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  1. Thanks Arnold, I will be grounded for a while then as very little dosh at the moment. I may need to sell off some of my older stuff to raise funds. We did have a Game exchange in town but that is closed down. Time for a re-think.
  2. Hi Guys, Back last year I was forced to obtain a complete new computer. All good so far, but have discovered that my FSX isn't compatible with Windows 10.! So I now have FSX, FS2004 and CFS3, None of which are any good it would seem! What would you guys recommend so that I can get "Chairborne" again? Many Thanks.
  3. Lovely job, I had the pleasure of flying a real one on a couple of occasions.
  4. Well the Germans made it work with the Mistel Programme!
  5. Furloughed A380 captain suddenly remembered that Cessna's aren't double-deckers!
  6. NCP realised that they'd have to re-think their multi story aircraft parking idea.
  7. Soon to appear on a "Crap Russian Drivers" video on You Tube!
  8. When your last job was flying a Yak 40 and you forgot the TU154 is heck of a lot bigger!
  9. Too Late, Ex Navy Pilot Dimitri remembered that the wings wouldn't fold on this one !
  10. STABLE is a very common problem, I have enough kits to last until my 200th birthday! One of them I cannot build at the momentas I simply don't have the room, It's a 1/72 scale nuclear sub which when finished is almost 5 ft long!
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