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  1. Gaffer Tape - will fix just about anything
  2. That is one sensational bird! (from another "bird")
  3. Hi Rana “FSM Moving Map” Oh wow, that really is a blast from the past! I even think I owned it! Like you, I'm back, although my disappearing act was just after the last ATWC, but I'm up and running with a newly re-built sim, P3Dv5, and lots of enthusiasm... just ran out of 'furlough' time so fitting in flying with work is already reducing my flight hours. Stay safe. Happy Flying!
  4. Oh wow, slightly doesn't even BEGIN to cover it.. this really is next level isn't it
  5. Wow, looks pretty impressive! Only way to see the city of sin and not end up broke
  6. That they are Andrew, and far be it for me to question German SLAs and scheduling as long as they answer my OSS with equal consideraeration (& promptness)
  7. I didn't even know it was happening! Totally gutted to have missed it
  8. Looking good Wayne, Your scenery always looks very crisp. When's the next live feed?
  9. OK... so Wednesday.. that's do'able I wish my company would schedule their system updates at a time/date that caused less headaches! SAP.. gotta hand it to them..
  10. hlminx


    nice one Dolf
  11. hlminx


    Lovely shots JK! It's starting to feel like spring with that scenery.
  12. After being totally spoilt rotten at the Hotel and Spa Castle of the island, I thought I’d better pack my bags and find my next ride to get to Lelestad. After all, the rest of Mutley's Hangar would be expecting me to get the baton back safe so we could get the final fly-in organised... plus i'd maxed out the MH credit card! It was only about 180 nm from Luxembourg, so low and slow’ish seemed to be the way to go. I gave Phillippe (my sometimes ‘handler’) a call and, as (his) luck would have it, there was a rather decrepit Baron that had been left in a corner at Luxembourg for almost 4 mont
  13. Thanks Joe I might need it for a few more days though.. I'm in Luxembourg and still have my last leg to go before I get to Leylestad.
  14. I wasn't sure if it was a case of John knowing where to find me, or whether I just knew the first place he would head for on landing... it was a toss-up. John strolled into the bar just as I was ordering my 3rd Diet Coke... We sat reminiscing about the last 2 years, and our flights for the Hangar... I would be flying the baton on the last two official legs from Bad Ragaz to Luxembourg, and then into Leylestad. The sense of finality was really setting in for both of us. John and his side-kick Jasmine would continue to steer clear of Temperence, and I would go back to being at Philippe's
  15. Good one Mike. Some great shots there Dead reckoning can be challenging but you nailed it.
  16. Brilliant 3 legs there and nice choice of aircraft! They do look quite dark my end too but my screen is about the size of a large matchbox
  17. Nice one John. Good to hear you got there without too much agro
  18. Brilliant PIREP Tim. Your posts always give me a good giggle.
  19. Absolutely brilliant Joe!! My god, we're going to struggle to top that Lipsmacking, thirst quenching, ace tasting, motivating, cool buzzing, high talking, fast living, ever giving, cool fizzing... PiiiiiiREP I recognise that Indian Restaurant ad as well.. they used the same at the ABC in Above Bar Southampton for years!!
  20. I'd hope so.. it was dark. They didn't take off till 19:15z even though the flight was supposed to have left in the morning.
  21. A lot of GREAT things happened in 1969 Happy birthday Queen of the Skies
  22. Therein lies my problem; i don't have a scooby what i used for each of my saved aircraft profiles.. oh dear, what an eeediot I am Just a long shot If there are any future tweaks, it would be handy if there was a dropdown that you could select for each profile to show which one you used, or maybe only give one option like the other fields so that you are always using the same one?
  23. I'll just have to dream.. Thanks for confirming Jury
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