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Leg 70 - Online Event - Date set to March 13th

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Hello every one.


The exact timing for the online flight is still undecided, but the preliminary date at this time is on March 13th. More details on the exact time will be published in this topic when decided.


But in the mean time I thought I'd publish the flight plan and some further details so you all know what we will be doing once we are in the air.


The attached zip-file contains the flight plan in both Plan-G and FSX formats.


En route from Calais to Southampton we will pass by, and preform a Touch & Go at 12 other airports (EGMH, EGKE, EGMD, EGKH, EGTO, EGKB, EGKL, EGKR, EGKA, EGHJ, EGHH and EGHP). EGLL was left out of the plan, they are still a tad angry about Brians Touch & Go on a taxiway last time we did this  :whis:


Scenery wise most of the airports are available in default FSX, but EGKL and EGKE will require some sort of add-on scenery. Both of them are available in FTX England for those that have that package.


EGKL is also available as a freeware download on AVSIM (an account for their file library is needed to download), but so far I've not managed to find a freeware option for EGKE. Anyone joining in that are missing one or both of these airports can simply by-pass them, or circle around and watch the carnage as the rest of us preform our Touch & Gos.


The flight is just over 300 nm so I suggest planning on using a plane capable of maintaining somewhere around 200 KIAS. STOL capability might be a good idea, but it's not essential as most of the airports have runways longer than 3,000 feet, and high terrain isn't really a factor for this area either (I assume the peak at 4,500 feet visible on the Plan Elevation in Plan-G is an error in the elevation data  :whis: ) .  


In order to make the video production as easy as possible for me I would be grateful  if you pick something that I have, or that is similar to something I have, in my hangar. I have a relatively large selection of both single and twin engine GA to pick from, and will post a list here later on.


For non-staff members that plan on joining in, please post your Skype account here, or if you don't want them posted publicly send them as an e-mail to me, or a PM to me and/or Andrew Godden as he will most likely be hosting the Skype call. (Steph, I've sent your contact details to Andrew already)

That's it for now.


Hoping for a grand finale for this ATWC!

VFR Calais-Dunkerque to Southampton Intl.zip

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Date is now set to March 13th.


We'll start the session and Skype call from 10 AM UK time, with a scheduled departure time at 10:30 AM.


Hope to see as many as possible of you there!!

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I still owe you a list of planes in my Hangar that if possible you should try to aim for (or at least something similar).


What I've got other than the default planes that are good options for sundays flight is:


  • Alabeo C400 Corvalis
  • Flight 1 Beechcraft B200
  • RealAir Beechcraft Duke B60 (Version 2, but version 1 will work if you've only got that one. Turbine versions should be good too even if it's not in my hangar)
  • Carenado Beechcraft B1900D
  • Carenado Cessna C208
  • Carenado SR22
  • Carenado TBM850
  • MilWiz Cessna 310R (I'm leaning towards using this one)
  • Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang
  • Lionheart Creations Epic Dynasty
  • Lionheart Creations Epic Victory
  • Xtreme Prototypes Gates LearJet Model 24, 25 and 28
  • JustFlights Hawker Hurricane
  • RealAir Lancair Legacy (Version 1, but version 2 shouldn't be a problem)
  • JustFlight Messerschmitt BF109
  • Lionheart creations Quest Kodiak
  • RealAir SIAI-Marchetti SF260
  • RealAir Supermarine Spitfire MK IX
  • JustFlights Supermarine Spitfire MK I

​So there you go, I hope you can find something to fly on sunday that is a fair match to what I've got to display you as on my end ;)


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If it's in the same package it should be there...


Probably just my tired eyes last night that missed the fact that there were both MK IX and MK XIV available..  :)

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Also, if you are flying one of the planes I've got but using a livery that is not included in the original installation let me know where to find it so I can install it!

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Big Show tonight!


Where/when is Skype data going to be post/listed? I have never used Skype before so am curious to see how this works/If I can get it to connect...my confidence level with untried tech is rather low initially.

I hope to skype on my phone with a bluetooth headset, and keep the computer free for FS.


Damn...I am having trouble reading "ALL" instructions lately...so many words...hahaha.


Sent my Skype info to Stu's Mutley Inbox..




Looks like I'll be using Milviz C310 as well.

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Just loading up the flight and getting ready for takeoff tomorrow.

I'm thinking I might be in the Carenado CenturionT210 Micke.

I will post the IP address on this thread for those wishing to join in the jolly.

Bon Voyage.

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I did a test run with the provided route...worked perfect.

My machine found the last stop to be a bit heavy handed on my machine. I may be fighting a crash before getting anywhere near the ground at Southhampton :( I bumped my scenery sliders all a tiny bit left, and bumped my cpu and gpu clock setting up a tiny bit...hopefully those measures will help a tiny bit.


Doing an early pre-flight for the real trip now:


Set "Everything Pizza" to Cool...check.

Beer quantity gauge on 12 Pack, check.

Test Beer Quality, heck.

Better check qulaity again...chic.

Recheck Beer Quantity gauge for accuracy (10 count), check.

Set Cheetos and Tortillas to Both, check.

Cheese Dip stick, checked.


Alarm Chocks set.


Good to go.


See you in the Dead of Night US time.



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Good morning. Gawd what a late night... spent in company of a lady who punches back, and a pack of meanies. :D:P


BTW...In that final shot I was between J.G.'s Aeronca C3 and Joe's Nieport 24...per my Flight Simulator...fastest damned versions of both I have ever seen. They usually left me in the dirt strips behind them...and were the first to arrive at Southampton (Although I squeaked in just, and I mean JUST, before Joe...thanks to him bothering to land Upwind...pffft.


Cheers, folks. Look forward to doing it again...hopefully in a year or so...I doubt I'll catch up to the sleep by then...#thatdarncat.



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Good morning. Gawd what a late night... spent in company of a lady who punches back, and a pack of meanies. 



Yeah Brian can be a real bitch!


Interesting to see your view of our final resting place.  :)

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Great fun was had today, now I just hope I can turn that temporary file from FS recorder into something useful, or we might need to do a re-take from Biggin Hill :(

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<Tries to adopt New York Jewish accent>  ...  "This is livin'?"    :P


Many congratulations to all who took part in today's festivities (especially to those who were timezone-challenged)  :-) , and condolences to Micke for the technical problem.   8-\





a.k.a. brian747


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