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  1. Here is a video I did a little while back to a Sinatra song. Nice clear window and the iPhone made it all possible.
  2. Especially, love the last pic of LAX!
  3. Thanks Jury1942! Working on a video now inspired by the year 1947, flying the Cessna 195!
  4. Living in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario allows me to fly over Niagara Falls fairly often. I put this video together to illustrate the flight rules and procedures that must be followed with a few scenic points of interest. Video was captured with a GoPro mounted to the underside of the right wing.
  5. Stifling Moss was very impressive during his racing era! I’ve watched many interesting clips about his legacy.
  6. Hi guys! Just discovered this forum! This website looks really clear, uncluttered and balanced. I started a YouTube channel up a few months ago and I have posted on a couple of other sites, but thought I would share here as well. Looking to build the channel, so please subscribe, comment or like. Cheers!
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