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  1. Great video! Lockheed’s Connie is one of my all time favorites! Cheers!
  2. Neat memory. I see the model sitting on top of a record player? Ya, good ole vinyl. Nice paint job and detailing. The 2 wires - are they radio antenna related and/or structural reinforcement wires?
  3. Experience memory lane on a flight departing out of Van Nuys Airport in the front seat of the Cessna 195 Businessliner. We fly over the greater LA area with flash back historical photos from the 1940’s. Listen to some Swing Era music and a touch of some classic vinyl songs as we prepare for the flight. The accuracy of the flight simulation scenery in combination with detailed maps like ForeFlight permits the location of precise buildings and landmarks. Enjoy and please subscribe to help the channel grow. Thanks!
  4. Opinionated PS: This game has, shall we say, gone up a notch in sophistication!
  5. Thanks guys! Next one is in production!
  6. Thanks. Yes, quite true about having a permanent scale flight deck. On the other hand, it’s about what each person enjoys and can manage at home in this hobby. So many times I want to get back to flying the big stuff, but I enjoy the realism with the current scenery detail flying GA at lower altitudes. Always something to look forward too. Your setup allows you to really master commercial aircraft to the level you desire.
  7. Very interesting and realistic scenery!
  8. Here is a video flying the Epic E1000 (Aerobask) and using True Earth Northern California (ORBX) scenery. Currently working on a retro video (1940’s) using True Earth Southern California.
  9. Thank you Brett and Michael!
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