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  1. Do any of you subscribe to RSS feeds? If so, what do you use for an RSS reader. Any recommendations? Can Chrome do this or is it something that must be done by a separate app? John EDIT: I've found a Chrome extension for it and have put that in but am not too keen on it. There must be something better. JDA
  2. Good afternoon from Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is my first post here in this knowledgeable and friendly forum. I have been trying for some time now to get my configuration to work on my new flight sim pc taking it one step at the time but not having much luck so far. I had it working fairly well but had no traffic with Ultimate traffic 2, PMDG 737NGX and a lot of hardware installed which for me was not a working proposition. So I uninstalled everything, cleaned my pc of any remaining files, removed all my hardware (making a note of the USB ports) and started over. I installed FSX (
  3. I attempted to do a test repaint, only to find out my ancient version of Photoshop can't read/parse many of the bmp files. I thought I was being careful and I was looking for unchecked "use as default program to open this kind of file" boxes...but I probably missed one. Most of my aircraft show up as blank white now. Is there a way to fix this? thanks in advance. Matt.
  4. Here is a strange question. I have Prepar3d (V1.4) installed on my Windows 8 system. I have the Prepar3D Performance Tuning Guide that they supply, and was trying to find the PREPAR3D.CFG file to do some updates. I can't find it anywhere. Searching my whole system returns no results. Is is possible to run Perpar3D without a main configuration file? Generally, in Windows 7 you can find these configuration files in the appdata directory - but on my system, there is nothing present. I am running with an administrator account, so I don't think anything is being hidden. David
  5. hello i am a new comer in the forum, i used FSX for years with many add ons to enhance it and heard a lot ; why should i change to Prepar ? what are the main basic advantages over FSX ( definition , frame rate,multi core better use, or ?) besides cosmetic changes in parameters and under the sea simulation ? could a Prepar user having a good FSX former expertise could advise me? thanks p r
  6. Does anyone have an old set of these laying around gathering dust they'd be interested in selling? Something like Thrustmaster Elites or RCS?
  7. Santa's been and now I have a VRinsight Toggle and Tact Panel (Santas real name hidden but many thank's Joe!) and a GPS-5! Problem: Whenever I run FSX it only displays on the GPS-5 screen, cannot capture the image or retain it on my 24" monitor? Connection to nVidia GTX 560Ti Graphics Card: HDMI to Acer H243X VGA to GPS-5 Set Up as: 2x monitors, Sized/refreshed as default Desktop extended etc. Open FSX the initial sceen appears on Main Monitor Desktop the configuaration screen's appear on Main Monitor Desktop after 'Fly Now' option selected:
  8. Hello all ,, hoping to pick a few brains.. im belatedley upgrading my computer to something better moving from 2004 to fsx and looking to install rex ,ultimate terrain x and uk 2000 airfields .. fsx is going to go on my ssd with the operating system.. everything else onto the hard drive .. Question is .. is there any advantage in the order in which you load programmes ,, in a new clean installation ..?? as before ive only added on to what i allready had Thanks colin4878
  9. Hello, My PC was hung during starting the Air Hauler. I rebooted the system...Then I have found finance tab doesn't show with correct value with error. This is Just-In-Time debugger's output. When AI or myself has completed the jobs, I could see correct finance value without any errors. I think some table has been corrupted. The DB file is protected by password. Before tweaking the DB, I would like to hear you guys' advice. Do you know any way to fix this issue? == See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. **************
  10. Does anyone know of an on-line source with a listing of real-world intersections and fixes with their latitude and longitude, particularly for Europe? I'm in a situation where I need to add some missing ones to FSX. I know how but need the correct coordinates. A global or at least a continental look-up source would be very helpful. John
  11. Been having this problem for some time, and only just noticed what it is. When on water, the plane performs bunny hops in external view re entering the water with a large splash. Just seen that on land, when I choose external view with 'S' or any other button or key, on many occasions this seems to have caused the water rudders to drop and they can be seen raising. I haven't reassigned the water rudders, and there is no conflict with the views. This video shows what I mean, I have only been cycling views and am not activiating the rudders... Any ideas greatfully received!! Thanks
  12. How do i get fsxdel/acc airport-approacj to mesh with AH's data base. Several are different- One has ILS and the other only has visual/vics versa- all airports are their but the rwys sometimes are 100 Deg off. Is their any way to get both data bases to mesh?
  13. Hi there, Lovely day it has been for us people in wales .... and fortunately it is my first post, so please welcome me to MH !!, I am wondering, as we have scenery designers who developed London, we people are loosing out on great scenery for fs2004, specially the Cardiff Area Like we could have famous landmarks like the Millenium Stadium, Castle, Capital Tower, Macdonalds House, The Heath Hospital, BT Tower... Cardiff Bay with its stuff there,Lightship, wales millenium centre and the red tower .... especially aligned for the VFR photographic scenery, I know i was nosing aroumd the Internet, L
  14. Hi Guys, I'm a brand new Member so here I am on my first Solo. I have the Warthog and I'm trying to program it to FSX. I have TARGET and FSUIPC4 programing, but don"t know which way is the best to go. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Eddie
  15. Hi - using FSX + acceleration, am not able to spool up the engines. Using 'F4' the engines will increase power then drop back to idling. Same happens with Saitek throttle. Tried with default 737-800, no a/pilot on. Have even gone back to a fresh install, of FSX - still same problem. Already reset to defaults, before re-install. Using the default 737, start a flight, the engines are running at 58%. F1 will slow this done to 20%, then they'll spool up to 58%. Opposite happens with the F4 key. Even with the Saitek unit dis-connected. This is common to all default aircraft. I have not installed an
  16. hi there fellow simmers. at the moment i am using a lap top intel core i7 its Not bad but i would like to get a PC to run Flight Simulator X and all my Saitek gear and the VRI gps. Any Recommendations of what to get?? i need something Fast Not over the top...... What are you guys using? What do i need if running ONLY FSMX???Cheers
  17. hi there fellow simmers. i have the saitek TMP i have installed the software and did the set up on FMSX But it seems to lack Power setting as i push the trotthle in it laks hummmffff so as i press the F4 the RPM increase even more. is there is a way to inprove this? with out having to use the keyboard??? cheers N7163C
  18. If anyone has a Saitek Radio Panel for sale out there, I'd be interested in it.. I'm located in the USA. I'm also interested in the other 2 main panels, but wanted to start with the radio section first. Thanks
  19. hi fellow simmers.. Whatever happen to Plug and play? i just got my GPS and i am having technical problems on how to install it.. my computer sees the unit and i see the screen as a second unit, " monitor " but as i try to drag the gps from FSMX it does Not goes across.... Do i need FSUIPC4 to run it???? i just have MS FSMX..... ant help would be appreciated.. ty..
  20. Hello Simmers, When I read birdmanmike's Air Hauler adventures I noticed he uses plan-G along with AH. I cannot use plan-G along with AH, I thought it was normal because AH connects to fsx and plan-G also, maybe just 1 at the time. But by birdmanmike it works.. Does anyone have some tips or clues to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance. Jan.
  21. Hi Guys, I am building my cockpit and I am using Saitek panels and instruments. I am looking for a BIP to complete the avionics side of things. If anyone has one that they are not using would you please PM me with your price and details. Cheers regards Needles
  22. Looking for a VRInsight GPS 5 used.. at a good price...... cheers
  23. Hello All I have downloaded all the files needed for the Project Fokker 70/100 and on their website they say that it has a self installer included but it doesn't. I am a bit confused about how to install the a/c into FS2004. Has anyone downloaded it recently and successfully installed it that can give me a bit of help please Thanks in advance for any help give All the Best Colwah
  24. I want to TRY a flight sim - just purchased new fast pc I like Lancaster, B17 , Spitfire etc Do I have to start with Microsoft X Flight Sim (2006) and add different packs OR shall can anybody recommend....a Spitfire sim or a Lancaster or a B17 sim etc I purchased PC Pilot Mag - that did not help as it semed to want Microsoft Flight X Sorry for such a daft e-mail that many probably get all the time. If tthere is a paper or arcticle to help me...let me know Thanks MIke
  25. Being the proud owner of an iPad, now (Welcome to the 21st Century! - Ed) I'm wondering whether I can 'connect' it to FSX. I've found AirTrack (link and wondered if any of you iPad boffins had views on this, or similar app. My aim would be to have some instruments displayed on a separate screen with the option of control inputs (gear up/down, flaps, etc). Any advice and help gratefully received - Thanks! Cheers - Dai.
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