you are still considering making a Virtual airline for Propliners and bushplanes. I can remember that you had some interesting ideas.
  12. Well, now you know and can add it to another future review if you want to and if you feel, like me, that its relevant for the review. Anders
  13. A nice and detailed review. I just find it would be correct and respectfull to mention that the develloper in not Justflight. Justflight is "only" the publisher. The develloper is Aeroplaneheaven. http://www.aeroplaneheaven.com
  14. IMO, FSX-SE shouldnt be tweaked and it has 4096 as max texture load by default. To be honest, I think you should ask at the ORBX forum. You´re not the only one with this problem and they should be able to help you better than here. After all, its their scenery.
  15. And what happens if you turn down the display sliders?
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