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  1. Great images. I think one of the approaches to the airport takes you around the volcano!
  2. It's the default FSX Beaver copied over to P3Dv4. Lovely aircraft for sight seeing and getting in and out of tight spots. Plenty of fuel for the fire in the "store" to keep the place nice and cosy.
  3. lionwing


    Amazing aircraft in FSX & P3D. The flight deck is incredible. It keeps you very busy on approach.
  4. Well...this is a long way from my last flight in B747F into Siberia. Somewhere in the Alaskan Bush I found this nice place to rest up for a few days.. I off loaded the essentials (beer) first....I'ill get around to the other stuff shortly....
  5. Nice shots. Lighting looks very good.
  6. Does the stuttering occur in external or internal view? I cannot be sure but I think problems like this are related to the refresh rate of your screen (i.e 60mhz). It is a while since I have been near Nvidia Inspector but take a look at the "Vsync" setting. There are some that say it should be set as the same refresh rate as your monitor while other opt for 1/2. Honestly I'm not speaking from a position of deep technical knowledge but just little bits of knowledge picked up here and there.
  7. Black Coffee = Flight Deck Essential Thanks for the comments guys...I have a feeling the "Jumbo" will fly again this weekend.
  8. You never quite know what you will find on a cargo manifest until you arrive in the Crewroom. Well this trip from Stansted (EGSS) to Koltsovo (USSS) was no exception with eighty reconditioned washing machines, six tonne of floor coverings and two second hand Fiat Panda's (the original 1980's version) along with a old paper converting machine. It's a pre-dawn departure out of Stansted just ahead of the first wave of Ryanair departures t various European destinations. With the sun well and truly up our route generally heads in a easterly direction
  9. Nice lighting in all shots especially the runway lights? Are they "tweaked" or modded in anyway? The autogen buildings look good also.
  10. Thanks for sharing Joe. Looks like a great day was had by all. Events like this really bring the community together and with plenty of well known developers in attendance I bet some of the conversations were very interesting. I have half a mind to look into a stand for the VA I run for the next show. We did one many years ago (1999 I think) at the Motorcycle Museum and had a great weekend.
  11. Cover your ears kids! Great shot.
  12. Just bought a hyperdrive for my trusty Beaver..... First test flight...here we go...
  13. ..."...moves AI slider to the left to jump the queue..."
  14. Come to the Faroe Islands they said... Offset approach to Runway 30, 17kts headwind, low cloud...rain...think TAF's should be updated to simply say "CRAP WEATHER"
  15. Sounds like good therapy. I use Google Photo to store my screenshots. They don't count toward any storage limit as long as you accept they will stored as "high quality" images rather than in their original file size. Honestly I can't tell the different from one to the other. Now you have 120GB to fill again!
  16. I've heard of King Midas but this this is a whole new level!
  17. I didn't use a download manager for P3D. If you internet connection is good with decent speed and reliability I would save you can download it as you any other file. Sorry this isn't a recommendation but hopefully good advice.
  18. What version of Windows are you using? With such a comprehensive upgrade a fresh installation is your best bet. Also worth taking a look at the Windows Event Viewer. More information can be found here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa996634(v=exchg.65).aspx Event Viewer will allow you to see what file or process is causing the crash which should help in finding a solution. Good luck.
  19. ...heads, shoulders, knees and toes....
  20. Here is one from my archives that needs a caption...
  21. Thank you for for the replies everyone. I made a much less complex flight yesterday from Valencia to Palermo. No complicated approaches...just a cruise across the Med on a late Summers evening!
  22. Great colours in all of the shots.
  23. Innsbruck is well know for the challenges it brings to both real world and virtual pilots. It has been a long time since I flew into LOWI so thought I would give it a go last weekend. Rather than upload a lot of screenshots I thought I would stitch some together to present the flight as it unfolded. Preparation for departure from T2 are well underway and soon we start to taxi to runway 23R. It is a LISTO departure which requires a turn very shortly after takeoff but not below 750ft. er] Not much to see here....no real
  24. Great livery...love the retro airstairs truck!
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