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  1. Thanks for the comments folks. Indeed it is, NL2000v4.02 Will look into that, thanks.
  2. Greetings fellow simmers, Here is another batch of pick and mix selected screen shots, hand picked for your viewing pleasure, most unedited but some lightly edited. Enjoy: (unedited) Light edits (blur): A pretty fly painting: An old photo of an old airline: Thank you for your time viewing my work.
  3. Soya

    Double Trouble

    Appreciate your comments & praise folks, thank you kindly.
  4. Happy Easter folks, As I had some spare time over this Easter weekend, I managed to produce another video called 'Double Trouble' here are some screen shots that are taken directly from this video and a link is posted at the end for the video itself should you wish to watch it, enjoy: Video is below, best watched in full 1080p, please feel free to vote or comment on the youtube channel. Thank you for watching.
  5. Cheers for the positive feedback folks, glad you enjoyed my many hours of labour on this video/screen shots. I have just release another video, will hopefully post some shots up & link over the Easter weekend.
  6. Greetings fellow simmers, this small batch of screen shots is taken from my recent video 737 NGX Landing at Tamworth. I tried to show off the beauty of the aircraft, livery and scenery. The link to the video is after the screen shots for those interested. Enjoy; Video below, best watched in full 1080p. Thank you for viewing.
  7. You are correct, FSX is not supported through SLi/Crossfire but that is not why I got 2x GTXs. I run a 30'' monitor and use FSX with a resolution of 2560x1600, at that kind of very high resolution, you need lots of VRAM, which is why having 2 GTXs is handy. Also, I do dabble in other stuff that does use SLi, so it gives me the option there too.
  8. Thanks, my specs was top of the range @1.5 years ago, but as most things with PC nowadays, its old hat now. Anyways, specs Custom PC: i7 950 4.2Ghz, 6Gb DDR3, Sabertooth x58, 2x Zotac GTX580, Dell 3011U FSX @2560x1600, Revodrive x2 480Gb PCIe x4 + Crucial M4 512GB both 4 FSX/addons, Callisto Deluxe 240Gb O/S, 4x Samsung F4 2Tb, NZXT Phantom, Silent Pro Gold 1000W, Win 7 64Bit
  9. Cheers folks, happy 2 have shared. All of the above Indeed, California coast line. I thought you would notice your repaints , alas, couldn't get all of them to fit but got most of them I think.
  10. The French LAX connection: Le Mirage: Supersonic Frenchies: Good luck all.
  11. Decided to take the bus this time, enjoy these unedited shots showing off Airbus X by Aerosoft: Thanks for viewing.
  12. Thank you and of course you may, enjoy it everyday .
  13. Thanks all for your positive comments & praise.
  14. Enjoy this last batch (at least for a while) on FSX shots lightly edited to look like old photos: Thank you for viewing.
  15. Or another SR-71? Thanks for the comments folks.
  16. I have had many requests for more 'old' aviation photo shots after my first post on them. So I have put together another 10 shots for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy: (fsx screen shots with a little after effect editing specifically cross process & grain effect) I do hope you enjoy this series as much as the last one.
  17. Thank you both kindly.
  18. Thank you both for your comments.
  19. Folks your kind comments and praise is heard and very much appreciated, it is a good feeling sharing my screen shot work with other like minded people who enjoy flight sim for what it is.
  20. Enjoy a little trip into the past with these old aviation photos I found lying about: (fsx screen shots slightly edited to look like old photos - grain and cross process effect added) Hope you enjoyed this little trip into the past.
  21. Soya

    Chasing Tail.

    Much appreciated praise & comments, thank you all.
  22. Soya

    Chasing Tail.

    Time to take a break from my usual 'tube' posting and have some military intervention. Enjoy these military formation shots, all unedited apart from the last shot which was made to look like an old photograph. Hope you like the view.
  23. Thank you all kindly for your comments. The PMDG 747, like so many other aircraft in my hangar, is indeed hard to fly and I myself am not even close to flying her properly, I just make her look good . To me that is one of the beauties of FSX, any aircraft you buy is like an investment for the future, it may take several years or longer but there is no time limit on how long you can take to master how to fly. It a hobby for life .
  24. Greetings FS Community, After trying out some new addons with the PMDG 747X, Queen of the Skies, using the latest McPhat's World Airlines 3 and FSDT's GSX, Ground Services, plus a little bit of customized AI traffic, I was simply amazed (yet again) by the combination of some new addons. I just couldn't resist taking some screen shots in order to share them other enthusiasts. I am still amazed by the quality of addons that continue to be released for Flight Sim, whether it is freeware or payware. Over the past 3 years, since I started with FSX, flight simming sure has come along nicely and th
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