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  1. a bit of recycling with these offerings, but its worth a go. Here's my first: and my 2nd: ...and one last one:
  2. Hi Joe, my apologies for not be the prolific member I once was. I'm still here and, although i don't post as often as i used to, i do watch over every new thread every now and then.... think of mer as being omni-present, i'm here but you won't see me unless i break cover briefly!!
  3. er, guys.....i'm still here in the UK? Got back from the Falkands WAY back in December 2010, would hate to have been there for that long! Not due to go out to Bastion until October at the earliest...most likely January next year. As for Ex Joint Warrior, the VC10's are working flat out to keep up, the C-17s i'm working with on the other hand are busy elsewhere, and preparing to accept our 8th aircraft into service arriving June/July....
  4. agreed, - i've been using Stellarium for over 6 months now in it's current guise and love it It's so useful when planning my evenings stargazing sessionz, and when on my laptop with a red-acetate sheet for night vision to help me identify nebulae and such when i'm out 'in the field'. Alan, go to the bottom left side of the screen and click the 'settings and location configuration' icon. Then, using the list on the left, find your closest town/city and click the 'set as default' box in the bottom left corner and apply settings et voila!
  5. thanks for your input guys, but this project has been long-term shelved. It seems that i get very few hours in the day left over to dedicate to FS after work and other hobbies (Astro-photography & Stargazing) along with my editorial role on the RAF AirPower magazine at Brize.
  6. simi_av8r

    Vulcan 607

    Thanks for the heads up Fred, i've just set my V+ box to record it as the weather is looking good for some stargazing with my new telescope so i'll be somewhat pre-disposed!! really can't recommend 'Phoenix Squadron' enough Joe, really worth purchasing, as is Rob Whites new book "Stromfront" - all very good reads. Also, whilst i'm on the subject of aviation books, why not check out Patrick Bishop's offerings of WW2 non-fiction. I heartily recommend all of them especially "Fighter Boys", "Bomber Boys" and "Target Tirpitz"
  7. some excellent photos there Jack, i'm surprised you dont have any of the Veil Nebula and M51, they're my favourites as you might tell, like Colin (a.k.a M31) i love my astronomy too. I've only recently upgraded my scope to a 5" Newt, but i'm crossing off the 110 Messier objects like there was no tomorrow, so far i have M1, M31, M32, M42, M45, M51, M81 and M110 - if only these blasted clouds would bu**er off so I can do some more! ...now there's something you don't here that often in FS, usually its "look at them pretty clouds" now i find myself doing a cloud banishing dance every evening to
  8. Cheers K, appreciated. I'm struggling to get the code so that i can have a vast array of photos on that slide show, but so far not got much further than from when i started!
  9. Great news, cheers ! Would be good to have a few of the Hangars On visit the site and voice their opinions...
  10. i can still upload them here Joe, if you want that is...the more coverage i have the better it can be for the team!
  11. That's right folks - after months of hard work by me and the AirPower Team behind the scenes, we've finally gotten to the point where we can officially announce our new website! Built from the ground up as a portal for our loyal readers, the site is aimed at providing a one-stop-shop for all our publications and, more importantly, to offer to you all a single source for all your Air Power awareness and Knowledge Base needs. To visit, click here: AirPower Brize Norton Online Cheers, Si N.B. There is no requirement to request a login to view/download anything on the site. That's purely ther
  12. Blind Gumbo Davis.....hmm, where'd i put that Deep Poll notice?
  13. ROFL i actuallyLOL'd at that, brilliant! love itRob, excellent joke...however we all know that God's country is the beautiful Cotswolds
  14. ladies and gentlemen.... Well done CSoul, it is indeed Lechfeld airbase.... currently home to the JBG32 "Tigers" and the "Flying Monsters" as pictured in the two photo clues also, clue #1 said "Aviating Big Cats and Monsters" live here. It was previously the first base to see the legendary Me.262 'Schwalbe' in service (Clue #2 Bavarian base saw swallows nest here).
  15. Best wishes and a speedy recovery Alan!! Hope to see you back on the forums in the not too distant future.
  16. there certainly are a/c carriers in the default scenery, there were a good few in FS9 and, according to this website, there are plenty in FSX too...
  17. still no further guesses?...hmm, may have made this one a bit hard for you. Me thinks time for another clue, but first lets recap our previous clue (just in case you missed it!) Clue #1: aviating big cats and monsters live here and now, Clue #2: Nazi Swallow's nested in this Bavarian field ....and since i'm a nice guy, here's a photo clue as a bonus..
  18. you might run into problems there Joe.. i went to the Disney site and, it seems, that "Planes" is being released straight to DVD/BluRay in 2013! It's already on my daughters 2013 birthday wish list!
  19. thanks guys, appreciate the kind words. For freeware, these guys really do churn out some wondrous sceneries for us to enjoy. If you liked this one, i really recommend you try the groups renditions of RAFG Bruggen, RAF Coningsby & RAF Cranwell - all of them get a huge from me, as do their other offerings!
  20. how about these Joe... Hints & Tips - used when posting of hints/tips/tweaks (may need permissions to lock the post/thread after posting to stop it turning into a discussion?) Review - used for, uh, Reviews... Poll - used for, well what else, a Poll that's all for now...unless i think of any more
  21. thanks Joe, appreciated... although i have to take the credit as all my photos i shoot freehand - IIRC, settings were a fast shutter speed (1/500) and f/10.0 aperture, centre weighted and set on 'shutter priority' with a custom whitebalance...
  22. That's what I will be getting when the time comes. The main use of mine was airshow photography, I didn't even go to one last year and only plan to go to the Shoreham show this year so it was just depreciating without use. If you're using the camera mostly for airshow use, the 'bridge' cameras with massive zooms are really what would suit better...usually anything from 400-600mm zoon range should be ok for 'in-air' close up shots, sort of like this (one of mine from Duxford 2011). Note: image is raw from camera, a Canon 350D. 560mm zoom (35mm equiv)
  23. *cough" C17 review! that's slowly coming along Joe...although i must admit that until very recently (last week actually) i had temporarily uninstalled FS9. And it may be that i'll leave it as is until i upgrade my PC and get FSX installed and working nicely on it...FS9 will follow shortly after, and then the review can resume.
  24. Afraid not mate... are we needing more clues?
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