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  1. It is great that it is now a two day event. I will be part of the FSReborn team this year, so someone else will need to take over the responsibilty of guarding the front door for an hour before it opens Looking forward to seeing you all again.
  2. That last one is Biggin Hill.....
  3. Looking forward to seeing you all again, and hoping to have a good chat with the JustFlight guys after the show is over.
  4. The discount is £7 for the Early Access version (£27.99 against £34.99 for the full version when it is released).
  5. I would be surprised to see Dovetail Games this year.
  6. I have just booked my accommodation....for two nights this time
  7. I am debating what specification I will need, Kevin. I have heard that hexacore CPUs are better for P3D these days than quadcore, but I do not know for certain. In addition, do I really need one with hyperthreading or not? The i5 8600k is somewhat cheaper than the i7 8700k! I guess that I should be asking Steve Waite these questions The kind of spec that I am looking at is as follows..... i7 8700k/i5 8600k CPU (overclocked) 32GB 2666 Mhz DDR4 RAM 8GB GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
  8. This announcement has set the 2019 flight simulation roadmap for me, but I will need a new PC to run all of this at acceptable framerates (and with clouds). The problem is that PCs seem to be getting more and more expensive. I have just compiled a test specification with PC Specialist, and the price came to over £1600 including VAT
  9. This the best flight simulation news I have heard in a long time, Joe.
  10. Minor version updates are always free, John.
  11. Just a quick update to let you know that Gary has confirmed that Belfast City Xtreme and Guernsey Xtreme will be the last UK2000 products released for FS2004.
  12. Get yourself a copy of UK2000 Luton Xtreme, Joe!
  13. Great to hear from you, Ray! I hope that your health issues are behind you, and I look forward to checking out v4.3 of the FSX Power Project. Just out of curiosity....have you added the two wind turbines at EGNX East Midlands? With respect to the steam effects, is this the reason why I experience excessive stutters in certain areas? I have noted the stuttering close to EGGP Liverpool, but it also happens elsewhere. It would be good to see an improvement in that department!
  14. A quick search revealed this, so it looks like both the Illustrious and the Invincible may well be at Sim Outhouse. You need to register to download anything. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/82143-HMS-Illustrious-(R06)-zip
  15. That article seems to be rather ambiguous. The title suggests that passengers were "screaming in terror", but the main text only mentions "screaming witnesses". The fact that the tower personnel clapped as the aircraft passed by seems to indicate that they knew all about it. I would be surprised if the captain did not inform the passengers prior to the fly past taking place.
  16. Oh, I agree with you, Kevin. Support for FS9 should probably have been dropped a long time ago, but then you have to respect Gary for honouring his commitment to stick with it until he has completed the collection of UK Xtreme airports. Having said that, it looks like he is seriously considering cutting that short. The release of P3D v4 has obviously resulted in a significant amount of upgrade work over and above development of new airports, so stopping support for what is now a "flightsim dinosaur" to give himself a bit of breathing space would seem to be the sensible decision. I
  17. I do appreciate where you guys are coming from. As an example, I was astounded by the level of detail (and the performance) of FlyTampa Amsterdam Schiphol in P3D v3. Significantly better framerates than either Aerosoft Heathrow Extended or UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme, and remarkably smooth on my i5 4690k @ 4.3Ghz/16GB DDR3-1600 RAM/2GB GeForce GTX770 powered system (with a considerable number of freeware AI planes with detailed textures active). Very impressive. Having said that, Gary has tried to accommodate the FS9 crowd for as long as possible with his products, but I think he has st
  18. I absolutely agree with you, Joe. It would be nice to hit the bar with you guys for an extended chat on Saturday night! It's a shame we never met on the day, Kevin. I was disappointed that you were unable to join myself, Steve and Stewart in Shrewsbury the night before, so that was a double whammy
  19. It was part of the reason for me, Joe. I enjoy seeing you guys there. Your stand is almost like a "home away from home" when I am at the show. I missed that last year.
  20. I had a very enjoyable weekend. Spent Friday evening in Shrewsbury with a couple of flightsim pals, and then realised the next morning that I was staying in the same hotel as Joe and Tim when I turned up for breakfast! I arrived at RAF Cosford nice and early (8:40 AM), and took my traditional place at the head of the queue forty-five minutes before the doors were due to open It was great to see Joe, Tim, Jessica and Adrian again, together with the JustFlight guys. I was intending to buy the TFDi Design Boeing 717 at the show, but there were so many people crowded around the stand (
  21. I thought that Steph said she wasn't going to be able to make it this year?
  22. I usually start my journey by turning right from the entrance, so you can expect to see me a few minutes after the doors open, Joe
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