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  1. Soon the unusual will be when a software will not share, collect, upload, monitor something about the unfortunate user.
  2. Nice set of shots. I like flying helo's too...landing it, at the designated spot... that's a different story.
  3. Nice set...and some serious low level flight! Did you spot Nessie?
  4. "You asked for tooth pickers. Now, you are complaining - they are too big."
  5. Interesting idea using it in AH . I guess, the "Taxi and park" message after landing makes you grin .
  6. Where is our plane??!! They said it will be right here!?
  7. Good one-s gents :)), i'll go with Allan's. Over to you Allan, and check twice before you buy your next model .
  8. As Needles says - first some details of your system. Check graphic card, and i would also check the driver version. Maybe the driver got corrupted or something, i would start with a driver reinstall.
  9. Awww, man, what have you done...took me a half year to convince my friends wife that "...those are not chem-trails, its just water..." and now this.
  10. Hehe, i had to look real close...have a go with this:
  11. "Lady's and Gentleman's, we are getting lower and as we pas the cruise ship, we will see, that it has a bumper sticker at the back. It says - I Brake For No One!"
  12. Nice video, thnx for the ride. I still found interesting the strips. At least, those people should try and make them straight . Good landing!
  13. Looks really good with this livery....those landing strips though..wow. Good video!
  14. Had a strange feeling at the beginning, then i realized that i never heard bird chirping and rotor sound at the same time . Nice video .
  15. Active Sky Next is 30% off till 16 May. http://www.hifisimtech.com/
  16. Great set, @ nr. 1 , i can nearly hear the slo-mo rotor noise.
  17. Nice set! Favorite is the one with the ship.
  18. Nice shots...tbh, i like very much the default sky colors.
  19. Sorry for your loss , Alan, may God rest him in Peace. I feel your pain, my dad has passed a year ago now, on 7.
  20. Gunner


    "Automatic Windows 10 installs begin..." ...http://www.techrepublic.com/article/automatic-windows-10-installs-begin-but-how-easy-are-they-to-stop/#ftag=YHF87e0214
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