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  1. Thanks for the visit! Ya, those jets swallow fuel big time especially with afterburners! Great flight models in DCS!
  2. I have broken into the world of DCS! My first video flying the F-18 Hornet!
  3. The almost concurrent release of the F-14 Tomcat (Heatblur Simulations and IndiaFoxtEcho) and NAS Miramar 1980's (Sundownersim) can now be enjoyed in Flight Simulator 2020. View this cinematic video on your television!
  4. Thanks for the visit! Glad you enjoyed and remembered the music in this one! Only album that I bought twice. First one got played so much and was full of pops and hisses!
  5. Timestamps: Speak to Me 0:05 Introduction at Wembley Breathe (In the Air) 1:03 Money 2:19 London Oxford Introduction Us and Them 3:46 Engine Start Any Colour You Like 5:33 Taxi and Flight Info Brain Damage 7:54 Departure Us and Them 10:02 Climb to 19,000' Across the English Channel Timelapse 11:35 On the Run 11:53 RNAV Approach Eclipse 13:06 Initial Approach Fix Money 15:08 Final Approach Fix Time 16:21 Glide Path Captured Great Gig in the Sky 17:24 Autopilot Disconnect Clare Torry Vocals 19:59
  6. A follow up video with the complete voice recorder transcript. Unprepared may be the best word to summarize the flight. Timestamps: Intro 0:07 Trouble from the beginning 0:56 Flight plan entry problems 1:50 N79NX enters restricted airspace 2:59 Frustration elevates 5:19 Runway change 7:15 Anxiety + confusion with CIGOR 8:00 Panic 10:47 Chilling last words 11:50 Final 3 seconds of transcript. 13:38 Voice recorder insight SYNOPSIS 14:27
  7. I think most assume it is not allowed. Given I purchased a 360 camera, I had planned to ask. I think I hit a gap in traffic to Billy Bishop! Worked out well! This is the first time I have requested to circle the tower.
  8. It is a hard go in a niche YT channel! Really want to get to 10K subs so I can do fundraisers on the channel! I need like a break through video captured by the YT algorithm!
  9. Video Timestamps: Introduction 0:07 Private Helicopter 2:30 Lift Off 3:26 On Route 4:37 Fagradalsfjall Volcano 6:00 Geldingadalir Volcano 7:25 Litli-Hrútur Volcano (Dawn Rider by Triston Barton) 8:14 Litli-Hrútur Volcano Wall Collapse 9:55
  10. The default 747 is now amazing! The Aircraft and Avionics Update 2 (AAU2) by Working Title to the default Boeing 747 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 brings this aircraft closer to a study level/immersion experience. We program the Flight Management System (FMS) with the essential data to experience a completely automated flight with LNAV and VNAV execution from departure to touchdown using the autoland system. This 397 nm flight departs from Toronto (CYYZ) RWY 05 and arrives in Boston (KBOS) RWY 22L. The 747 follows the flight plan to perfection. Please consider a subscription if you e
  11. Spectacular Maule M7 6,000' Descent Landing into Olympic National Park - Full VFR Flight Plan - MSFS
  12. Thanks Brett! I wonder if this plane will be back in US airspace? It will definitely be on the FAA radar (no pun intended).
  13. Hi Joe. Thanks and what a great suggestion for a possible cause. If you leave comments on YT, could you leave this comment on the YT video? It would certainly help to further the conversation. Thanks!
  14. The original video for this post on my YT channel was removed. Put this new one in it's place!
  15. Timestamps Introduction 0:07 G3000 Power-Up Sequence 0:43 Primary Flight Display - Labeled Default 1:20 Audio and Radios Menu 2:09 PFD Menu - Nav Source 3:20 PFD Menu - Speed Bugs 3:55 PFD Menu - Timers 4:23 PFD Menu - Minimums 4:53 PFD Menu - Traffic Map 5:15 PFD Menu - PFD Map Settings 5:28 PFD Menu - PFD Settings - Synthetic Vision Terrain & Wind 5:52 MFD Menu - Synoptic Pages 6:25 Engine Indication System (EIS) 7:59 Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) 8:30 AAU1 Release Notes 10:05
  16. The tragic flight events of N79NX were recreated with Flight Simulator and the National Transportation Safety Board Preliminary Report to help understand what went wrong on February 13, 2022. There are many possible reasons that led to the loss of control in this airplane. Hopefully, the final report from the NTSB will shed light on the exact cause of this accident. Video replaced with the above.
  17. Thank you guys! Camera options in X-Plane are amazing to play with and certainly add to creativity. Cheers!
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