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  1. Great news for P3Dv3 users, download from your FSS account. More here http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/105483-wales-scotland-new-installers-p3dv3/
  2. Hello! I have recently installed Prepar3d and Orbx England and Wales. And I must say, unfortunately, I am very disappointed. Lets start with an issue I think of as the least important. Anyone who lives here in Wales knows that the scenery is very vibrant and green. However Orbx's Wales scenery (and England) appears very dull, grey and generally a bad representation of Wales. If this is an issue and the beautiful screenshots on the Orbx website are not works of Photoshop please let me know how to fix it! Secondly, and by far the most important issue is the fact that the water is BRIGHT GREEN!
  3. PILOT's have released a new installer that enables their FS Global 2010 FTX Compatible (Download) product to be installed into Prepar3D v3. There are two options for downloading the installer. 1. Download the wrapper/installer ONLY. Use this option if you already have a previous copy of the complete installation package downloaded to your computer. This is a 29.7Mb file that can be extracted into the same temporary folder as the complete installation file set, and has been provided in order to save time and bandwidth, negating the need to re-download the complete 22.9Gb worth of data that
  4. Just published is Brian Buckley's review of Orbx's KSTS Sonoma County Regional Airport. This is the latest release from an ever improving developer, Misha Cajic, See what Brian thought of this one. Read On...
  5. Chatham, Kent – 15th September 2015 Earlier this year, Dovetail Games, the multi award-winning developer and publisher of a range of simulation games, announced that it had agreed a partnership with flight simulation software publisher and developer Orbx Simulation Systems. Dovetail Games is pleased to announce Orbx’s Friday Harbor is now available to purchase from the FSX: Steam Edition store. Friday Harbor for FSX: Steam Edition is optimized specifically for the Steam platform. This high-quality airport and scenery pack will feature an automatic installation process via Steam, making Fr
  6. Wine Country! Welcome to KSTS Sonoma County Regional Airport, and the fifth Orbx airport project from Misha Cajic. Sonoma County is ideally situated about 40 nautical miles north-west of the SFO Bay area, as well as in between many of Orbx’s other FTX NCA projects. It is one of California’s premier wine producing regions, and attracts more than 7.4 million tourists each year. With its highest peak on Mt St Helena looking over Sonoma Valley, each approach to KSTS is scenic in its own right, from the rolling golden Californian hills, to the wineries and the mid-sized city of Santa Rosa. Every c
  7. Just published is Brian Buckley's review of FTX: NA KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport. Actually, there's 3 airfields included and a bonus helipad too! This compilation was developed by Greg & Russ at Turbulent Designs. See how Brian got on... Read on..
  8. Chatham, Kent – 7th May 2015 Dovetail Games, the multi award-winning developer and publisher of a range of simulation games recently announced that it has agreed a partnership with flight simulation software publisher and developer Orbx Simulation Systems. The partnership will enable Dovetail Games to publish new and existing Orbx add-on content for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition on Steam. Under this agreement, brand new Orbx content released by Dovetail Games will have a 90-day exclusivity period on Steam before being made available on other channels. Designed with accessib
  9. From Orbx- Re-Landscape Your Sim. FTX Trees HD is a complete overhaul of your sim's autogen tree textures, lending new and incredible immersion to your flight simulation experience! Years in the making, developer Scott Armstrong has used his keen eye for natural-looking vegetation to result in a depth of realism that simply must be seen to be believed. The new textures are double the resolution of default trees, resulting in unbelievable detail, and are derived from high-resolution photos of real trees for maximum realism. They have been expertly edited and colour-matched to give you t
  10. Just published is my review of a recent release from Orbx, FTX: NA S93 Cle Elum Municipal Airport. The latest addition to the ever expanding network of smaller airfields in Washington state. Is this airfield worthy or the Orbx brand? Read on...
  11. Just released is a special triple pack consisting of three GA airports: KBLA Blue Canyon-Nyack, 2O1 Gansner Field and CA21 Limberlost Ranch. These three GA airports are spread across an area of approximately 1250 square miles at the northern end of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They encompass an area of around 1500 square miles. Blue Canyon-Nyack airport lies in the Tahoe National Forest area near Emigrant Gap on the I80. At an elevation 5284ft ASL, the area is remote and sparsely populated making it ideal for stargazing trips and even has several permanent observatories within the airport
  12. I've been a little lax, for want of as better word, in updating my ORBX Sps.. I have Southern Alaska, Goodwood and California to add on,but there are quite a few service packs listed.. Question: how can I tell how many of the SPs I have already installed? I might have downloaded some SPs but just not installed them.. Is there a way to tell what I have and haven't done? I know that the .LIBS is accumulative, but the SPs don't appear to be. Answers on a postcard... Cheers all Minx
  13. Just released is Brian Buckley's review of FTX: NA KPSP Palm Springs Airport This is one of the latest sceneries from Orbx's lead developer Jarrad Marshall so our expectations were high, did Jarrad deliver? Read on...
  14. This is an Orbx FTX airport, and as such a copy of FTX: Global BASE must be installed prior to use. Valley of the Rocks. Monument Valley is located on the Arizona-Utah state line and is a large area that includes much of the area surrounding Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Developer Frank Dainese has constructed 3D models of the mountains by using DEM data and then textured them with photographic images - creating a perfect replica of the real thing. This follows on from his very popular Yosemite freeware release where this method of creating life-like models of mountains was demonstrate
  15. Water park under my nose the light blue water: A working radar dish: Air Museum: Wind turbines:
  16. Just published is Brian Buckley's latest review of Scottish airports. This time we are off to Shetland and Sumburgh Airport. So put on your Shetland jumper and pour a wee dram and enjoy Brian's review. Read on...
  17. Several changes afoot around my various Airhauler operations. It all started with a trial of ORBx based products via Misha Cajic's "NA-Airstrips-Vol1" airstrips which was on sale 1/2 off recently. It's a wonderful product, and made me realize how much I missed trees and buildings...autogen and such that is missing in MSE scenery. I really hope he is working hard on Vol.2 as I will definitely be a customer. Kudos again. I decided that the perfect airplane for hauling cargos to those challenging fields was not actually an airplane... My Virtavia Ch-47 at the 98TE Glide/Hilltop field. No
  18. Just published is my review of Orbx's FTX NA KTVL Lake Tahoe Airport. This is the 3rd scenery released for the NORCAL region and is a fantastic location to fly in to. Does Misha Cajic's creation do it justice? Read on...
  19. Here's a strange shadow or something on the ground at NZAA, using the ORBX New Zealand North Island package in Air Hauler. I have not checked whether or not this appears at this airport when AH is not running - that's next. It first appeared when the aircraft was about 30NM out. I get the same thing at NZNR only it's 4 parallel lines instead of one. Any ideas anyone? FSX and Acceleration. EDIT: Time is approximately local Noon. The same line appears in the same spot when AH is NOT running - same aircraft, same airport. I also checked with the default hang glider - same thi
  20. Just published is Andrew Godden's review of Orbx's FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport. This release came with with promises of so much more than another airport, did they deliver? Read on...
  21. An announcement from Ed Correia over at orbx This third patch for FTX New Zealand South Island delivers new and updated content, most notably the new night lighting system, and fixes a number of issues posted by users or discovered by our team members. It is for both the DVD and download versions of the original retail release of ORBX FTX NZSI. Service Pack 3 is cumulative, meaning it includes all updates and bug fixes from the previous NZSI service packs! Please make sure that FTX Central is set to Oceania before running this patch !! this to avoid potential error reports regarding air
  22. Just published is my review of Orbx's NA Gold NCA - Northern California for FSX/P3D/P3DV2 This is their 6th US region, read on to see if it upholds Orbx's quality!
  23. Just published is Andrew Godden's review of Orbx's Van's RV4. Orbx are best known for their stunning sceneries but what about aircraft? Read on...
  24. Home to the high flyers. With it's picture-perfect location, Monterey is a city nestled at the southern end of Monterey Bay on the mid-Pacific coast of California. Following hot on the heals from his highly-popular Redding Airport, acclaimed developer Jarrad Marshall (Redding/Spokane/Jackson Hole/Bozeman/Broome) returns to Northern California with his latest offering. Of course this is not just an airport scenery; expect to find a large swathe of surrounding scenery to explore, including the entire City of Monterey, large portions of the Peninsula, Pebble Beach and north to Seaside. Well-known
  25. Just published is my review of Orbx's FTX 11S Sekiu Airport. This is the second scenery by the award winning developer Misha Cajic for Orbx systems. Does it live up to Orbx's exacting standards? Read on...
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