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Hi all

I have used this facility a couple of times and not sure why I have not shared it.. until now!

Call up this site http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html, answer a couple of questions about your set up, upload your FSX.cfg and it will return you a tweaked FSX.cfg based on your machine spec and the latest tweaks available at that time.

You don't have to use it, you can try it out, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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I'm a sceptic of things claiming to automatically improve the performance and I've been hacking around FSX.cfg for the past week and made reasonable improvements, saw this and gave it a try.

Gained another 5FPS on the ground and 10 in flight. Works for me!

Thanks for posting this and bringing it to the top again.

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I don't really understand how to get the external FPS limiter to work; any advice folks, please?



It depends on what graphics card you are using, if it's a nVidia then use the inspector, if its an AMD then use FPS limiter, which one do you need help with?



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  • 3 weeks later...

Bojote's tweaks didn't solve my issues. I had to manually adjust bufferpools to find the sweetspot, and now FSX runs - well not smooth - but like clockwork ;)

This is the only cfg tweak I've added by the way. I've tried many, but this was the only one that had any impact on MY COMPUTER (i7 2700K, NVidia GTX 580, Corsair Force GT SSDs:




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  • 2 months later...

I've downloaded the latest version of the Nvidia Inspector but frightened myself a little when it came to making changes :huh:

Does anyone still use this tool and if so what changes do you make? Do you use the tweaks in Mike's link?

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having had a few recent problems with my new 660ti card i thought it may be time to get fsx to recreate a new .cfg and see what happens, imagine my surprise that with no tweaks at all I gained an enormous improvement in fps, i then spent a bit of time fine tuning with nvidia inspector and my fsx is clearer than evr before with no jaggies. i then added a couple of tweaks such as himem and changed the LOD to 6.5 and the max rate to 4096 and am a happy camper I had previously been happy with what venetubo had done to my cfg but now i am wondering if i relly need to use it. The buffer pool line is a case in point currently I have no buffer pool line so it uses the default size given by fsx but when one reads some of the huge amount of info on the various forums about setting it at 85000000 or 35000000, and others say if you have a new high speed card then the best setting is 0, as in all these cases the more you read the less certain you are of what to do or believe. I have set the fps to 30 in fsx and also in nvidia inspector and that is half of my refresh rate on my monitors, so I guess i will stay as I am for the moment unless you all know of some sure fire tweaks that guarantte a better picture.

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Hi BF,

I now use minimal tweaks in my config file, pretty much the same as you.

I set the frame limit to 30 in FSX and the Vsync to half monitor refresh, it is running so well other than that I do use the PoolSize=0 and affinitymask settings

The Bojote tweaks are probably ok for people aren't confident tweaking it themselves but I don't think they would end up wit such an efficient config.

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morning Joe,

I spent the whole of last night trying different configurations of cfg and of graphics card using nvidia inspector, and it is interesting to note that I cannnot detect any difference hardly between buffer pools 0 or 80000000 like wise the only difference between the bojote modded cfg and the "barebones" one that fsx creates anew, is the amount of time fsx takes to load (noticeably slower with bojotes version).

I also tried the various setups proposed on the pmdg site by Ryan, and again can see no difference between running 4s , 8s or 8sq so I think the fact that this was last updated back in Jan 2012 and featuring a card that is over a year old can now be considered out of date for the new keppler cards.

These hours of trial and error were all started a few days ago when i flew from perpignan to innsbruck and each time i started a descent through clouds into innsbruck (after 90 minutes flying) i had a ctd/fatal error.

i flew that flight 3 times with the same result, however the following day I flew it without REX and no ctd. So now propose to fly it with REX enabled using a barebones cfg then bojotes to see if there is any difference.

I have removed opus and found that REX is much happier, in as much when you flew with REX but with opus installed I had a dark line across the screen between 3k and about 10k where fsx was being told there were different cloud levels, no opus, no line.

And testing goes on- - - - -

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Hi Nigel,

I am intrigued with how the two weather engines are affecting each other if you only have one running at a time?

I start OpusFSX or REX on demand. Admittedly I haven't had time for in depth comparisons but happy with what I am getting.

I suppose because I fly mostly at lower levels I don't notice it so much.

Looking forward to the outcome of your testing.


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I set it to 30, framerate plummets back to 20!

Also, your link appears to be a little incompatible with Venetubo's guide (he recommends not using both) - plus, his changes the file it for me :P I'll stick with what I've got, although I just fear having it on Unlimited will start to annoy my precious computer!

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Hi George,

Yes my link above now questions some of the automated tweaks make by Venetubo's suggesting just a few manual alterations in the config, nVidia Inspector and FSX settings will do the trick.

I deleted my FSX.cfg and used the suggestions in the guide above.

Here is a link for FPS limiter download from our friends over at AussieX


Hope this helps.

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This site takes the best of all which is available at the moment


However I am finding like Joe the less that you do to the cfg the better things run

however if you do find at some airports that you are down to high teens on fps the net stop uxsms, net start uxsms batch file guarantees to give you a reasonable increase in fps in windowed mode if you have a problem making a batch file work i use the run command on the start menu and type

cfg (return)

net stop uxsms (return)

net start uxsms (return)

and you get an immediate improvement simples!

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Exactly which config file do I delete in FSX to replace with the tweaked one.

In the FSX folder I can see a CFG folder, is this the one, do i back up and delete it's contents and copy and paste the tweaked on here or is it a different cfg file somewhere else.



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