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  1. No, I didn't have the sound off and the Cessna dosn't have the terrian alarm!!!!! Kieran
  2. Yeah, I was a bit too low but I survied!!! Kieran
  3. Hi all again Been flying on the first default mission in FSX (Skita Sunset?). But my landing was messed up by this idiot :sleep: Kieran
  4. Hi all Been flying in FSX. This flight is from Saint Maarten to Heathrow. This is the sunset I had while flying : Kieran
  5. Great post. I see you didn't get held up by the BA777 then :good Kieran
  6. reef Great shots. The train isnt a Pendolino, its a Gatwick Express Class 460 Continue the great work Kieran
  7. Simi You lucky devil - any chance of diverting a AN-124 from EGNX to UBBB to inclued EIDW (Dublin)??? Kieran
  8. Yeah, that reminds me of we I went down to see the lovely bird. Must do a full flight in her (Antonov - East Midlands anyone?) Kieran
  9. Hi all Just to let you all see the wonderful Antonov AN-124-100M by Thomas Ruth and Alex Kvitta under FS2004 Antonov AN-124. Panel is from somewhere else as I can't remember it at the moment :sadblinky: :poster_oops: (EDIT : File name ca124pl.zip) So here we go : Flying On the ground with that huge door open And finally the panel Hope you enjoyed my flight in the AN-124 which is over 25 years old! Kieran
  10. Cheers Mutley but I've found some on AVSIM Kieran
  11. What scenery were you using as I'm flying the the in the ATWC to Leeds/Bradford? Kieran
  12. Excellent - The aircraft on flight 522 was 5B-DBY, a 737-300 Kieran
  13. Hi all Just to say I've flown under the Tower of London, see attached Did this a while ago, if you ever go down to Tangmere, buy the FS2004 add-on. It's only
  14. What happened in real life??? Kieran
  15. Thanks for that Mutley - she is a real beauty to fly though she gobbles the fuel right up!!!! I've already done one of my legs and it was fine - apart from the scenery!!!!! Kieran
  16. Hi Just been messing about with the JF/LAGO Tornado and here are my results : Blowing up 1 : Blowing up 2 : This is my first time posting screenshots so please bear with me. Kieran (By the way, my reg was AJ-T)
  17. I know!! I put my bid in 1 minute after the bidding started and got my first (and last) flights in the ATWC
  18. Very good - Cool AI traffic like the Spitfires giving you escourt!!! And the Mossies on the ramp! hurricanemk1c
  19. They are quite good the AN-124s, used to see them at EGNX. Saw one take off and it was loud!!!! hurricanemk1c
  20. Has anyone flown the Antonov AN-124 in the ATWC??
  21. Who made the aircraft?. Still, nicely done in Flight Simulator X. Love the shots! hurricanemk1c
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