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  1. Thanks John. To be honest, I used Google to look for a list of Orion airbases, and Jacksonville fit the layout.:blush: 1) The aircraft is a clue. 2) According to an anecdotal story published in the New York Times, the first Alaskan Airlines flight at this airport needed deicing services but none was available, so the flight crew acquired a large quantity of Vodka and sprayed it onto the wings! (Source is Wikipedia) Edit: Forgot to mention that the scenery is not default. Also, here is another clue: The aircraft mentioned in the anecdote was an MD-82.
  2. Whitehorse Intl is correct! Over to you Tim.
  3. The aircraft is not a clue, no. My apologies. I Should have mentioned that. Edit: I'll expand my clue a bit: don't focus on the horse's name, but rather on its colour.
  4. Thanks, Jack! This is the best I could come up with on short notice, so I'll make the clue an easy one. 1) This is an international airport, and it shares its name with one other airport in FSX. 2) Think of a horse riden by Bellerophon, specifically its colour.
  5. Congrats. :icon_thumbup: Nice to see the Mirage 2000 (my fav aircraft) in a winning shot.
  6. Bearcat at dusk. Climbing out of Unalaska at Dawn. Do not try this at home...
  7. An A340-600 in heavy going near Hong Kong. A Boeing...thing, landing at Logan. And yes, I know that technically this is a blended-body aircraft, but, it's also as wide as it gets! :biggrin: A 747 climbing out of a thunderstorm.
  8. Aye, Aye Captain! Beautiful cat. Really, really beautiful cat.
  9. CSoul


    Great shots. I'd be interested to know if anybody else here also finds it tricky to land. @Pacinka - Indeed it does.
  10. Here's my first one. The aircraft are, from left to right, the Sukhoi Su-26, Meyers 500D, SIAI Marchetti, Spartan Executive and the Quest Kodiak. And my second one. Same shot different lighting. I put them both up as I've just spent an hour trying to decide which one is better...and I can't. My third one. A little R&R at Beaufort West.
  11. Here's an interesting clip I found. These are South African pilots, and obviously crazy - or really, really good.
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, if anyone needs a haircut, now's the time. (I was just over 60 knots at the time. The Kodiak's stall speed, full flaps, is 59 knots). And another one. The beach goers are getting a good show. A wake up call for the entire hotel.
  13. I have an idea: Get Spooky! The idea would be to use any aircraft that fits into the following three categories: Night Fighters, Stealth, and Special Ops. However, the choice of aircraft can be quite broad, as long as its can operate at night, and is part of the shadowy special ops/surveillance/night fighter world. So, for example, you could have the MH-53 Pave Low, the SR-71, Predator UAV, the F-23 Black Widow, the Mosquito and Beaufighter Night Fighter variants, etc.
  14. :lol: Shame. Must have been a bad day/night.
  15. True. However, one could argue that, as it was partially developed by the UK that it was born in the UK (as well as Germany and Italy; all three could lay equal claim to designing it). Besides, the GR4 (pictured) was an update done by BAE systems. However, if it is against the rules, I shall remove it.
  16. Here we go. A Bristol Beaufighter doing a low pass at RAF West Malling. The DeHavilland Vampire. A Fairy Swordfish over central London.
  17. Here's a new Kulula advert that's been doing the rounds here in SA. You should here some of the in-flight stuff Kulula do. They often tell jokes during the flight and when taxiing to the apron and there are some excellent Youtube videos of those as well.
  18. I like it! Spectacular stuff.
  19. Great stuff! And the A320! Can't ask for more than that. :001_th_smiles89: I hesitate to ask...but when're we going again?
  20. The Spitfire, in this case a Mk 1A. The Spitfire, with our Mk 1A joined by a Mk 9. The Cessna 172.
  21. Oops. :blush: Edited. Maybe I was thinking of Top Gear...actually I wonder how The Stig would do in a plane? Thank you all for the kind comments. As for reverse thrust, to the best of my knowledge commercial jets cannot use reverse as an aid to pushback. It just occurred to me that I could have simply asked Sara to magic us into position, but she is not keen on frivolous uses of magic. For those who are interested, the pic I used for Sara is actually the character Moiraine Damodred from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. @Stu. Kieran is correct, that is the Lionheart Creations Kodiak.
  22. Ok, my final leg for ATWC III. I'm hoping ATWC IV starts soon, 'cause this is starting to get, ahem, well, addictive. The aircraft for this leg is the Quest Kodiak Amphibian. I thought I'd fly this leg with random failures on, although, as it turned out, nothing spectacular happened. Flightplan Saint John to Miquelon direct, but with the option to divert to Saint Pierre if the weather is bad. We've seen Una, Kerrie, Sharon and many others, so here she is. My sister Sara is joining me on this leg, and here she is. As you can see, she got all the looks, brains, dress sense, and the um, magic
  23. The filet mignon was fantastic, thank you. As was the bubbly. Good thing I wasn't in the Blackbird; would have been screaming like a banshee the whole way. Great flight, very original. :001_th_smiles89:
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