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  1. Looks like fun, I wish I could do it still today. Even if they could build a flying boat like that today everyone is in a hurry nowadays and they prefer speed over the fun of getting there. Not to mention what it would cost in today's dollars. Thanks for the views Frank, always enjoyable. BTW; The post only shows a link. FIXED BY JOE
  2. Hi George, you might want to start a new thread for this question. Maybe the moderators can do this for you, if not it's best to do it yourself.
  3. I have stayed with win10 for a few reasons but I know of others that have upgraded and had no problems with their flight sim MSFS, if you're still using FSX then I can help you because I don't know of anyone using it in Win11. If you are now in MSFS I did find this using Bing, Windows 11 compatibility with flight simulation software and add-ons is a topic of interest for many aviation enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the details: Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS): MSFS runs normally on Windows 11, and there isn’t a separate version specifically for this OS1.
  4. Thanks Frank, enjoyed seeing those island airstrips. A couple of those small ones, like Saba, are white knucklers in some planes. Now I noticed you did a couple of bounce and goes in that old Placid Plodder, have done my share in them and I'm pretty sure others have also, although it's like having a baby I've been told, over time you tend to forget about the pain of having one. So, what do you think of the work MSFS have done around the islands?
  5. I like to watch real pilots flying on youtube, it is surprising how many don't look out their windscreens for other planes in a timely manner.
  6. From what I have seen from the past Joe is very much on top of these spammers, if I see one, I send in a report (top three dots on upper right of the post) and I'm sure others do as well. We should also remember that this isn't a full-time job for Joe and he gets to it when possible, by us sending the reports in it comes to his attention sooner. Thanks for bringing this up Neil, it's up to the members here to be on top of these buggers, I for one hate them like a plague.
  7. My take is TWA knew beforehand the altitude of the other flight yet still flew at that same altitude. Period. Between 1948 and 1955 there were 127 collisions, 30 of which were airliners. ATC was already worried about midair crashes by 1955 due to the increased speeds of newer planes and lack of ATC coverage but in classic form government did nothing until this crash and the loss of life of 128 people, then they acted late as usual. Thanks for the video and look at this crash Frank, well done.
  8. What can I say about this one except thanks for the video, hate to hear about any crash especially with loss of life. Take care Frank.
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