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  1. Bah, humbug. Surely you remember the classic song — Grandma got run over by a reindeer, Walking home from our house Christmas Eve. You can say there's no such thing as Santa, But as for me and Grandpa — we believe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzV9DIL_vrM (Actually, there's a more entertaining video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgIwLeASnkw — but it's preceded by a 30 second advert...). Cheers, B
  2. > "...it's a story..." Oh no! Another illusion shattered.... B.
  3. Whatever, John - it has to be a classic! Cheers, bruce a.k.a. Brian747
  4. <grin> Interesting how our perception of words changes — I can understand why it caught your eye, John. (Also, some words of your Mr. Trump have been making news Over Here, so much so that a petition to ban him from entering the U.K. (was there ever any danger of that?) already has over 80,000 signatures, and it if reaches 100,000 it supposedly has to be debated in Parliament). Perhaps Flightsim Estonia should be advised to keep the words "Migration Tool" on the same line as "FSX to Prepar3D". Or even <*cough*> think up a slightly snappier name for it? Cheers
  5. The lovely stuff just keeps coming, Loic. I reckon the Oz Tourism boys ought to snap you up (no pun intended). Cheers, bruce a.k.a. bria747
  6. Lovely pics, Matt, and a graceful-looking bird! I reckon you're going to have a lot of fun in that one. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  7. Lovely aircraft, Jim, and some great initial shots of it — although I'm looking forward to seeing more. (The 300ER expansion is cool too, although poor old FSX can sometimes have a tough time rendering the additional three cameras when taxying...). Have fun! Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  8. Hi John! (My apologies for the late reply — I've only just seen your post). When PMDG released the SP1d update for the NGX, the Poseidon came with it as an official livery — *and* with all the appropriate options preconfigured for you: The only slight gotcher is that seemingly you have to completely uninstall your previous NGX and reinstall version SP1d before the livery becomes visible (as many people discovered, but as it happened I had done that anyway on my new machine). I have a sneaky suspicion that you probably need the latest updates to the PMDG Ops Center, too
  9. I suspect this must still be in the experimental phase, but see it demonstrated here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybc5ZtZVEZ8 Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  10. Great pics, Joe -- and congratulations on making it through the murk in your, er, quaint choice of aircraft! Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  11. @John Yebbut.... they seem to imagine that P3D licensing prevents simmers from using it, and hence they are running down their stocks. @Micke > "They should know their market better than that." True, and I'm sure that RC Simulations (for example) do, whereas other retailers (notably, those for whom simming is merely a subdivision of their RW aviation stocks) don't (something which I suspect, but my poll sample is too small to be anything like sure). @Wayne > "I was dissappointed at the hardware at Cosford..." Likewise, which is what started me on this tr
  12. Great review, Jess! It's a quirky aircraft by today's standards, but nonetheless you seem to have taken command with consummate ease (which is no mean feat), so huge congratulations on that, too. I can't honestly say that it's on my personal bucket list of Aircraft I Can't Wait to Vly Before I Die, but it's definitely....interesting. (Or was that a Chinese Curse?). A most enjoyable read -- thank you. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  13. I think they look great! By coincidence, yesterday I swapped my 744's standard runway lighting for Dirk Kurze's freeware "real xenon" lighting (circa 2007) and thought that was an improvement — until I watched your video. So I have just dug my Shockwave stuff out of the archives and dusted it off, and in the process found a note to myself from 2011 to the effect that with the NGX there is — or was — a problem adding shockwave taxy lights to the nosewheel assembly, since the Shockwave dll repeatedly tries to turn the lights off when the gear is up. PMDG were allegedly looking i
  14. <grin> Certainly a *different* sort of PIREP: well done, Matt! A great tale. Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  15. [Later edit: it seems we were typing simultaneously, John! ] Hi Bryan! > "I have checked all the error logs" But which ones? All the ones you know about, obviously — but unless you give us the details we can't know whether you have checked the relevant ones. > "my flight sim is very unstable" OK, but that statement gives us zero information with which we can help you. When you read the Avsim document you will discover how to obtain information about the module which caused the crash, which may give us something to go on. Also, Brett's comment about TEXTURE_MAX_
  16. Hi Bryan! And welcome to Mutley's Hangar. If I understand your frustration correctly, you are experiencing unexpected Crash To Desktop issues. In that case my suggestion would be that you go to this link (you will need to log in to Avsim) and download the document. http://www.avsim.com/files/file/65-avsim-crash-to-desktop-guide-for-fsx-p3d-fs9/ Work your way through the document, following the instructions in the guide for what to do after getting a crash. Hopefully, that will give you a good start. If you need our help, please be sure to give us essential information such as precisely
  17. Hi Wayne! > "Seems wrong to be charged again." <sigh> I couldn't agree more, especially since if in P3D I wanted to fly both the 777 and NGX aircraft types that I have already bought for FSX it would be (for me) prohibitively expensive:— Base package 777-200LR & 777F $134.99 777-300ER expansion $29.99 Base package 737-800/900 $89.99 737-600/700 expansion $24.99 So a total $279.96 (or £186.14 at the present rate of exchange). <gulp> I like PMDG's 777 and NGX, but do I *really* want to lash out nearly two hundred quid for the privilege of flying them in P3D
  18. (Please don't, Joe, you know my angst about that particular issue....). A great video, Jeroen, I really appreciated it. Hmm, I suppose if I did a charter flight from Athens and back,I could definitely get my 744 in and out of there.... Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  19. I haven't got P3Dv3 yet, for the reasons given, but I understand that PMDG have gone down the route of requiring their customers to pay a second time if they want to be able to run a PMDG 777 or NGX on P3D (a move which hasn't made them too many friends amongst those who (like me) have already bought those aircraft for FSX, as you can imagine!). Which is presumably why the latest version of the Migration Tool has "Added legacy PMDG support (MD-11, etc)". But unfortunately, there also would appear to be some problems that will require Lockheed Martin to make changes before th
  20. No problem, Wayne, and thank you for your input. I'm well aware that many people might be able to approach the problem in the way you describe (which will work in many cases but not all, to judge from many posts I have read). However, as a 747-400 flyer (almost exclusively) I have a ton of large international airports worldwide, some of which date back to 2006 when FSX first appeared, so the prospect of tweaking each one individually is an extremely unattractive one. Which is why I am waiting for an automated solution to be available before contemplating any possible move to P3Dv3.
  21. Also, In your fsx.cfg there is a section headed [GRAPHICS] Do you have the line: HIGHMEMFIX=1 in that section somewhere? Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
  22. Hi Brett! That's a new one on me, but a Google search came up with this: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/remove-homegroup-icon-windows-8-desktop (I know it's for W8, but it does sounds remarkably similar...). Ah, come back, *ix.all is forgiven! Cheers, bruce, a.k.a. brian747
  23. I have been watching the development of this tool for P3Dv3 — however until now (for me) it has suffered from this rather crippling limitation: "Migration Tool does not work on setups that have Prepar3D installed to a different partition from Windows." Since there's no way that I would ever consider mixing FSX and P3D and Windows on a single partition, that rather ruled it out, in my case. And given the large number of airports that I have accumulated over the years since FSX was released, many of which are somewhat elderly and so will never have the benefit of an "official" P3Dv3 inst
  24. > "I have made a promise to myself to do less tweaking and more flying.... " I wish I had £1 for every time I've told myself that! Not managed it yet, but..... Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
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