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  1. Heartiest of birthday wishes to you James (Jaydor). Have a fantastic day
  2. Fab review Andrew It really is a decent bit of kit. I finally managed to get my paws on the Bravo about a month ago (all the way from Germany, unfortunately), but i love it! The flexibility to change the axis for any aircraft is genius, and the quality far exceeds that of my old Saitek throttles. I sold off my old Saitek switch, BIP, and Autopilot panels as this has now replaced them all, but glad i kept one of my old Saitek Cessna trim wheels.. the Honeycomb trim wheel just doesn't want to play ball at all! Some of the switches (which defaulted in the standard set up) don't seem to w
  3. Great review Joe I used to fly the original incarnation of AH back in FSX, and remember AH2 being launched at one of the Cosford shows a few years back (or was it 4+ years? ) It was so immersive, and was a great way to fly to all sorts of places that I would never think of visiting; it truly gave you lots of reasons to fly.. cracking program, and good to hear it is available now for FS2020
  4. Lovely shots Dolf. Where abouts are you flying?
  5. Thanks mate.. been so busy with work, i barely know what day of the week it is sometimes; been juggling quite a few plates, but happy to be back I'm really loving the new MSFS, even though I still have my FSX Steam and P3D, i just never seem to use the old platforms now and got shot of most of my old add ons and a lot of my old Saitek gear. I'm looking forward to some new aircraft being launched for MSFS, but at the moment, the offerings are thin on the ground, and don't seem to be getting vary favourable reviews.
  6. The GENERATION Game [Coffee maker, cuddly toy, speedboat, cut glass decanter set, cuddly toy, toaster.....]
  7. Good shout! I had the C130 on FS2004 and FSX... Definitely one for the list
  8. I came across an Aerosoft Sale for 4th July on the Flight Sim Store site, which may be of some interest. Appears to be mainly P3D/FSX though, so didn't blow my skirt up as i'm now exclusively on MSFS2020, but might be worth a look if you are on one of the other platforms https://store.flightsim.com/?s=aerosoft+mega+airport&post_type=product Also, Orbx also has some really good deals on selected sceneries so i managed to pick up EGHI (finally), although its not patch on the FSX version i used to love.. V2.0 maybe??
  9. Looks like Captain Sim is alive and well, and producing for MSFS2020, albeit with a few teething problems and discontent within the FS Community following their 777 releases. I for one am hoping that they go for some of the older classics like the 707, 727 etc. rather than what they are currently offering..
  10. Hmmm interesting... I might have a play and see how it works with the 3 x 32".. Currently i've got them stretched just over half way across the two side monitors using the NVidia Surround and the fish eye is negligable but might be nice to use the whole of the two sides. Thanks for the tip
  11. i wonder how many of the existing Orbx UK add on's will be available for Fs2020... I'm still rather partial to my Southampton and Goodwood, although MS has given me Lower Upham grass strip (minus the power lines at the south end) as default
  12. I think, om the face of it, FS2020 is going to give that same warm fuzzy feeling that we all had when FSX first graced our screens.. Unfortunately, having recently moved to P3D, and not really having my skirt blown up, i think my P3D days are numbered (probably on the toes of one foot!). My Aerosoft A318-20 is probably the only thing i am likely to use on that platform going forward. I'm just glad that i 1) didn't have to re-buy Orbx for P3D, and 2) that i didn't stick my hand in my pocket for A2A's 172!!
  13. Instant Replay - i hear it is in the 'Backlog' Helicopters - i'd love the Osprey to make a comeback as i loved flying that in ATWC Better ATC - a) more varied voices across the world b) responses to 7700 and 7500 Liveries - There are going to be a LOT of the same aircraft up in the air in Multiplayer More/Better training options - 8 training sessions is a bit feeble... they could have at least re-used some of the FSX training Not quite into Unicorns, i have to say, but a 'Put your face on the pilot' ... not quite like putting the tail on the donkey, but i'd love to be
  14. I've always liked Aerosoft products and the immense amount of help and support I've had from their customer service team (Tom Flashman gets a shout out here) whilst trying to move my FSX products across to P3DV5 means they will certainly be getting my business going forward. I do, however, have an embarrassingly large pile of software that I now have to figure out whether I can ever use it with P3D or if I'll have to say goodbye to it. Enjoy the CRJ
  15. I've taken the plunge, albeit a bit late to the party, but I've gone straight from fsx to p3dv5.
  16. https://www.flightradar24.com/blog/faa-issues-emergency-airworthiness-directive-stored-737/
  17. Your wish is my command... https://youtu.be/Q8gg1BTE_DQ https://youtu.be/sL1G4aL6ngc
  18. I started really getting into the A2A c172 after flying in South Africa IRL. Apart from that I was a 'flitter'. Now I have rebuilt Flight Sim PC with P3dv5 and Aerosoft A318-21 installed, I'm probably going to try and start learning it from scratch. Unfortunately, A2A won't offer any discount (not even a measily fiver) on a p3d version so stuff them... they've lost my business, well, for the moment at least..
  19. Duck Billed platypus.. Iconic Australian furry animal (and probably not a popular 70's dish!)
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