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  1. Yes Joe...I'm still in shock!...The service will be at 10:30, Thursday 31st August at Streetly Crematoriam, Walsall, WS9 0SG (that is ZERO SG) Flight Simmers will be welcome. Sadly I will not be able to attend myself.
  2. I remember there was a gasometer which pilots used to line up to land on runway 23 at Heathrow (this runway is not used now)...Sadly there was another gasometer that lined up with the runway at Northolt...After someone landed at Northolt by mistake, they painted a big white NO on the top of the Northolt gasometer.
  3. Thanks for the comments Gents...Just a sad bit of news Dave Booker of CBFS has died and he will be very much missed there...
  4. Weather was not the best but I got some good photos...They are best viewed clicked to full size...
  5. Brett...I'm just imagining such a flight and wondering which "newer jet" it would be!
  6. Yes Joe...I think it is a great livery...Just for interest if you look at my sig banner the Sphinx is in the white circle on the nose art...That was 208 in Kenya livery.
  7. This arrived today so I scanned the cover...
  8. Yes I did enjoy it very much, hurricane and I look forward to doing it again...It was such a pleasure to be able to concentrate on the camera work and not the flying...He is a very smooth pilot. A lot of my previous air to ground photos were taken by me from single seat fighters so it is in the lap of the gods as to how the photo will turn out as the flying gets all the attention.
  9. Thank you Alan...Yes it was perfect weather on Sunday, Alan...Glad it wasn't Monday!
  10. That would be 256-bit...I'll definitely need a bigger computer to run that OS! LOL!
  11. Thanks Joe...Yes that's fine now with the duplicate having disappeared
  12. For some obscure reason this post has gone in TWICE...I laboriously deleted the first one with Edit but it just put itself back in...Can one of the controllers please remove one of the posts?
  13. Sunday 4th June 2017...Weather lovely so I went flying...Real Flying! Base...The flight starts here and finishes back here. Ready to go, Lift Off. Climb out. On Course. Cruising. Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary Burgh Island. Burgh Island. Burgh Island Hotel. Burgh Island Hotel. Bigbury on Sea. Hope Cove. Hope Cove. Pretty cliffs. Our excellent Pilot. Salcombe. Start Point. Twin Aerials near Start Point. Start Point Lighthouse. Star
  14. Thanks Joe...Yes I have the 32 bit Windows 10 and I also have a CD with the 64 bit version of Windows 10...I intended to install it but it looked at my computer and insisted that the 32 bit version was what I needed...So I used the 32 bit....I am wondering if I should have Formatted Drive C: to persuade it to install from my CD with the 64 bit version...That would be rather drastic and I might lose a lot of apps like Office 365 and other stuff that I have installed since moving to Windows 10...I do still have Windows XP installed with a choice of which to boot up...That might be the reason it
  15. It might be useful if an expert here could outline the procedure to convert from 32 bit Windows 10 to 64 bit Windows 10...My computer has a 64 bit cpu and 6 GBs of Ram but of course with Windows 10 32 bit, it only see 3 GBs of that. I would be keen to see exactly what procedure should be followed to make the change. Thanks for any help.
  16. http://www.chonday.com/Videos/ostrichsamo5 Great Stuff and very cleverly made...Bravo!
  17. LOL!...That's a great laugh Brett! I enjoyed it
  18. Well I was in a hurry as Air Force One was already on the other end of the runway and cleared to go!...Glad you enjoyed it again Brett
  19. I think most people here have seen an earlier version of this...However, this one does permit the Quality to be dialled up the 1080p and it should also be viewed in Full Screen Mode.
  20. Echo taxies in at Dubai Airport. This video shows off the intricate model of the airport really but Echo looks pretty good too! It is full HD and should be viewed with the Quality clicked up to 1080p and the Full Screen icon at bottom right corner clicked.
  21. JG...I have no idea how you do it in FSX but for FS9 you could download a package for Seagulls and another for Whales. They are scenery packages and you apply them like scenery...For the whales you just need an accurate lat and long and for the seagulls I seem to remember that you built the swarm by adding the flock one by one and they required a height as well for each bird but just one lat and long for the flock. The result is a .bgl file that you include in a scenery file that is local to those lat and longs that you specified. You might try searching for Seagull Scenery for FSX
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