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  1. Great review Joe As my husband only flies from Southampton to Bournemouth, when I can get him to have a quick flight, I reckon this might find its way into his Christmas stocking ! I've flown into and out of this airport since I was a baby..still have fond memories of the old war building with the bar next to the viewing windows, the small cafeteria with tea served in a proper cup n saucer, and the dodgy ceiling tiles [do any other locals remember them?] The current building is stunning, and Orbx has done a great job to recreate it in all its glory. Still think they should have renamed it E
  2. On this day in history, 26th October 1958... the first commercial flight of the Boeing 707 took place between New York and paris. Was Pan Am I believe Have a great day all ! Steph
  3. Sullenberger Field (Sorry to slip this under a post to a previous post..but I saw dodgy's post while at restraunt on dumbphone and wasn't able to post till I got home). Sully is a local, and wanted to get this reply in since I thought of it. (ok, to get back on track... ) Flying Boat: Floating Airbus (lol) Planing Hull I did almost post "Sully" in my post (I read his book a while back..tons of respect for him, and moreso having read his own words), flying boat was meant to cover that as well as dangle the carrott for the next post. I guess I was too cryptic ;-) Back to todays word..
  4. Thanks for posting the links I was in Belgium only yesterday on the motorbike.. stunning scenery even from ground level on 2 wheels. We were in a little town called Veurne and there was a lot of GA overhead so there must have been a strip nearby. Will have to check out the scenery to see if I can find it. :-) Steph
  5. Hi Joe Was great to meet you at the show..shame we didn't have more time to natter. You guys were very popular! Even though my husband jokingly refers to himself as a "flightsim widow" he does take the controls with a bit of persuasion and then its hard to get him off ;-) He likes the fast jets, vulcan, lightning and Harrier... im more the low and slow or the complex ac like the pmdg Jetstream and 737NG. I wonder whether everyone else out there has the same patient and supportive family when it comes to our hobby.. I definitely consider myself lucky! :-)Steph
  6. HI Bruce 3x27's... nice! :-) nothing quite like having the 3 with the peripheral effect is there. I have the Triple Head 2go which is great as it doesn't draw much from the main system and I can usually get at least 50fps. Wouldn't be without it. Its my 4th fs pc in about as many years but I reckon it will keep me happy for a long time Yup, both Mutleys Hangar and the LGW guys were several deep when I got there.I didn't want to manopolise their time when there were queues. Was really lucky that I met Kevin while I was loitering with my husband at the MH stand. We all got chatting and I pic
  7. Thanks for the kind offer James. I did see some instructions on another post but will give you a shout when I get to posting some pics. Might be a few weeks as work is nightmarish at the mo and im away at the weekend . Thanks again :-) Steph
  8. Absolutely! Just read the entire section on screenshot captions.... completely priceless! When I read Dodgy-alan's post at #496 I worried that, even at my tender age, I'd developed some sort of instant incontinence, luckily it turned out to be my husbands coffee..(I'd been reading it in bed and laughed so much that the bed shook and beverages went south). If any other newbies are reading this post, you've got to check out those pages; highly entertaining! Steph
  9. How about.... Billy hoped that his hours of work on the ACME home-build Piper would be acceptable to the CofA inspectors...and promised himself that next time he'd read the f'ing manual! Steph
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :o) Woke up early and have been checking out the forums for the past few hours...loving it! As there arent any flight sim groups anywhere near here I reckon you guys will see quite a bit of me on here. Will definitely have a crack at the screenshots comp too. Was great meeting everyone at the show yesterday.. wish me and my husband could have stayed longer. Likewise Kevin. Shame Bex wasn't swayed by your enthusiasm for the 3 screens..mind you, I think there are some single 90" monsters out there so you could dangle that carrot to make the triple setup
  11. Hi everyone I was at the Flight Sim show at RAF Cosford today, and having visitied the Mutley's Hanger site countless times over the last 4 years I thought it was about time I joined the community. (Thanks for the nudge Kevin! Was great talking to you at the show) How did I end up here? I spent almost 10 yrs in the travel industry then left it to pursue a career in Marketing analysis but always missed aviation so although i like to get some real flight time in every couple of months, flight sim fills the rest of the time (and budget). Looking forward to being part of the community :-) St
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