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  1. I don't think that's quite right (based on the fact that default FS has transitions but not STARs). Here's how I understand it. The purpose of a STAR is to get you out of the airways system and onto an approach. The STAR starts in the airway, and finishes at a holding point. The Transition then gets you from the holding point to the IAF, and from there you have the approach. Example. here is one of the STAR charts for Manchester (EGCC). It shows several STARs, each ending at the holding point ROSUN (ROSUN 1A and ROSUN 1B bothe start from Pole Hill, but route slightly differently. ROSUN 3C st
  2. Gorgeous! What lighting are you using for the PAPIs in that first pic? My airport lights always come out pretty dingy, & frequently don't even show up till you are practically on top of them...
  3. C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX That's in Win7 & Vista. XP is slightly different & I don't recall what it is (long time since I had an XP box). ProgramData is a hidden folder so you'll need to select 'Show Hidden Files, Folder & Drives' in Explorer's folder options dialog.
  4. Tim_A

    Flt Sim and Apple

    I already have XPlane on my iPad... :icon_thumbup:
  5. All of which assumes that you can get through the locked cockpit door in the first place. If the flight crew truly is incapacitated, it is most likely the first you'll know about it is a gnawing suspicion after the plane has been holding over it's last waypoint fix for an hour, and there's been no announcement, or you see a couple of FJs on the wing, peering in ( obviously you won't see the third FJ sat behind you with his finger on the trigger) As with Helios flight 522, I think it's very unlikely that anyone in the passenger cabin would dare attempt to break down the door until it was basic
  6. Tim_A

    Flt Sim and Apple

    Mac Boot Camp lets you install Windows and run any Windows prog (including FS), with the same performance as if it was a Windows PC (ie it is not an emulator) Boot Camp is built in to the Mac, you just need a copy of Windows to install (XP or Win7). The Mac then becomes dual-boot and you either start MacOS or Windows.
  7. ... and Shetland (sorry, had to split it into two posts, as the forum complained)
  8. I would agree - the coastlines are a -- probably *the* -- major effort, both in dev and testing. Also, for those not familiar with the area, here are some very nice RW aerial documentaries covering the Orkneys and Shetlands. Each doco is split into three parts: Orkney:
  9. Tim_A


    Thanks everyone :biggrin: I'm hopeful that v2 will be out before the US Thanksgiving holiday. It's pretty much just waiting on the manual now. There was a very nice preview on 10 Minute Taxi last week: http://www.youtube.com/tenminutetaxi#p/u/0/xaBJGEW9xTg
  10. I can't say with any authority, but much of the high price is due to the high cost of the base imagery from GetMapping. Unlike the US and even Austrailia, where orthophotos are either public domain or only attract nominal fees, the European government mentality is that *everything* must not only pay its own way, but also make a profit. As to why it's last, that's easy. It was only 2009 that photography of Scotland was completed, and even now, the colour-matching of all the photograps to a standard acceptable for FS is still ongoing. Just getting enough cloud-free days (in the right places) to
  11. Only flew though Iceland this week, on a positioning flight to the US west coast, & I was thinking 'this place is crying out for a serious scenery add-on'. This is a great place if you like challenging instrument approaches. Heck, even the visual approached can be a real challenge, with 180 degree canyon turns etc. arm yourself with a copy of the Iceland AIP, and have *fun*!
  12. Well, you still have the 235 point risk assessment form to fill in...
  13. Nah, it's been done to comply with the Elf & Safety Stasi, who this year outlawed apple bobbing because (1) the water "might contain germs" and (2) children risk injuries from "impact with the fruit" The H&S recommendation was (seriously) to place the apples into an empty bowl without any water and pick them out by hand. :001_th_smiles48:
  14. Tim_A


    Just thought I'd say 'hi'! I've often had a poke around here, read the reviews etc, but never quite got round to registering. Well, now I have. :001_th_smiles48: Some of you will know me from other forums, or from the CIX VFR Club (where I'm the Events Manager), or Plan-G (wot I rit). Some of you don't know me, and you're the lucky ones... :th_smiles73:
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