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  1. I don't have a tutorial but the pictures are self explanatory.......................... Build yourself a trim wheel using an old PC mouse in conjunction with Peter Dowson's software FSUIPC. The first picture shows the simple modification to a PC mouse cable tied to the leg of the flight sim table. The second picture shows the trim wheel cover made from black corrugated plastic and below my home made rudder pedals.
  2. There is a much easier way of making a "Trim Wheel" with an old computer mouse, I made one several years ago and its still working well.
  3. IZ0JUB


    Hi Joe, I make the auto-gen with Open Street Map Data. Hope this helps. Cheers Mike.
  4. IZ0JUB


    Hi Wayne, Thanks for sharing the ORBX New Zealand scenery with us. Looking at your pictures their attempt at New Zealand is very poor and looks more like default scenery. Just as a comparison this is my amateur home made photo scenery with auto-gen near NZNS.
  5. I have never been a fan of ORBX but looking at the presentation pictures it seems they have come a long way with some realistic scenery this time around. M
  6. Sorry Joe, hopefully now OK. This is the basic P3D v 4 and no editing of picture. Cheers M.
  7. Near NZWB northern tip..................... On final to NKZI..................
  8. IZ0JUB


    Just completed the south island with water effects, lakes, buildings and trees............................. Now to make the northern island..........................
  9. Its a great aircraft to fly.......................
  10. Alan is a very good pilot but I wonder what type of fuel he was using?
  11. Hi Alan, Ive just taken a photo of you over Eire?
  12. Flight simulator used P3D version 4. Aircraft repaint courtesy of Jaydor and satellite images courtesy of Bing and scenery made with FSET software.
  13. Thanks chaps for the comments. I made the scenery with FSET, the satellite images are very poor quality for this area. The buildings and trees I made using OSM data and Scenproc. The water and sky effects are "default" in P3D v4. Cheers Michael.
  14. Thanks to everyone for your comments. The satellite images are not good for Canada so your not seeing it at its best. The auto-gen was made from OSM data using ScenProc. I have changed P3D version to 3.4
  15. IZ0JUB

    Malta & Gozzo

    HD photo scenery made with FSET and satellite images courtesy of Google Earth. Auto-gen buildings and trees made with ScenProc. Airport built with ADE 165.
  16. John, If you are after FREE photo real scenery with auto gen trees and buildings you can get it from this Italian guy..... http://italyphotoreal.weebly.com/download.html
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