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  1. They look great! That tomato shader is just for p3d?
  2. Hey Edward! Long time no see.. hope you're good Grear shots there..worth the time tweaking to get those stunning scenes! ATB
  3. I've never even heard of it.. until yesterday. Take it that it isn't for FSX?
  4. The clamps on the saitek aren't much better either. A sound and innovative solution Coff
  5. Some great moody shots there Jury
  6. Are there good deals to be had out there at the mo on cards? At some point I need to look at upgrading my rig as my poor 660ti seems a tad out of date Any recommendations of site/suppliers?
  7. Happy belated Tim... Sounds like you had a memorable day even if you did have to do a tiny stitch of work
  8. And that's 'Default P3D??
  9. My understanding of Autogen in FSX is that it applies to the Texture.. so you have Autogen that applies to default textures and Autogen that is for photoreal. If the Autogen is not specifically assigned to, and aligned with photo textures, layering in the scenery list won't help. There used to be a scenery placement tool by F1 that might help, or I think there is a way to add in objects using SDK bit I've never dabbled with that one.. There are a couple of scenery savvy guys in the Hangar that I'm sure can answer this one fat more eloquently than i
  10. Ahhh. Analysis... that was my last role, although it was for large scale printed items, display equipment and such.. nowhere near as interesting as working for our RAF! Nowadays I'm an SME [she says "expert" loosely] for a SAP electronic procurement system. Like you, I love my job, but miss the aviation tie-in. Now if I could do what I do, and look out the window of my office and see aircraft instead of trees, I'd consider myself very privileged indeed
  11. Hi Simi I absolutely love Excel.. I have to keep it a secret sometimes or people I work with think I'm nerdy Why bother with Word, Project and even Visio, when you can do (most of) it in Excel.. I never really got into VBA but it's logic statements at the end of the day so usually there is an errant comma or something seemingly insignificant that throws in the entire toolbox [after the spanner]. I'm sure the collective at MH can help with the questions.. we'll certainly try.
  12. OMG.. truly fantastic pics!! Even on my mobile they look totally stunning. When I finally rise from my slah-pad [sick bed] you look at them on my 3x32, I'm sure it will be a "Marilyn moment" Could you post your effects add ons? For those of us current and future who may be salivating over them, it would be great to know how to achieve the look.
  13. Welcome back to the Hangar Simi. I thought i recognised the name from somewhere so i looked up your old posts.. looks like i joined the year after you left.. did you ever sort out the VBA for Mrs Av8r? You did some great legs for ATWC3 back then, so if you're game, and if time allows, we're on ATWC7 at the moment.. Look forward to seeing the list of questions.. challenges are what make life interesting [did I say that? ]
  14. oh how true... Brilliant PIREP Tim. Watch out for pyramid power... it can play havoc with navigation equipment.. just as well you didn't have to turn it on on the first leg. Look forward to part 2 PIREP
  15. Thanks everyone for the birthday messages. I've decided that my 40s were the best so im going with that from now on... t's actually my Forty-tenth birthday! ... unfortunately I've been off sick since we got back from Iceland on Monday but it was worth it as we can now tick off the northern lights as one of our 'Life's must dos'. My birthday meal last night was cancelled.. would have been irresponsible of me to share my germs, and husband is away on business.. so bit of a damp squib really. One good thing is that resting up gives me the chance to read.. I polished off John Nanc
  16. WOW.. that must have been some school... at my Comp, you'd be lucky to go further than Switzerland, and that was just for seniors! Know what you mean about licences...think my loft has become a gravesite for old FSX add ons..
  17. I can't believe that I've managed to get this far using Plan G and never knowing what UOM the Fuel References are.. probably explains why some of my long-haul trips don't turn out as expected.. I've checked the manual but there is no clue, and there is nothing on the Aircraft Profile page either.. So... is the UOM Pounds, Litres, Gallons or what?
  18. hlminx


    I have a Logitec Z506 5:1 surround sound system. The 4 corner speakers are really compact, about 15cm high (the size of an Ambi-pure air freshener). The centre speaker balances perfectly on the top of my middle of 3 widescreens, and the base unit gives enough rumble for my flights to be felt, if not heard downstairs I find that 1/3 setting is about right, but it would go a LOT louder with perfect clarity.. and as long as the next door neighbour was out, lol
  19. Brilliant PIREP John, especially since you have been using new equipment too! Satisfying to give Temperance a good kicking that they'll not forget (unless any were unlucky to not escape as the ship went under, in which case they won't be remembering much of anything). Reassuring that the baton got to Luxor in style. Make sure you get some sightseeing in while you are there. I went to Egypt when i was just 15 but those 14 days travelling down the Nile and walking in the footsteps of the gods was one that has stayed with me ever since.. well worth it if you don't have to get back to
  20. Great PIREP Brian, and a very nice paint job on that aircraft. I agree, the baton is getting far too much abuse lately. It was looking a bit dented when I picked it up in Lanseria (I'd assumed Joe had fallen asleep on it). A little more respect guys & girls...
  21. What a lovely set of screen shots.. At this time of year, those of us that live in climates where we might wish for snow, we don't get it, and those that have too much of the white stuff, probably yearn for warmer climes.. New Year is usually something that I wish would come and go quickly so I can 'get busy living' and not torture myself with resolutions that I know friends make and then can't keep, so I just enjoy good food, a bottle of something nice, and share it with my dearest (just me the husband and our cat, this time). I wish all of you, however you chose to celebrate t
  22. Happy belated birthday John. Hope you had a fantastic day! :-D
  23. Glad to hear you are up and flying again March, despite getting little help from the forums. The AEC tool is a very handy little tool so when something isn't working right with Orbx scenery, that's usually my first port of call.
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