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  1. Hey guys! It is as real as it gets so far in the world of general aviation for MSFS. Yes Brett, your purchase will include some other livery colors. Perhaps the mixture handles do not ratchet loud till advanced a little way in. You could be right! Not sure if you guys fly the big stuff. The Airbus A320 modelled by FENIX is due out very shortly and it is the cream of the crop as far as commercial jets go for this sim. Cheers!
  2. My most comprehensive tutorial to date. Timestamps in the video description on YouTube. Download link in the description for cool performance data tables and checklists condensed from the original 310R POH.
  3. Still waiting for the MilViz 310 to be released so I did this video to keep me busy!
  4. I know this site enjoys history! Here is a little Cessna history with screenshots of the highly detailed MILVIZ 310 soon to be released.
  5. A collaboration between Carenado and Asobo Studios (Flight Simulator). Available only at the FS Marketplace.
  6. There are no manuals or checklists when you purchase this plane. This video will get you on track. PS My all time favorite classic GA bird!
  7. Very cool! Fantastic sounds! Enjoyed the video very much!
  8. Thanks Joe! Yes, insane how that landing gear retracts - mechanical nightmare!
  9. Beautiful presentation and well researched! I hear that there will be an improvement in the scenery for X-Plane 12.
  10. Thanks guys! That video was a lot of work. Glad to see it getting lots of views and subscribers!
  11. Can’t beat that screenshot! Perfection!
  12. For those considering to purchase the new Skymaster release from Carenado, this video will give you a quick overview of the aircraft. This has always been a favourite of mine since the earliest days of Flight Simulator and I just had to give it a video. This was a 24 hour turnaround production from download to recording to editing to uploading - so it just gives you the essentials.
  13. My most extensively researched topic to date! Countless hours of photo restoration! Enjoy and I hope you like the background music!
  14. For those familiar with the “steveo1kinevo” YT channel, Steve recently posted a video on his recurrent annual training at SIMCOM in Orlando Florida. I replicated the flight in MSFS with full instructions for those wishing to try it. It is exciting!
  15. This is not replacing Bing Maps with Google Earth. This is simply flying in MSFS to the exact Google Earth view location!
  16. Jorg Neumann (head of MSFS) quote from a recent interview: [Replay system] We intend to improve the UI as it’s a big deal. It’s the area we need to staff up a little bit as there’s so much UI. The replay system isn’t being held back by a technical system, but the UI. We have a path throughout 2022 to make it cool and slick. I want to be able to fly somewhere and have a great experience and the tool backtracks the last 30-seconds and a button spits out what I saw and sends it to my socials.
  17. Yes, totally agree. Hopefully this beta version will come a long way in development and with the push of a button you will be able to take a quick look!
  18. I have put together 2 tutorials. Part ONE - Getting Started Part TWO - Camera Views and the Timeline
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