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  1. Hi Arnold, I ran FSX Acceleration for a few years on an external HD on an XP machine no problems at all. Will let you know how FSX SE goes. Cheers, Mike.
  2. Thanks for that Nigel. Have taken a leap of faith and downloaded the STEAM interface. Some time in the next few days I will bite the bullet and go for the 4 hours + download of FSX SE which I will put on an external HD this time around. Cheers, Mike.
  3. THANKS Geoff....................... Cheers, Mike
  4. That's very interesting Nigel. I wonder is it worth re-installing then as the company have totally ignored all my communications? Cheers, Mike.
  5. That's just stone cold humor Brett!!!!!!!!!!!! Or after Nigel's comments stone sober? Matt its from your web link http://restauravia.fr/html/creations_fsx.htmland its the NORD 3400 THANKS, Cheers, Mike
  6. THANKS , Dai.......................Cheers, Mike
  7. That's OK Nigel happy to help other pilots. Also thanks to Matt for your links too. Anyone else out there have any other aircraft links? Don't be shy. M
  8. Hi, To ALL members........ FREE AIRCRAFT REMINDER http://www.classicwings.net/index.html http://frenchvfr.free.fr/download.php?lng=en&pg=&id=2 http://www.maxtac.it/maxtac-en/ http://www.fsglider.de/p_e.htm http://www.robertjamesrichardson.co.uk/index.html http://www.bobholland.com/fs/aircraft.htm http://www.premaircraft.com/index.html Enjoy, Cheers, M.
  9. Hi again Mike, Please look at this earlier post of mine regarding FSX Steam version. http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/topic/16232-fsx-se-my-journey-by-steam/ Cheers, M PS This makes interesting reading too..... http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/topic/15326-steam-chat-spreading-dangerous-malware/
  10. Hi Mike from Kent. I would highly recommend FSX but PLEASE try to avoid the STEAM version from my latest bitter experiences!! Cheers, Mike from Italy.
  11. Hi Glenn, Some old birds here FREE...................http://www.classicwings.net/index.html Cheers, M
  12. Latest news from the CAA in UK interesting the one I highlighted in RED..... A root and branch review of many of the national rules and regulations that affect UK General Aviation (GA) is underway through a consultation on the elements in the Air Navigation Order (ANO) that affect GA. The review follows a commitment made by the CAA, in response to the Government’s Red Tape Challenge, to reform the regulatory regime for the UK’s GA sector. Pilot licensing, operations and airworthiness rules are covered in the consultation with a view to deregulating or delegating where possible in o
  13. GREAT video Nigel, thank you. That scenery looks almost real. Cheers, M
  14. I just cant stop......................now Scotland.....................Nigel, HELP.....................
  15. Hi Christopher, Yes I did start making water masks and then realized testing it out that the people who made the FSX default scenery put land instead of sea and then I had to redo those particular tiles using a paint editor and it started to become a very large project. So to make the whole thing easier I just use Irfanview and paint in the sea to the same colour as the water effects switched off in FSX. I have never liked the FSX water effects as it looks too artificial. It blends extremely well so no problems for me. Hope this helps. Cheers, M.
  16. I saved the best for last Dai. Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire North Wales
  17. Thanks Dai. Just a few more of London this time uploaded in JPEG format a lot faster than uploading BMP format to photobucket.com
  18. Yes I agree Nigel, its a pity the eastern part of the UK and around the London area seem to lack contrast. These shots taken in Gloucestershire to show the differences. All the images courtesy of VE. Cheers, Mike
  19. Just experimenting with photo bucket and uploading images. Having completed ALL of Wales and England its time for a well earned break from making scenery or maybe..........................? Cheers, M.
  20. I recently purchased FSX SE Steam, it takes well over 6 hours to download unless you have a super fast speed. After using it a few times you then find out that you have paid for software that was around in 2006. Also you have to be connected to the internet and sign into Steam before FSX will open. Steam also without warning will make regular updates to Steam NOT FSX. I am NOT happy with my purchase and have sent a message to Dovetail Games Ltd in the UK demanding my money back under the Sale of Goods Act. If you already have FSX from MS stick with it and forget the Steam version. I have unins
  21. Hi, I know a fellow pilot who lives and works on the island and with the aid of FSET and Skype helped him to make photo real scenery of his home. He told me after completing the scenery it was so good he could pick out his workshop near the end of the runway and confirmed the images are current. Cheers, M
  22. Nothing wrong with that Nigel. Excellent work. This scenery of Jersey was also made with FSET set at 0.5M per PIX and flying at 500 to 700 feet above ground. To my knowledge the images I used are last years courtesy of Virtual Earth. Select 720 HD to view on YT FSET the best FREE software and a BIG THANK YOU to ALL those who gave their time and effort in making what I think is an incredible scenery maker.
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