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  1. Thanks, the mach loop is always good fun, especially in something like the bronco, very maneuverable but also pretty fast. Can't make those type of turns in the Q400 though-just doesnt respond to control inputs as fast, which makes it much harder!
  2. Autogen annotator. Its part of the SDK. There is a cheaper option available to you as well. Just flight are releasing their VFR photographic scenery again with an updated version including buildings and trees. Its being released in volumes and Scotland hasn't been reached yet, so watch out in the future. https://www.justflight.com/product/vfr-real-scenery-nexgen-3d-vol-one-southern-england-and-south-wales?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - October 2018&utm_content=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - October 2018+Preview+CID_56dbd3d5969e
  3. 1st option: Use annotator to add autogen to photoscenery. BUT its tedius adding millions of objects manually. 2nd option: Use Scenproc to add huge numbers of autogen objects procedurally. BUT with unpredictable quality. 3rd option: Upgrade to P3D 4 and/or XP11, get orbx TrueEarth. Recommended, but may come with some hardware cost! (Example video below)
  4. why not just disable the rex weather engine and use it with AS?
  5. I helped beta test it. I can attest to a huge amount of effort being put in to get it right. I never had the old FSX lanc so I can't compare them I'm afraid. Now, there are aspects that some might find less than attractive. For the autistic me, I would have liked to see the bomb computer and GEE/Oboe being fully functional modelled systems, and for it to be tacpac enabled. But I think at the pricepoint thats not really to be expected. Aircraft like this have to have some compromises made because there has to be enough of a market for them. I'd pay double for a study level Op Chastis
  6. It is indeed the JF version, external shots are now permitted...:D
  7. The toe brakes dont look particularly reliable though? or is that an optional addon? :p
  8. ignore my news post, only just seen this!
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