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  1. D'oh.... My apologies, Richard, it was obviously too near my bedtime when I added the P.S. to my previous post. Since it was on a separate line just above Country I had taken 'Broughton' to be your location. (It's me eyes, doctor...). Good luck with combing the unwanted stuff out of your machine, and all the very best for Christmas and the New Year! Cheers, B.
  2. Hi Richard! Sad to hear that it didn't turn out well for you. For getting rid of unwanted things, have you tried the free CCleaner utility? In the Tools menu there's an Uninstall option which can sometimes remove things that the ordinary Windoze installer can't. Worst case (though I can't recommend this <*cough*> ) you could search your disk for relevant directories and delete them (after a security backup in case you need to get them back), followed by CCleaner again, but this time in its Registry Cleaner mode (again, take the option to make a backup, Just In Case). You
  3. <grin> Hopefully, we've got most of the guests out of the way before Christmas — although my daughter is currently homeless on account of Ordeal By Builder, so she and her whole family are doing the rounds and may be descending on us on Boxing Day.... Incidentally, two out of the three SoCal downloads arrived in one piece. Eventually. The third one crapped out about half way through (so it was worth taking out the insurance). Cheers, B.
  4. <grin> Although the download speed is somewhat less than impressive, right now! So I have three downloads running — one each from the UK, Germany, and the U.S. All of their predictions are currently varying between 3 and 9 hours to complete.... Incidentally, if (like me) you are wondering about the impact on your version of KLAX (and perhaps others), here's the answer (courtesy of Holger's post at http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/107874-sca-compatibility-index/ ): This topic contains the index for all threads relating to compatibility between the Southern California FTX
  5. You just need to watch it a little more - say, perhaps, another 30 or 40 times? Cheers, B.
  6. The cameraman is somewhat distracted by the rehearsing dancing girls in the early part of this clip, but I'm sure the mature members of this forum will overlook that. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x28jjnw_crazy-landing-with-a-jumbo-747-while-cute-girls-are-dancing_fun Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  7. Hi Brian! I'd suggest fixing no. 1 and then try again? (You may have to leave and then rejoin the homegroup). Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  8. Hi Brian! A few things come immediately to mind (although I have to admit that I'm sticking to Windoze 7 until Micro$oft absolutely force me to abandon it...). 1. I'm assuming that you're logging on to both PCs with the same username and password? (Otherwise you may indeed have problems with permissions errors). 2. Have you established a Homegroup and joined it on both machines? That's usually the simplest way to share files in a Windoze environment. 3. Can you ping each machine from the other? (If not, take a look at your firewall(s), it/they may be blocking access).
  9. ????? Touch 'n goes harder in a "tube" than in some little puddle-jumper? The radius of the turns will be larger in view of the fact that, even with hefty amounts of flap, the speed is likely to be higher, but otherwise there's no significant difference from a training perspective. Which is why for years BA used Prestwick for that very purpose whilst training new pilots. Busy airports with runways long enough for large aircraft to land normally prohibit airliners from doing touch 'n goes for rather obvious reasons. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  10. <grin> Apologies, Jim, but over the years I've become a little oversensitive to comments that airliners are "boring" — because that's the exact opposite of the truth, if you fly them realistically with all the real world features turned on. (On my approach into Keflavik for my Christmas flight yesterday I had to do a last-minute go-around thanks to some dumb AI plane crawling onto the end of the runway just as I was about to land there... Happily, of course, during my preparations I had entered the GA data into the FMC just in case, so it was no big deal). But a perfect aircraft? N
  11. @Wayne > "...thats what being 50 does..." Ah yes, I dimly remember it being like that.... @Jim > "....ground work is what it's about in tubes as they fly themselves." WHAAAAAT?!?!! It's OK, it's OK, the red mist is beginning to clear from my eyes. You're just trying to wind me up, I see that now. If they're flying themselves, then clearly your reality settings are down around kiddies' level, you're not using real world weather, you have no random malfunctions enabled, you're not being controlled by ATC, you don't have a copy of the QRH ready for immediate use, and you have neve
  12. Wow, Jim, you're on the ball: four minutes has to be some sort of record! Many thanks, B.
  13. I usually take the Brian's Charter employees and their families on a Christmas trip around now, and this year I opted for Iceland (no, not the frozen food stores on the UK High Street, the *original* Iceland). Most of the pics are fairly dark, but that's the way things are in northern latitudes at this time of year — although the fact that I started out just as dusk was becoming night didn't exactly help. But here are a few pics anyway. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  14. Hi Wayne! One final thought about knowing the current Transition Level for your destination airport. If you're not using ATC then it's possible to form a pretty good guesstimate of what the TL will be using a useful little table — I did a brief write-up about it which you will find in the Commercial Sim Pilots' Centre. http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/file/5377-how-to-calculate-transition-levelpdf/ The document also includes the details of how to do the full calculation yourself, if you're looking for the closest possible approach to reality. Cheers, bruce
  15. Hi Wayne! > "On one page on the MCDU I have to enter the TA, I am sure its to do with the descent..." When flying IFR I can't think of any reason why the TA should have anything at all to do with the descent. The main reason for entering the TA is so that the tin brain can nag you if you forget to change to standard pressure on passing the TA. > "I guess I will just put the figure on the chart." Except that the only figure you will usually find there is the TA and not the TL, and for the descent it's the TL you need. > "I am looking for a good tutorial that doesnt waffle a
  16. The first suggestion worked, then: well done, my friend! Now it's up, up, and away.... Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  17. Hi John, Sorry for the delay in coming back to you — yesterday was a bit frantic (must be the time of year or summink...). Anyway, let's try the EZCA solutions first. It sounds a little to me as though you have got the Z button depressed — the one that enables zoom using the mouse wheel. If you open the EZCA "Studio", could you confirm whether Z is on, and if so does turning it off fix the problem? Failing that, there's also the dreaded ML (Mouse Look) button which can also mess things up, so it's worth trying that, too. Either or both of those would be the first things to check ou
  18. Interesting trip, Micke, and great pics! But there's an old RAF tradition about anything that misses the sick bag (I was pointedly reminded of it each time I stole a ride in a fast jet) — if you make the mess, *you* clean it up! However, I can imagine that with civvie (paying) pax, it might be safer to get the cleanup done by the pros and then send the pax the bill..... Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  19. <grin> I know that outfit better than to entrust them with any cases of single malt! Cheers, B.
  20. Me too. But, y'know.... the shipping charges? Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  21. Hi, Wayne! I've no clue about an Airbus, but Transition Altitude et. al. Is something that's common to all airliners (and, indeed, other aircraft in an IFR scenario). > "TRANSITION ALT...when do I go from that to altitude for GS capture?" Er, if you're descending towards the glideslope you will usually be at the Standard pressure (1013 millibars) and need to be aware of the Transition LEVEL, not the TA. The usual definitions are something like this: Transition altitude is when you're climbing - you would switch from local QNH to standard QNH (1013). Transition level is when you're d
  22. Hi John! I am hopeful that I may have an idea about the solution to your problem, but we'll see.... So let's begin by ascertaining whether I have understood you correctly. You have mouse wheel zoom (of the current view, presumably) probably via EZCA/EZdok? (I have never used SPAD, so can't help with that). This mouse wheel zoom you wish to disable, and reassign. You also have a zoom on your throttle which you enable via FSUIPC, and which I assume you could easily disable (but you don't wish to). But it would be helpful to know what version of EZCA are you using? Is it v1.15, v1.17, v1.
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