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  1. Happy Birthday! To think I bought soemthign for my iPhone and iPad and my friends iPod Touch from zagg.com on your brithday:P
  2. Heres an email Alan Joyce sent to Frequent Flyer Members: Dear Mrs Sandri, I am pleased to advise that Qantas will resume A380 services, commencing with an initial A380 service to London via Singapore on Saturday 27 November. We have undertaken a rigorous inspection program in conjunction with Rolls Royce and Airbus to ensure the fleet is ready to return to service. We always put safety first, and we continue to take a conservative approach to the reintroduction of the A380 fleet. So we will initially operate the A380 between Australia and the United Kingdom. As more A380s come into serv
  3. That would be awesome! Brand new AWTC at the start of 2011 Great AWTC btw.
  4. I dont see why youd buy it? It looks nothing like an Airbus, doubt it would fly like it either with the FBW.
  5. Shame your not doing orbx world ;( Uhmm, the scenery is horrible, and not trying to sound rude, but I feel it won't be "exciting."
  6. Aidan


    Great Leg, very well done!
  7. Wasn't even Qantas' fault, all Rolls Royce. Qantas remains the safest airline round town :001_th_smiles89:
  8. Great Shot. As your working on another airbus, anychance of you doing the Jetstar A320? I know that somebody over at OZx did it, but its a bit "blurry" compared to your work
  9. Aidan

    Italian style

    He isn't using REX. The Avanti isn't as sexy as the Lancair IMHO. Great Shots btw.
  10. Pretty well all interactive Andrew...All the things that can be clicked in the 2D can also be clicked in the VC, plus things like throttles, flaps and speedbrakes. That shot of the copilot's seat...It can be clicked to slde it back and out and the armrests can be clicked to raise or lower them. The HUD can be clicked to fold it away into the roof. I think it is probably the best VC that I have ever seen :001_th_smiles89: Till PMDG release theirs Great Leg- im taking an Sierra LSA around the world on a different forum, maybe when I return from that (in a few months) ill do a ATWT (aroun
  11. Aidan


    :gtfl: That orbx lancair looks fine, I might buy it in a few weeks! 8)
  12. Looks like you had great weather :001_th_smiles89:
  13. Great Shots! First Shots ive ever seen of a Thai 747, we get their A340s here in Sydney
  14. I got 12145? Somewhat wrong I think, lol.
  15. The forums resize it anyway.
  16. there is an FSX version from FlyTampa. I use FSX
  17. Probably when the site did an upgrade.
  18. Great Shots! That iFly 737 looks great.
  19. Ssh! FAA say you need to be 50 feet above the ground on approach. Obviously nobody is there to inspect you, I don't recall hitting the ground, nor the person! XD
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