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  1. G'day All, my first post since returning back to the hangar! Today the VATPAC Division of VATSIM hosted a fly-in to Darwin. Myself and a friend tracked from Adelaide (YPAD) and Melbourne (YMML) into Darwin (YPDN). ATC Coverage was great, had the Melbourne Flight Service Station online (Above FL245) and then had the correct ATC coverage into Darwin. Here we are parked at the terminal at Darwin. REX O/D, PMDG NGX and ENB were used, aswell as some Orbx and Ants Airplanes Scenery! http://vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=9838159
  2. Downloading my C310R now Brian (pay for it later), im going to hold off on YSTW for a bit for two reasons (incase I change my mind and just incase anyway wants a refund from eBay!)
  3. Alright so ive just come up with what I think is a smart idea! I wanted to get an orbx scenery and an aircraft; My budget is $55AUD max, and I could get FTX YSTW for $24 and the Milviz C310R (I wanted it for awhile, but Brian's review was 'grabbing') for $30. What do you think, I think that would be the smart move
  4. Excellent Review Brian! I need to pick this bird up sometime
  5. Thanks for the comments! Im leaning really towards the Turbine Duke as that would be great for me to tour PNW & PFJ!! Rob- I cant get both, its only one. Though if I got AU RED, I could get YBCS or KCMW aswell.
  6. My too buy list for FSX is very long. I have about $75 going into Paypal from eBay tonight (more expected!!), so ive listed the top 6 on my list, opinons please (it will run for about 15 hours as im not home tonight): 1- FTX KCMW 2- FTX YBCS 3- FTX NRM DVD 4- Real Air Turbine Duke 5- RealityXP GNS 530 6- FTX AU RED (to finish my AU regions!) There is alot more, but right now they are at the top.. What do you think, im getting a review copy of the Carenado Baron so I thought it would be nice to have the RealityXP with that. Out of those 6, list them from 1 to 6 (With 1 being what I shou
  7. I hope so! I rarley use it, the way I sit infront of my monitor is no good for it (im pretty much side aways looking at the screen). A joystick is fine for me, and thats it.
  8. Am selling my TrackIR 4. Anybody wanting to consider purchasing should email me at asandri@avsim.com with the subject 'Offer for TrackIR' dont bother me unless you have a good offer, okay? Shipping will be from YSSY, Australia. Pictures of product can be shown on request.
  9. Thanks Joe 8D Im finally not as busy (as I have been for the past month), so just posting a few shots now and again. YSCB was on FPS killer to me, but I did some tweaking that somebody posted on the Orbx forums which I followed and got a very nice FPS boost!
  10. Well, when AVSIM keep getting emails like this - whats the point? I suppose you had your reasons for completely redoing a very good and well organized site that used to rate in my top 3 flightsim sites. Now you have made it to the bottom of my list.
  11. $20 into Paypal soon then I can afford it!
  12. Aidan

    Oh Charlie,,

    Hahaha, what a legend.
  13. Its the CS B-52, around FlightBeam KSFO,,, Enjoy
  14. Don't hold your breath, im part of AVSIM, alot of talk is happening.
  15. its old, been out for months. save your money for ORBX okay?
  16. Jailbreaking is not piracy. It simply allows stuff to be put onto your device (in this case, Sony) did not want on the PS3 making it more user friendly.
  17. Eeh, Im at risk now - iPhone jailbreak is legal, PS3 is in the process (i did the iphone one). =/ http://www.spiritjb.org/2011/03/been-on-any-of-geohot-websites-sony.html iPhone Hacker George Hotz is in the process of being sued my Sony for jailbreaking the PS3. And sony have the rights to obtain any IPs from those who visted his website/youtube/twitter after January 2009 or downloaded his jailbreak.
  18. Aidan

    Dydd Gwyl Dewi!

    Whats st davids day?
  19. Happy birthday Kerian! Hope you had a fantastic day
  20. Oh god, what beautiful paints!!
  21. Aidan

    ChCh Earthquake.

    92 dead. 238 missing
  22. Aidan

    ChCh Earthquake.

    I would keep checking back to the ninemsn site, ever few hours. Latest news is now: An Australian woman awaiting rescue from a collapsed office building in Christchurch has told Nine News she is trapped in the dark and unable to move. 65 still confirmed dead, lets hope it doesn't raise anymore!!
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