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  1. Yup, sounds completely logical to me. But please don't tell the National Secular Society, or whatever they call themselves! Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  2. <grin> I know — I found it when I did a search here. ("If I knew then what I know now...", and all that old-fashioned stuff). But it's a shame you didn't hold on — if all these stores have the impression that simming is fragmenting, then the second-hand value of this kit is going to skyrocket if it becomes unavailable! Cheers, B.
  3. If by any chance you read my review of the 747 Lever Kit ( http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/bc/lever/lever.htm) you will have seen my concluding comment that - "...an outside factor that did concern me a little (as a possible limit on its development) is the availability of Saitek Throttle Quadrants, which seemed to be out of stock at a number of the usual suppliers when I checked just now (late October, 2015), which seems strange. There were none available at the Cosford show, either (although that might be owing to the surprising lack of a Saitek stand at that show ) — as for the oth
  4. > "I was jyst so pleased that I finely nailed a good landing but then it OOMed when I parked" <sigh> Yeah, that's what really hurts. It always bites you at the end of the trip, just as you're thinking that all is well. We all have to find the best accommodation that suits our own preferred sim / way of flying / choice of aircraft / type of scenery and so on, so there isn't a "one size fits all" solution, sadly. Hence the expression (usually uttered through gritted teeth when we're in the middle of struggling with the technicalities) - "I'd rather be flying!!". Cheers, bruce
  5. Steve has been improving things again.... Release Notes for v2.11 - Improvements to the check for changes to the Effect directory. Previously it only detected new effects – it did not detect an update to an existing effect - Toolbox now supports bulk conversions of aircraft and scenery - Tree Lighting based on Sun position - Option to remove tree cards not angled towards viewpoint - Removed Distant Shadows Fix – I suggest that you change the tower camera clipplanes instead. - Added ASN missing texture fix for high level clouds so they don’t flash black if there is a delay loading
  6. A fascinating aircraft choice — and some great (if slightly nostalgic, now... <sigh> ) pics. Well done! @Micke > "...use what ever force necessary to get to their destination!!" I generally find that 232,000 lb static thrust gets me there OK. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  7. Hi, Wayne. Please forgive the brevity of this reply, but I have said all this before both here and elsewhere, and it has indeed all been said before by many others, so please feel free to Google or whatever to fill in the gaps. To summarise, then: OOMs occur when you run out of VAS, typically at the end of a long flight into a complex airport, especially when flying complex aircraft. Unless you have comparatively little RAM, adding more won't really help, (though reducing the complexity should. But...). The solution that worked for me was to install Steve's Fixer and shift permanently to
  8. Many thanks for the review, John! If I ever get tempted to try a warbird, it'll definitely be this one. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  9. No PB problems with Chrome. Just saying... Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  10. They'd be mugs not to take advantage of your expertise, Jess. Fingers crossed that they realise that! Cheers, B.
  11. @Jess Did you notice this part of the announcement? "We'll be opening up the beta applications process very soon as we now want to get a few more simmers as well on board. Expect more info on this in a separate post." Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  12. Fantastic, Kevin — well done! (I hope your ongoing move is going well), Cheers, B.
  13. Hi, fewtrils, and a warm welcome to the Hangar! Sure, if you'd like to post the technical content of the email I'm sure there's quite a few people here who would be interested — I had heard vague rumours of disassembly followed by application of contact cleaner, but it would be very helpful to know the details of the officially-approved method. Incidentally, at the top of each page (towards the right) you should see your name with a dropdown arrow: if you click the dropdown and choose "My Profile" and then click on "Edit" you can add a few details about yourself and your syst
  14. Good flight, Kasper, especially in the dark. Your account left just one question in my mind: > "So I went to prepare the Corvalis together with my guard / passenger. I filled her up to the brim and hoped to go as far as possible." OK, but.... By "her" did you mean the Corvalis — or the passenger? Sounds like fun, either way. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  15. Wow. What's its service ceiling, and rate of climb? (Great shots, by the way. Incidentally, I believe they used to deal with the draughts by stuffing toilet paper into the gaps... ). Cheers, B.
  16. Hi, Brett! The only problem with that scenario is that once you've "modified" your Saitek TQs there's no way back, really (short of actually glueing the Saitek knobs back on, I suppose). I seriously wanted to like the product, but having to rebuild it didn't give me the best "feel good" factor, quite honestly. Hopefully, though, that's unusual, so that most purchasers will feel more positive than I was able to do. But in a review I have to honestly report how It went for me, and I'm afraid that was it. I did tell the guy on the stall at Cosford that I was going to review it, and he was cool
  17. Hi, and welcome to the Hangar! I do dimly recall something called VFR, but <sigh> it's not my speciality either, I'm afraid. (There are plenty of people here who can be more helpful, but like Geoff and Brett I just wanted to say hello). Happily, Brett has current knowledge on the subject, which I'm sure will help you. > "FTX looks great but I have read it is not very accurate...." Interesting. In what way, I wonder? (In other words, what exactly are you looking for?). Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  18. Many thanks, guys — I guess I had indeed been hoping for more for the price. Caveat emptor, and all that jazz. > "Would have been nice if they could have thought of a way to make the reverser functional." I had originally wondered whether the intention of having them movable was that pulling the reversers upwards would then force the levers down beyond the detent into the reverse position — but in practice unless the box is somehow fixed to the desk the box tips forward, instead. Maybe my detents have an unusually strong spring, or something.... However, you may be interested to
  19. Hi Wayne! I don't know how long your planned learning curve is, but given the glacial pace of PC Pilot tutorial topic releases (one every two months, with an awful lot of screenshots padding out the text) then if you were relying on them it might take you quite a while! (I gave up my PC Pilot subscription a few years ago because I lost patience with them over that, and for other reasons). I tried a quick search of YouTube, and there seems to be a shedload of Dash 8 tutorials there, including some by Froogle (for his series of five vids, check out https://www.youtube.com/playlis
  20. They've not been too sleepy in Ukraine, Alan.... (Just saying...). Cheers, B.
  21. In that case, Dean, don't whatever you do read this: http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/bc/psx/psx.htm (In common with other World Flight groups, Simfest's cockpit is controlled by PSX, with FSX or P3D used merely as the external scenery generator). Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  22. Thank you for that, Joe! As someone who is still... vaguely considering... the idea of P3Dv3, that gives me a slight element of comfort. But I still have worries about comments such as: "I did not fix MM button bug in this release. Also may be license trouble..." Hmm. And as someone with an awful lot of older airports that I would want to port across, I still can't believe that the item at the top of the Estonia Migration Tool's Open Issues list is: "1. Migration Tool does not work on setups that have Prepar3D installed to a different partition from Windows". I mean, come on, who would
  23. Many thanks for your meticulous review, BB! This isn't an airport that I knew about previously, but it's certainly an interesting one. Although I don't often fly in the U.S. I reckon I could get my 744 in and out of there if I watch the loading. Hmm.... Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  24. No probs so far, anyway. Personally, I just get rid of the comments panel to make more room for the flight displays, cockpit interior, throttles, ND, and so on. Peter (Britjet) has just poked his head round the cockpit door to say goodnight, since he's flying tomorrow. Cheers, B.
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