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  1. I have already flown my second leg. On the first one I did some dead reckoning (flying with a heading and a chronometer?). In the second one I changed my approach: I figured out the route in Plan-G and transposed the waypoints into the nearest ones in the latest AIRAC to use with my GPS. Turns out I'm having fun with figuring out my route one way or another, but your file is very welcome! I'll fly the third leg with navaids for a change Thank you!
  2. Yeah, despite this is not my first MEBAR, I didn't remember that. I was even about to start my flight when I stumbled upon the instructions. But I was ready to just fly it even knowing my time would be way off. I would have flown it that way anyway. These kind of problems are expected as I see it. It's a rally. I don't expect nail the time, just to fly with some purpose, and so far succeeding in having fun in the way
  3. Just finished the first leg in X-Plane. X-Plane does not have most of the referenced navaids either. I created a Plan-G from my old stock FSX and created a plan for it, mostly based on bearings and flight time. I think it's dead reckoning when you just set the heading and watch the clock? Maybe I don't have the concept clear, but man, was it fun, so much that I'm happy those navaids are not in my world (we'll see in the next legs though...). That's what rallies are about, right?
  4. Maybe not exactly what you were looking for, but gyazo makes it really easy to take a screenshot and upload it to your personal album ready to share if that's what you want the pics for. Otherwise, local storage is in order. shift+space for x-plane users, if useful for someone (I just learned that)
  5. Love high wing twins. It's like they tell you they like lifting serious weight.
  6. ... but first, some stickers for the rally. Now I can start my test flight
  7. Great it's that time of the year now. This will be my second year, and about time to start deciding on a plane. I have been a bit out of FSX/X-Plane since last MEBAR, but there's still plenty of time to get myself set up. Do you guys already know what you'll be riding?
  8. Hi. Just wanted to drop by and agree with the two main comments here: - Thanks to everyone making this possible - Lesson #1 is: do the test flight right!
  9. Yep, this is my first Rally so anything can kick me... I thought the difficult part would be the navigation, but already in the 2nd leg I'm becoming an expert. The challenging thing have been climbing the mountains. Not that the Mooney is a bad climber, it's just me that sometimes I treat her as if it was a rocket.
  10. Hi there. I had some trouble looking for waypoint SKFR. As it is mentioned in the rally's instructions when discussing supported simulators, X-Plane might not have the same airports that FS/P3D. This is the case. So I've searched this airport in the Internet and found the location, for example here, that lets you place these coordinates in Google maps: here I thought it would be useful for X-Plane fellows. Now go fly!
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