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    Sorry I cant do it!! I really am, FSX issues =/
  2. Hi Dai- Unfortantley I cannot complete my leg for GAAR its way too long for me - espically for a GA flight! IF there is any other shorter legs, ill be happy to do them. FSX isn't running very well - I just loaded it up but im full of CTDs, OOMs and 10FPS =/ Ill need to get to work and fix this up - if anything happens, ill let you know. But right now, remove me from the GAAR.
  3. Nice Rob. Would of been good if you waited for me, but whatever
  4. Now to do my leg tonight - post tomorrow 8D
  5. Great Review Brian. Just looking at those pictures makes me want to buy it !!
  6. If only - nice HU, Boss - can I have some time orf?!? Cheers - Dai. Oh Dai, didn't you say something like this to me last week? :th_smiles73: If you want me to remove, drop me a PM
  7. Thanks Guys ^ Feeling better now, but expecting the pain to be back in the morning when I wake up - really limits what I can do right now, as I train for judo 2 times a week, and soon to be training 6!! I should be fine though.
  8. Was a muscle strain. Though it is painful even when not moving. Years of 5min pain with it turned into 5 days. Yay..
  9. Also Dai- Send me the DC-3 paint please
  10. 22.48 minutes - better get started now and download Ants YLTT!
  11. Thanks Mate. Got YBUD & PFJ yesterday - not in a very good mood now though, stuffed my back up! So im off to the doctors. cheers,,
  12. Ill post it after #3 is done.. Do I post it anywhere else? Probably do LOL.
  13. Do I fly from YLTT to YWIS - fill fuel to 100% then onto YBHM? - Thats what I think it means, correct if wrong. Also can I post my leg as soon as Leg 3 is posted??
  14. Nicee leg Joe I got YBUD today - going to load it up tonight.
  15. Great Leg - Are you sure you flew in Australia? That looks nothing like it! FTX it! LOL.
  16. Great Shots. well done
  17. Do you think we can get Team Mutleys Hangar or something on the main part of the aircraft? Looks a bit bland IMHO.
  18. Looking good John! Water textures are great in the 2nd shot!!
  19. Looking good Jankees. Now, this year I have to be careful with where I put my money, a new sandybridge CPU + mobo, cpu cooler, case, PSU - if leftover money, a GTX 570, or a GTX 460 - $400 already insavings, selling 2gb of my 8gb ram and using 6gb, using same HDD/optical drive aswell. I may have to think this one over Great paints mate.
  20. Thats Customer Service alright - well done to Southwest. We got a letter in the mail today, from Air NZ saying they will not be refunding us any money when we went to NZ for my dads funeral - disapointed, but what can you do?
  21. Nice Review Dai- Just finished reading it. I agree with you on most things, but the one thing I will bring up is the Virtual Cockpit- Ive noticed that gauges are incorrect/not in correct location, the cockpit is FAR to clean for a 75 year old warbird and parts that should be modeled in 3D are in 2D. I haven't though about the FlyingDynamics - but when I do, I will let you know what I think ^^ Again, just my opinons on what I thought.
  22. Your in Australia Jankees Great Shots & Paint.
  23. Nice Shots Joe! Im waiting for my DVD of YBUD & PFJ to come in from PCAviator! Dean cut a deal with me, free postage and both DVDs for $60
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