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  1. Thanks. I used the tower view and simply put it where I wanted it. A lot of FSRecorder replays later and I got the shot. The F-16 external was taken by using the default VC view controls, and the Airbus wing-view came with the model (Project Airbus A320).
  2. Gosh. Thank you. I'm lost for words, really. Credit must go to Kulula for that great paint scheme, though. As for the link, I found two (in case one or the other doesn't work): http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-aircra ... 30059.html http://www.surclaro.com/fs2004-airliner ... dateD.html The best option is to got to Flightsim.Com and go to search/file library search and search for 'kulula.' That will take you to the 'Flying 101' livery as well as a number of others from Kulula. Flightsim.Com does require registration, but it's relatively painless. Incidentally, 'kulula' means 'easy' in Zu
  3. Here's the winner! I'm assuming those were two separate entries. Congrats to all the participants, although, it seems I chose a tough picture.
  4. At first I thought it sounded right, then some holiday memories kicked in and it didn't sound right anymore. I don't recall the 'coff-eh' but I do remember one flight attendant saying 'coffeeee' with the 'eee' going on longer than what I'm used here in South Africa.
  5. Oh, wow! I didn't expect to win. Thank you. Here's the new pic.
  6. His wife told him to ask for directions, but nooooooo...
  7. Here's one I did. There's no ryhme or reason to it and was done purely for the fun of it, so it's certainly not Hollywood-quality stuff. If it it induces a smile then it has done its job. Thanks for watching. Any and all comments welcome. http://www.simteevee.com/watch.php?mdid ... of+Madness An interesting thing; I was doing Mach 2.2 at roughly 300ft in that Valkyrie, and I've never seen a plane look so slow!
  8. Only saw this thread now. Apologies for being a bit of a lurker. My name is Marcellus. I've been into flight sims for a long time (I played Microprose' F-19 when it came out), mostly military flight sims, and finally got around to MFS about four years ago. I'm thoroughly enjoying this forum. Great place. Oh, and by the way, call me Marcel. Everybody does.
  9. I never could get him to stop doing that. No idea where he learned it from.
  10. Dorfus Chuckle-Lips. Now why does that make me think of the Cheshire Cat...? :atwc:
  11. No Jedi mind-tricks? Use the Force you must.
  12. Here's my first one (FS9). And simi, great to see the Ndizani again. :biggrin: Santa's got a brand new sleigh...(FSX) Kulula's new livery (FS9). These are the final 3. Really.
  13. pmtos mentioned something similar, but how about: "Borderline Insanity" (or maybe not so borderline...) The idea would be to do something absolutely outrageous, the more outrageous the better (though not necessarily realistic). For example, looping the default 747, rolling the Boeing 707 (has been done in the real-world), or giving passing pedestrians a haircut/singe.
  14. Gosh, some great shots already.:biggrin: Here are my meager three... Hangar One at Moffet Federal Airfield. View of the pyramids at sunset, looking out into the desert. View of downtown Toronto from the city center airport. (The last one I might change. And I'm assuming helicopter shots are allowed, such as my last two, and that the shot doesn't need to be anchored on terra firma?)
  15. Well, due to time constraints I normally do short-haul flights or simply a few circuits. In FSX, FACT is my favorite airport for that sort of thing. Planewise I like the CLS A330-200. In FS9 my favorite flight is into (9Dragons) Kai Tak, but this time with the A340. The bigger the aircraft into the airport, the more fun it is.:biggrin:
  16. That Princess Juliana shot is just fantastic. I'm a newbie on the forum and so should probably sit down and shush, but I just had to say that shot is fantastic.
  17. I liked the Yakutat Mail Run. It was a really good challenge; really, really hard to fly without an attitude indicator in fog, then an engine failure, than a :baton: bear on the runway. I actually managed to land...then that, that - BEAR! Limited Options was also great, nail-biting stuff all the way down.
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