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  1. indeed i will be ready, and i've just the plane for the leg too the venerable Tupolev Tu-114. As for the destination, how does Terahn and Mehrabad International Airport (OIII) sound for a destination?
  2. thats cool here. gives me a chance to think of a destination for leg 9!!! on a different note, i finally managed to get the Odessa scenery if you want it - 24MB mind
  3. Phew, that's a relief. I saw the post title and thought my eyes were playing up - I was sure it had said UKOO yesterday :yes: :dance: that would be my fault then Dave. As an alternative airport, i suggested UKBB not only because its home to Antonov Airlines, but also Volga-Dnpre and the AN124 and often the An225 (although mostly she's housed very near by at Antonov Airport, UKKM) - and as you'll know dave, my hangar's full of Russian birds - so here to legs 8 and 9, the Russian Adenture!!
  4. awesome! only suggested it as it happens to be the home of Antonov Design Bureau my favourite cargo airline!......and of course its also home to the mighty AN225 'Myria' but i think she's a bit, shall we say overly large, for this mission... no, this calls for something bizzare or less common in most peoples hangars....
  5. mut, its on its way to me if you want a copy - it helps to use BabelFish with avsim.ru! - ... never the less, all 24MB of the scenery is travelling at a blistering 8Kbps to my machineall the way from Russia! i'm retracting this comment!!. Left it on all night, gets there this morning and its frozen at 66%, yet all other downloads finished normally... dont suppose i could request UKBB as the destination?? AVSim.com have scenery here
  6. mut, its on its way to me if you want a copy - it helps to use BabelFish with avsim.ru! - ... never the less, all 24MB of the scenery is travelling at a blistering 8Kbps to my machineall the way from Russia!
  7. cheer me up, you bet! its just a case of what on earth i haul out of the hangar now!! see you all in Odessa!
  8. who said anything about rushing?? Thos steps would take anybody few months to fly in real life, i guestimated them to be well over 35,000 Miles when you take into account all of the to-ing and fro-ing... Ukraine 'eh... hmm, if this leg goes ahead, i'd love to pick up the baton here and haul out the one of the smaller Antonovs, maybe the lovely bi-plane Antonov AN-2 'Annushka'... Mut can i, huh, huh... huh..... can i... puh-leeeeeezzzzzzz???
  9. some sweet shots you captured there Sam, just lovely!! can i suggest the next stop be around the Eastern Bloc? It would help set the following leg up for a 500NM trek across Russia, then China... Indonesia... Oz, New Zealand then Antarctic and on to Chile and South America, Mexico, USA, Canada, Greenland, Ireland, UK...bingo we're home!
  10. im happy to let dave grab the batton from here... over to you!
  11. Joe, i must say that you know you're aircraft... and because of that, you're a winner!! It is indeed the Lockheed C-130J of the Italian airforce, and you're correct in saying that its the only variation of Herc that the ITAF have ever owned, great knowlegde there!
  12. Thanks Mutley, guess is partially correct however its NOT the E variation. Also, well done on getting the Italian Airforce as owners of this mighty tin-can.
  13. here they are chaps, heres leg 3, and just a short (westerly! :oops:) hop from LSZS, Samedan -> LIMC, Malpensa. apologies for lack of commentary, have just been summoned by the missus to collect her from the in-laws... :blink: now bonus points go to those who can name the make, model and variations of aircraft (easy isnt it!) and the platinum prize for guessing the contry of ownership.
  14. I won't ask what ! :blink: Just think what a soon to be 15 year old boy might be doing... i'd rather not thanks wisemanp , i can remember what i'd been up to at that age...and they're not fond memories. anyways, leg 3's just completed. piccies uploading now!
  15. hi all, i can take this in the C-130 as have noting more important to do. can only take a shot at it tonight (wednesday) however, so let me know your answers guys! am planning to do LSZS (Samedan) - LIMC (Milan, Malpensa) you should be able to get a 'big bird' up from there...
  16. me too, but i struggle to draw with the pen tools. i usually sketch in pencil, then ink with 0.05mm fineliners, scan into PS CS2 then as a multi-layer PSD, clean it up then colour and sign it.
  17. i say, spot on old chap, what what. Jerries on you six! nowhere near finished yet, this is just the very basic sketch. so much more detail to do yet, and then thers the colouring
  18. here we go Mut, critiques please chaps, and here's hoping that this prompts you to all to put away your FS and get all arty farty on me!
  19. no worries, it was actually a drawing im working on now that prompted me to post this challenge, give me 'till tomorrow evening and i'll post the initial sketch! - i want to see your efforts tho guys!
  20. Now, dont get me wrong here guys, but I'm seeing some lovely edits here, and some rather interesting screenies in the Screenshots board, however what i've yet to find here is some real art work. Remeber the days when you used to be able to grab a nice set of leaded pencils, put them to paper and....umm, scri.... no, errr... now, what was it called... oh yes, drawing!!...... no, neither do i, but thats beside the point! So, here's my challenge to you all (including our fabulous host here Mr. Mutley!!) - pick any one of your favourite aircraft, and draw it in pencil/pen in a realistic scene (
  21. simi has been a nickname of mine (self-imposed i must add) for about 8 years now. feel free to call me anything you wish, so long as its not derrogatory!!
  22. right then, flight sims in order of recent use... IL2FB+AEP+PF+1946 CFS3 XPlane (on Mac OS X) FS9
  23. hey hey hey, Nema_Flyboy's back in the hangar!!! (and you'll notice i've changed my name too!) it'll b great getting back into the swing of things here in the hangar... but before all that, i think its time we said a huge thank you to our good friend Mutley for re-opening the hangar. :wink:
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