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  1. I have had the same feelings as Mr. Zupp when flying around certain parts of Australia, the vastness of Nullarbor plains makes it seem never-ending. Sort of the same feeling you get when using the Atlantic northern ferry routes over water. Although over the plains you do get to see... something. I wonder how much extra fuel is used between C-172 and the wider German equivalent. If not much, then why don't they make all small planes wider. Some of these smaller planes are pretty tight in the cockpit. Ok, enough of my musing's, thank you Frank for the views and interesting writings fro
  2. Prior proper planning and knowing the full picture of the area you are flying and beyond, I say this because many of the problems we see in flying VFR is a change in weather conditions and having to divert from your original flightplan. This flight came out alright thankfully and I'm glad he listened to his wife when he was busy debating his next move. We all learn from the mistakes of others and as Neil said, lesson learned. Thanks for another good video Frank, we all like to keep learning.
  3. I don't remember exactly what the details were but I seem to think there was a reason why the controllers let both taxi down the runway, mostly due to crowding. I tend to blame the KLM Captain for not asking for clarity and his impatience in wanting to take off. Hard to blame Pan Am since there wasn't clear markings for the taxiway turnoffs. Due to the heavy fog and unclear voices of the ATC the KLM Captain should have been a bunch more cautious. Thanks for the updated info Frank.
  4. High-speed fun for altruist(is that the right word?) reasons, count me in. I forgot how much fun flying jets were, hooyah! Nicely done Doering, I felt like I was along for the flight. Only ten or so minutes in the air but I have to wonder how much the transportation costs were.
  5. Lots of changing scenery in this video Frank, very cool. Thanks for the views.
  6. Yea, illegal in some states here in the US too, I guess they don't think people should be able to have any Personal Protection.
  7. Impressive fella no doubt, his flight(s) to help out the RFD shows what a great guy he is also. Thanks for taking us along his route, I put it in my favorites for later flight ideas and maybe flying further up in Queensland while I do it. Australia is a great place to fly. Thanks for the views Frank.
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