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  1. Yes, nice ones. First is my favorite. Btw, when flying this things, how do you know where to touch down? Or you put it down anywhere near and then just sail?
  2. I was trying it for a while now ( i think that i started a topic with it or maybe i just wanted to do). It has some interesting thingies (like the 3d map), it's worth a try.
  3. Beautiful shots. Mustang is always an awesome toy, great choice! Have fun with it!
  4. Anyone, who forgot where parked their 747, please respond. http://news.yahoo.com/whom-may-concern-please-claim-boeing-747s-112803730.html
  5. Thought so, when i saw the word "therapeutic" .
  6. Cool stuff. Also, you can look up on the net for the word "mandala".
  7. My kind of cockpit...great shots!
  8. Amazing! Eons ago, in my school years, one of my classmates had a working steam engine (about 25-30 cm long). It was static, you had to put boiled water in it and after a minute or two it just started spin the wheels like an old locomotive. Even had a working whistle. When i saw the pictures, just popped in my mind how much fun we had with the little machine. Good stuff, Alan.
  9. Awesome! Nice model. If you like ships, search the net for "world of warships". Its a free2play game, pretty cool for now.
  10. Good stuff! The Tomcat is a cool jet. I'm looking forward for the DCS release.
  11. FO: "..Erm...there is something on the windshield..."
  12. They HAVE to make this place bigger!!! There is no room for my selfie stick!!!
  13. Indeed, cool livery and a nice set of shots!
  14. Opus has the option for that, but i use Accu-Feel too.
  15. Nice trip and the Caravan is a great plane. Only "issue" for me, the fixed gears. Still an awesome plane.
  16. I don't think its that easy, Allan. Its more a design thing , than a problem (if i'm right). To have objects, (planes in our case), illuminated by light bulbs, its needs to be designed from the begining like that. So, there must be objects what will be illuminated and objects (light bulbs) what spread light, light which will be reflected by the illuminated objects. And i think that FSX would be on the knees if it has to compute that too. Again, my speculation.
  17. I don't think its "fixable". Mainly, because that ramp actually is a night texture, meaning its not illuminated by a 3D light, its just looks like that. So there is no light to illuminate the plane. I think. I'm not a game-lighting specialist, so i may be mistaken.
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