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  1. Hi Chris! Just to clarify: > "...just about every USB 3.0 hub is sold with a 10" length cable..." Er, 10" is read in this country as ten inches. Surely you mean ten feet (10')? Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747 [Later edit — quote from the reference you gave: "The 3.0/3.1 specification does not specify a maximum cable length between USB 3.0/3.1 devices (SuperSpeed or SuperSpeed+), but there is a recommended length of 3 meters (or about 9 feet and 10 inches). However, the biggest limitation to the length of the cable is the quality of the cable". ]
  2. Regarding your extension cables — I seem to recall (it was over six months ago that I was messing with this issue) that I had a buy a specifically USB3 extension cable. Something about the cable's specification? Just in case it helps.... Cheers, B.
  3. Hi John! USB3 is the only issue I had with my "new" (getting on for a year old, now) PC. It has a plethora of external USB3 sockets. Unfortunately, none of them will run at USB3 speeds when I connect an external hard drive — in fact they run at slightly *below* USB2 speed! All that the vendor (Scan) could suggest was returning the machine for them to check, which seems ridiculous when the problem has every appearance of being a driver issue, and there are no other faults. So in the months following its arrival I spent about five days fiddling with various combinations of drivers, all t
  4. Ah, nostalgia.... Funny thing is, I don't remember Meigs looking like that on my original IBM PC in the early 1980s? Great video — thank you. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  5. Regarding GWX — this may or may not be relevant on other people's systems but.... I implemented the GWX Control Panel and set everything to be protected, but still allowed notifications (but not downloads and certainly not installs) of Micro$oft updates. The following day I had notifications of many updates, so after weeding out (hiding, not simply unchecking) the ones I didn't want, I let it rip. The update process ran until it started the so-called "Malicious Software Removal" tool, which took about 40% CPU and hammered my C: drive for over half an hour before I killed it. So in futu
  6. Hi, Steph! A great PIREP, excellent yarn, and terrific photos — you've done the baton proud! I was much impressed by your setup for John in his next escapade (no doubt from gaol to gaol again ), but your whole account was gripping from start to finish. Many congratulations and thank you — I very much enjoyed reading it. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  7. Sounds a bit as though it might be an AFCAD thing?? Google gave me these, which might perhaps be pertinent: http://www.avsim.com/topic/8895-afcad-question/ https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/10715/afcad-file-for-lemg/ and https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/14094/afcad-file-for-lemd-update/ Hope it helps....? Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  8. <grin> interesting "mistake", though, wasn't it? > "...I'm still curious, why they are so desperate to force the whole planet to use their 'thing'." Their 'thing' being W10? Well to discover the truth about that you'd have to ask someone at Micro$oft who would be honest with you (good luck with that), but FWIW I gave you my suggestion above — "....the commercial reality that this is a company that can only make money if they relentlessly force upgrades on users (dare one say, regardless of the fact that the said users may be perfectly content with the version they al
  9. Hi John! That's a most interesting viewpoint, thank you, but whilst I appreciate the points you are making I have to be concerned that Micro$oft has already used the mechanism of its so-called "security updates" to promote Windows 10, hence the widespread speculation that the intensity and degree of that promotion will inevitably increase. Do bear in mind the commercial reality that this is a company that can only make money if they relentlessly force upgrades on users (dare one say, regardless of the fact that the said users may be perfectly content with the version they already have). Th
  10. Thank you -- that's exactly what I have been looking for. (I was using a couple of batch files, but wasn't too happy with either of them). I'll be using that on all my Windows 7 machines.... er, which is actually all my Windoze machines. Thanks applied! Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  11. Great pics and an entertaining PREP, John, although I was sad to see that you got banged up again at the end — but, seemingly, only briefly? Although I'm afraid your theory about my aircraft ("It shouted out like a foghorn: 'THIS IS WHERE THE BATON IS'") can't hold water. The Brian's Charter fleet actually comprises quite a few such white and green beacons of various Boeing varieties and sizes (oh, and one Bell helicopter), so poor old Mr. P. would have to play a pretty good guessing game in order to conjecture which of them might (just occasionally) contain the baton!
  12. I'm with John. What concerns me is the possibility (or, some would say, probability) that Micro$oft will use their so-called "security updates" to at some point forcibly update us to W10 whether we like it or not. Hopefully there'll be some way of stopping that happening (but in the interim, I'm seriously considering disabling Micro$oft Updates, just in case). (And please don't trouble to tell me that's a bad move: I'm well protected in other ways). Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  13. Thank you for that, Joe! The link you gave didn't work for me, but the UK2000 sales page seems to be at http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/My_Homepage_Files/Page48.html (Just ignore the bit top right, where it says "Welcome to Southend airport"). Sadly, with a longest Landing Distance Available of 6,791 ft I don't think I'll be taking my 744 there, however. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  14. Hi James! Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.... > "...only resulted in my Norton yelling at me..." Regardless of what brand of anti-virus you use (and I have to agree with others in this thread that Norton is not the best, I'm afraid), it's a good idea to go into its settings and add your fsx directory (and its subdirectories) to the list of "exclusions", in other words the list of directories which will not be scanned by your anti-virus. FSX tends to shuffle a lot of files as you fly along, and if your AV insists on scanning each one to make sure that it's OK that will
  15. A really helpful and informative review, thank you Joe. Although, as you know, magnetos and manifolds are not my thing, I do have a huge respect for those who take to the air in such aircraft, and I read these reviews in the vague hope that one day I might get bitten by the bug. TBH I'm having such fun in my 744 that I haven't been bitten yet: but that's not the fault of the aircraft and certainly not of reviews such as yours, which I read with much enjoyment (albeit occasional mystification). So thank you for another intriguing peek into a parallel universe. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. b
  16. Thank you, kind sir. The modelling fee, unfortunately, is based on a percentage of my own, but I look forward to buying you a drink when we next meet. Cheers, B.
  17. Thank you, gentlemen. @Matt Joe, I believe, is in good shape.... He's not the kind of guy who would be caught so easily. It's true that I didn't mention Joe's exit from SBNT, but there was a reason for my silence. I was reticent about the matter because I received the distinct impression that a certain arrangement <*cough*> had been made to effect his escape — but I'd better not say more in case Colonel Fernandez' bosses are reading this. However, by coincidence (shall we say), there is a persistent rumour that a microjet has been acquired by the FAB under myst
  18. A great guy, but definitely my favourite screen villain, too. A sad loss. B.
  19. Unusually for me, I was not feeling my habitually amiable self. The reason for this (the wounds were self-inflicted, as you’ll see — which only made things worse) was that I had given both Ken and Geoff, my F/Os, leave for the whole of the Christmas and (beyond) New Year period, assisted by the fact that as it happened there was no demand for our specialised services during that time anyway. I had been warned to have one of them on standby by Julie (my FD, Company Secretary, and obsessive bean-counter) — but in my usual generous fashion, and wanting to give the guys a decent amount of time wit
  20. > "My new PC is going back to the manufactures tomorrow Deep sympathies, John. Hugely frustrating! But hopefully it will be 100% when you get it back. Cheers, Brian
  21. Thank you, Micke! They're definitely kinda impressive when viewed as a series. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  22. Great one, Jess. I very much enjoyed reading your saga (although recalling Ian Fleming's famous quote, "It reads better than i lives", I respect your right to feel slightly differently about the whole affair). Great pics, too! However, as I went on to discover, there was also a twee problemette at SBNT (I'll explain about that when I do my own write-up). Suffice it to say that we were both done over in different ways, but I was happy to see that after our chat you and your A320 were able to leave without any further problems. No one said the ATWC was going to be easy, right?
  23. @ Micke When I said "...it could be a flight plan thing, I guess..." I must admit I hadn't dug out the charts. Thank you for that information. @John What was in my mind was a rather vague recollection of a phenomenon called ice crystal icing, although the details of it had become a little fuzzy. However the Internet knows all — High-Altitude Ice Crystal Icing This type of icing does not appear on radar due to its low reflectivity. Neither airplane ice detectors nor visual indications reliably indicate the presence of ice crystal icing conditions. It is often undetected b
  24. Requiescat in pace the Spanish Captain and French F/O. Having spent some months in RAF Puma helicopters flying in northern Norway during their harsh winters I would venture to confirm what Micke has said about flying in that area at this time of the year -- the conditions can indeed be bitterly cold and very changeable, with icing, sudden blinding snowstorms (and/or equally treacherous mists) making life very difficult if you're anywhere near the hard stuff below you. But having said that, I'm left with two questions in my mind. 1. If en route from Oslo to Tromsö, it seems
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