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  1. I tried looking this up to see if it was saying from somewhere, it actually started my Bing answer box speaking German, lol. Looking at your answer a second time and I finally got it. Ice Box
  2. You never fail to come up with things I never heard of before, kudos Frank. I'm glad this led to the start of ATC and navigation though it seems the pilot should have been more familiar with this particular flight and its altitude restrictions, sad regardless.
  3. TARDIS Found the wonderful story about five months ago, Matt Smith is probably my favorite Doctor and I'm sure everyone that has watched this show has one.
  4. Three words no one likes to hear, " My husband's home" or "Your cards declined", the other is, "To be continued". Ok, you piqued my interest, power, speed, sleek and powerful these fighter jets are exciting to fly, more so in DCS because you can use them the way they were intended but I guess in MSFS they can be fun. As always, your scenes and editing are superb Doering, thanks for the views.
  5. Long Island Pine Barrens Pitch Pine trees, these trees catch fire easily from lighting and other factors such as human interference because of their high resin count and the dry pine needle beds. When they catch on fire they produce new underground sprouts and their pine cones burst and throw out new seeds.
  6. Hi Frank, great video and it was wonderful to see all those beautiful aircraft. You make me want to start flying in Australia again, did a lot back in FSX with OZx scenery and as nice as that was it looks even better in MSFS. I have been trying to go to places I've never been before but nothing says I can't go back to my favorites for good reason. Thanks for the views and info, your vids always give me ideas for places to go.
  7. My wife likes that Almond milk, so I tried it... not a fan but my question is, how do they milk almonds.
  8. Although this isn't something I would like to fly, not only is it a gorgeous aircraft in real life, after looking at the videos it seems Just Flight has done a bang-up job with this bird. And the sound... Wow.
  9. Nicely done Frank, this saboteur story is in my top five of WWII. The snow and weather conditions along with distances traveled by these fine soldiers is top notch, also getting up and down that valley and sneaking in and placing the explosives, just wow. Not to mention escaping afterward. A darn shame about the failures of the other parts of the mission and the losses of life. Funny thing, I just happened to watch a show about looking for the ferry that went down and it had some great video of the ferry and barrels of heavy water that were still down there in the depths. Thanks for
  10. Although it is said in the Bible to fear God, I never liked that way of thinking and would prefer to think of us that believe as being God-Abiding
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