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  1. Greetings fellow simmer, It has been a while since I posted any screen shots so I put aside some time to share some of my latest shots with the community. This batch show my latest addition to my fleet, the excellent DC-9 from Coolsky with texture works by McPhat. I also made a video of the DC-9 with some nice photoreal background scenery which can be viewed on my youtube channel (in both original soundtrack & audioswap) -> http://www.youtube.c...me?feature=mhee Enjoy this random batch of shots showing off the DC-9 with its six normal definition release liveries:
  2. Thanks Joe, I have been keeping a close eye on this release for a while now. The combined work of Coolsky & McPhat who are responsible for not just the livery textures but also they did the VC texturing as well, which looks fab (will try to get some shots next time). Believe it or not, that shot is showing the normal definition livery texturing, McPhat are also releasing several UHDT (Ultra High DefinitionTextures) livery packs for this aircraft, now that should be something. Also, I am lucky enough to know the people at McPhat & Coolsky and they asked me to help do some promotional sc
  3. Hey folks, enjoy this single shot of my latest line-up in my hangar, Coolsky's newest & latest addition to the world of FSX, the classic DC-9. The old lady is ready for push-back once more: More shots coming soon...
  4. Cheers all and thanks for the links. I wish they would restore her Joe, I really wish they would but with the economic climate now-a-days, that will be unlikely to happen or for any supersonic commercial airline for the next 2-3 decades. It is all about making money now rather then taking pride or making a statement, very sad tbh .
  5. Some wonderfully inspiring shots out there folks, very well done, it will be hard to judge this one again. Here are my humble attempts: Peace & quiet at the beach with some wildlife to enjoy. Roller-Coast Castle Sightseeing Tour. Coastal flying, down under. Best of luck all.
  6. To Fly. To Serve, one of British Airways slogan. Here is a small compilation of BA liveries shots taken during the past few years covering several decades of British Airways. Also, this series includes my latest addition to my fleet, CLS's BAe 146, a great model and glad to see CLS have finally upgraded their aircraft livery quality to HD quality (TBM 2048/4096), as you can see from one of my closeups. Please enjoy: (REX & various addons/settings) Thank you for flying British Airways, hope to see you again soon.
  7. Thank you all for your kind words, glad my shots are still enjoyed after all these years. Combination of things, when I fly photoreal scenery I set LOD radius to 9.5000, I also use high levels of AA & AF with my NVIDIA Inspector and I run FSX at 2560x1600 so by the time I reduce the size of the screen shot to a more post-able size, making sure I apply high quality JPEG compression, I get the above results. I may look into that one.
  8. Greetings all, You have all heard of the Pink Panther but what happens when you combine the wonderful freeware scenery of Blue Sky Scenery with the excellently modeled and painted F9F Panther from Vertigo Studios? A very 'blue' Panther. Enjoy: Thanks for viewing.
  9. Thanks folks, I do hope my shots inspire others not put them off from taking their own screen shots. This is my reason why I started taking screen shots years ago, I got inspired (and still do) by other talented screen shot takers. Always pushing my talents & skills to the limits and learning how to improve them.
  10. That is a stunning shot JK, a worthy winner, grats.
  11. An 'open' theme is always tricky as it is hard to choose among so many possible shots & ideas, still, a good challenge. Here are my 'best' attempts: Best of luck to all.
  12. Enjoy this follow-up from my previous post, again, all unedited shots. Thank you for your time viewing these.
  13. Thanks and yes, REX is easily recognizable in most screen shots, pure quality product.
  14. Thanks for the comments folks.
  15. Greetings folks, I managed to find some time to rummage around my screen shot folder and collect some shots (mostly shots from the past @3 years that I never got around to posting) to make up a themed screen shot series as it has been a while since I posted such series. The theme is based around a spotter's view when trying to catch a photo of heavies in and around airports. I do hope you enjoy the view and, as always, these shots (unless I state otherwise) are unedited apart from resized down from 2560x1600 & JPG'd (I did crop certain shots so the ratios is different in some as you will
  16. Soya

    Random Delights

    There isn't much to this airport, more like an airstrip, but the high res textures is something else.
  17. Soya

    Random Delights

    Thanks folks. That would be Stewart airport, CZST from Orbx.
  18. Soya

    Random Delights

    Thank you all for your kind words, glad these are enjoyed.
  19. It's been a while since I last posted some fresh new screen shots, but here are some, I do hope you enjoy them. (unedited, various REX themes & locations) Thank you for viewing.
  20. On 2 November 1977, Queen Elizabeth II travelled for the first time aboard Concorde. Her Majesty then flew from the Sir Grantley Adams International Airport,Barbados, to London Heathrow, England. That occasion was also the first visit by a Concorde aircraft to Barbados. The "Alpha Echo" aircraft which The Queen travelled was the last Concorde to fly supersonic to Barbados on 17 November 2003, as a delivery flight to the Barbados Concorde Experience museum where it remains on display. Best of luck all.
  21. Cheers for the comments folks.
  22. I shall make an effort to join this month as the theme fits perfectly of some of my recent shots. A falcon breaking through the clouds: Comet Rising: Climbing through the soup: Good luck all.
  23. Hey folks, Enjoy this latest batch of my personal pick and mix selection: (unedited) (edited added blur effect) Old Photo: Thanks for viewing.
  24. Thank you both kindly for your comments, glad you have enjoyed my latest work. I have had some time to collect some more shots so I'm hoping to put Part 8 up some time soon. Cheers
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