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  1. After Mike's rather fast and hot ride into Istanbul, it was time to find a suitably fast aircraft myself. Unfortunately there seemed to be a rather small number of such aircraft, namely the one that just left back to the States. Frustrated, it was time to trawl through the classified ads around Istanbul, barter a bit and see what came out as a result of said negoitaions. The problem was, it seemed to be well known that the challenge required speed, thus the price for even simple aircraft went sky high. Not wanting to punish the boss any further (especially the credit card facility.....),
  2. That looks like a fascinating airfield you flew fast - plenty of interest!
  3. Was that before or after he changed hands?
  4. Having relatively covertly picked up the baton from Tim (as much as you can with an orange hi-vis bag - well, I did come from work!), it was time to find a set of wings to get out of here. Plan A was something fast and small, preferably single seat. I'm not the best of people to be around in a hot environment, more suited to the frozen wastes of Russia than the hot plains of Africa, Ah well. Unfortunately, the plan failed. After scratching around for a week, the best I could come up with was a brightly-coloured PC-9 I was to travel with the company test pilot who was transiting
  5. Pretty much confirmed that it's crashed with a very low likelihood of survivors http://avherald.com/h?article=4bf90724&opt=1
  6. A bit bigger than your usual method of transport!
  7. One I think we can all relate to one way or another After a tiring day, Zoe settled down in a seat on her train and closed her eyes. As the train rolled out of the station, the guy sitting next to her pulled out his mobile phone and started talking in a loud voice. “Hi sweetheart. It’s Gavin. I’m on the train. “Yes, I know it’s the 6:30 and not the 4:30, but I had a long meeting. “No, honey, not with that blonde from the accounts office. It was with the boss. “No sweetheart, you’re the only one in my life. “Yes, I promise, cross my heart.”
  8. Is letting JG do the ferry flight really a good idea?
  9. You could extend Route 10 south a tad more and take in Portlaoise. Home of the biggest train fleet in Ireland, the home of the track, the highest security prison in Ireland (and the Rock of Dunamaise).
  10. Warp Factor Nine is approximately 1,855,045,190,702,117.65 km/hr, or 515,290,330,750,588.24 m/s maximum (http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Warp_factor)
  11. Incredible flight - and a first I think!
  12. A friend of mine in the same college course as me did his dissertation on alternative fuel vehicles (I just went round and round with rail wheels!). He came to the conclusion that electric is dead - it costs too much, has range uncertainty and damages the environment only slightly less than fossil fuels (when you consider battery and electricity production). Japan is already using hydrogen in road vehicles (both private and commercial), and Alstom have produced a hydrogen fuel cell powered train. I'm not sure what way aviation will go though. For rail it makes sense to go for mass
  13. Yeah....sorry about that boss! And hey, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a tiney bit fun!
  14. The challenge so far has been anything but quiet. Remember when it was a simple case of where would Sharon turn up? Now, thanks to a few interesting characters that (in retrospect) were foolishly allowed to fly the baton around the world, we have a multi-national maniac chasing after us, for reasons still really unknown. Various rumours have flown around with the baton, as to what it contains. This would be my 33rd time flying the baton (twice in ATWC 1, 5 in ATWC 2, 4 in ATWC 3, 3 in ATWC 4, 6 in ATWC 5, 11 in ATWC 6 and 4 previous legs in this challenge). Never before has the pr
  15. Impressive aircraft to use! And love that jigsaw!
  16. Some of the best aircraft I have used were freeware, often rivalling top-end payware (at the time - about 3-4 years since I was majorly active in simming). The DM Flight Sim stuff, and the CL-44 project that met an untimely end when the creator sadly passed away far too early were complex yet fun. Some of the Russian stuff too was incredibly complex (not helped by having the manuals in Russian as well as all the gauges!)
  17. Great leg Tim - and that weather forecast could have been here with those temperatures!
  18. Belated Happy Birthday boss - hope you enjoyed it!
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