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  1. Felicitations of the season to my flight simming friends, I've been away a while doing other things like tinkering on projects and this that and the other thing. Popped in for a holiday howdy. Hope you are all doing wonderful, and looking forward to flight Sim improvements ahead. I'm saving up for a new computer as I'm very excited by what may be available soon in FSX 2020 on the beta horizon. Cheers!
  2. Hey I've been away for a little while doing things other than flights simming, just popped back in for a holiday howdy in time for a not tooo belayed hello and happy birthday to Mr. John "Mappy" Allard. Hope you're having a great birthday and holiday week sir!
  3. A battery and salt is corrosive. ASSAULT and Battery is...
  4. Combat FS capability...yes...even shooting down ai or other player aircraft. My #1 request because otherwise when I finally replace my dead computer i'll be switching to DCS world... Associated; Robust support for multi-player even in civil operations. Air-hauler, for example, flying with actual other players would be awesome frosting! ALL the weather/shadow/cloud/lighting/atmouspheric effects! Immediate support for add-on development and integration. Unicorns.
  5. Looks like a brilliant product. Fairly rare for a review to have zero strikes against. For under 30? Very much missing my flight sim still.
  6. Loved your Mutley Mini Morris Minor Review! Sounds like a brit Ford Pinto.
  7. So many stunners. Great colors.
  8. If anyone has a burnin interest in old MM's, there is a guy in the bay area trying to get rid of a yard full of them, apparently on a short time frame and willing to bargain as his only other option is the scrap yard for pennies on the pound/dollar. he also apparently has a wharehouse full of spare parts for them, probably an old mm dealer/repair place i imagine...or a nutter collector. 😁 Looks like quite the treasure trove if there is anyone willing to arrange shipping/storage for them. Would be a shame to see them go to scrap metal. Cheers. https://www.fac
  9. That looks like a very fun bird.
  10. I trust you are Planning a G-reat party. Happy day Tim!
  11. I had a misshap with my yoke a couple month ago. My CH yoke broke internally, cracked at the clamp support tops where one of the desk clamp nuts are 'secured' within a molded plastic recess on top of a rather long plastic tube that accommodates the clamp screw shaft. Gosh how I hate plastic...but that's another story. My DIY sailor fix was to buy a drill press vice grip device and adapt it to be the new desk clamp. It required dremeling away the old plastic clamp support due to the much shorter new bolt, and adding a fat washer for extra support. It works WONDERFULLY, and is far easier to
  12. Great Minds shop alike...and I def a-like my Logitec Z506 5:1 speakers... as it turns out....that is what I in fact have! :D Enjoy Lucy!
  13. i have a Logitech 5/1 system crammed into my tiny boat, and am quite pleased with it. It does Bass engine rumbles quite convincingly, and movies sound great as do my tunes. I would HAT to wear headsets while watching a movie, and getting any work done listening to music with headsets is right out. I doubt mine was "High End" as I tend not to shop at that end of the store...it was around 90 USD or so. Caveat, I am not an audiophile, I just know what I like to hear.
  14. Terrific PIREP JG. I can personally attest that the baton has seen action, and aliens. ;) One of these days I plan to scrap my old computer and buy a fresh one, I suspect I will be abandoning FSX at that time. Xplane is looking VERY attractive in no small part thanks to it's not messing about with "Licenses" like P3D...a feature I dislike intensly, although I understand it is to dodge/deal with MicroHard Fsx licensing restrictions. Regards. Matt.
  15. Crystal clear and coldddd. Gorgeous captures Jury.
  16. Great paints Jan. I love the Jug. It's supercharger is a blast to fiddle with. And that Shnoz on landing is a snootful to shoot an approach over. A fun challenge every landing. I have the Wings of Power version not this one. Have you done paints for that model as well?
  17. Pretty little plane...show us more! Who is the maker/where to find it?
  18. Nice trip Joe...especially the Trippy part at the beginning. Vlad'a'Meer looked so rugged and outdoorsy. You can bless the rains down in Africa all you want, but they don't do a damn thing to help the scenery grow down there. Wish I could assist on leg 50, but my RL legs and butt are crushed with work these days...the days off are to precious to devote to ATWC at this time. Fortunately there are no reports of Squidley activities on the Dark Continent at this time so THRUSH is on standby in the region and/or monitoring active situations elsewhere. The Twin Comanche looks like a
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