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  1. Tough strips, gorgeous country, what's not to like. Thanks for the views Frank. Hitting those strips for a job is not one I would enjoy but if I had to, it would certainly not be in an under powered plane with so-so brakes like the C152.
  2. Just wondering... How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?
  3. The A2A Comanche is just four dollars more than the Arrow, both are great aircraft but I think A2A has always brought out more in their offerings. Certainly more than the four extra bucks. That said I know you have always been a fan of the Piper Arrow line.
  4. Before watching any accident video I always first think of those on board and their families, sad all around. We can learn from the mistakes of others and should, yet I always feel like I'm experiencing that human trait that causes us all to slow down on the highway to look at accidents, we are all a curious lot. Thanks for the video Doering, it reminded me of when I first started simming and wasn't ahead of anything on the aircraft. I would like to read the final report because there are a bunch of unanswered questions in the vid as far as, why was the pilot in such a hurry, who wa
  5. Welcome back Phil, looking forward to future content.
  6. That must have sounded great going overhead.
  7. Sorry Arnie, didn't want it to seem I was hitting you on the head, it was a general statement for all based on my opinion. Peak Toothpaste
  8. You guys using names in this thread makes things tough, technically a name is not a word in word association. Inter-space, It is the space left between two graves to allow for maintenance and access to the graves. The width of the inter-space varies depending on the cemetery’s regulations and the type of burial. In some cases, it can be as narrow as 6 inches.
  9. Alaska is a wild and beautiful state, comparing the real-life views to MSFS and we can see how cracked the glaciers are versus the smooth views in the sim. This is one state I always wanted to visit in my life but never made it, well except a quick stop over during my flights from Japan to home. Thanks for the views Frank and a secondary thanks for the freeware scenery folks. One thing I found odd was at 18 seconds in where you showed the map, you printed that hunting was not allowed in the park but was in the preserve. This is the opposite of any hunting rules I have found in the US
  10. Hi Werner and welcome to the forums here at Mutleys Hangar. It would be nice to get our own faces inside the plane, I'm sure it could be done but it would take some fancy Three-D work. Good luck.
  11. Funny but that happens to me when I watch CNN. If I watch MSNBC they start pecking at my eyes.
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